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fsd beta

  1. B

    FSD Beta Performance Summary Week 3

    In the third week of testing FSD Beta 10.12.2 in my 2020 Model X, the software continues to perform erratically, unpredictably, and sometimes dangerously. I average six to seven interventions per 15-20 minute trip. It does well on some turns but requires intervention on at least half for...
  2. S

    New requirement of 100+ miles on NAP per 30 days?

    Hey, I have heard from a friend, one that's not particularly techy but still has FSD (Luckiest man alive), that you need 100+ miles on AP per 30 days to be eligible for FSD beta? I had only heard that it was 100+ miles period. I would like some clarity on this potentially new requirement? Thanks...
  3. I

    FSD Beta Consistently Misses This Stop Sign [Footage] (2022.12.3.20)

    It's also weird that it chose to stop in the middle of the intersection, did it realize its mistake or what? Also, I'm not sure what triggered it to go past it, the visualization was showing the stop sign as well, I will try and record it from the cabin soon as it consistently misses this one...
  4. MYoohMY

    Latest fsd beta issue, trying to take over when I’m driving.

    So I’ve been a part of the beta since nearly the beginning, I was score 99 wave. I’m familiar with the ins and outs and totally accepting that this is beta and am always ready to take over. I’ve stopped the car from driving down the wrong side of the road or trying to smash into cement...
  5. R

    Story Time! Day 3 Experience Of a New FSD Beta Tester.

    This is a long read, but I wanted to share with people who can know and understand my experience. I’ll preface this with info about my typical commute. I drive a 2022 MYP (Dec ’21), with 24,000 miles on it. I live in Capitola, CA and drive everywhere between San Jose and Sacramento daily...
  6. R

    Guide To A Perfect Safety Score for the FSD Beta Queue, or Tesla Insurance reasons. (Whether you like it or not)

    There is no TLDR; when it comes to this. there is no one piece of advice. If you're interested, please give my experience and advice a read. I've seen many, many, many, people complain about the safety score program. and most of the time, it's due to just not understanding the process required...
  7. F

    Enahnced Autopilot and FSD beta features

    Hi There, I would like to ask: 1. If it is necessary to subscribe to the FSD to get into FSD Beta programm. I have paid for Enhanced Autopilot and even this one is not full working in EU (as expected). Elon said FSD beta in EU this summer, does it mean it would be posible to participate on FSD...
  8. P

    Any one with 2022.8.2 and still got fsd beta?

    Any one with 2022.8.2 and still got fsd beta? I just upgraded to 2022.8.2 and was hoping for fsd beta to magically appear but no luck. I guess I have to wait for 10.12 to deploy? I have 2018 model x p100d, full self drive computer. I live in Richmond Hill Canada.
  9. Deeppurple

    M3 with FSD BETA for sale

    This car has the FSD Beta-- a $12,000 option that's very hard to get because one has to continuously maintain a "satisfactory" safety score for a period of time and then be lucky enough be part of the release--it took me months. Long range, rear wheel drive, probably close to 320 mi on full...
  10. T

    How to delete a safety score mistake

    If you are trying to get a high safety score for FSD beta and you make a mistake (i.e. forward collision warning or following too close), pull over, stop, put car in park, go to autopilot, opt out of FSD Beta, then. immediately opt back in by checking the three boxes and submitting. When you...
  11. P

    Drove 2000+ miles, safety score 99 but no FSD beta yet. Please help.

    I have been driving my Tesla Model Y since last 4 Months. Drove almost 6k+ miles with first 200+ miles on 100 safety score and then another 2k+ miles on 99. But still haven't got the invite for FSD beta yet. I have a software currently running is 2022.4.5.3 which seems latest one..
  12. P

    Drove 2000+ miles, safety score 99 but no FSD beta yet. Please help.

    I have been driving my Tesla Model Y since last 4 Months. Drove almost 6k+ miles with first 200+ miles on 100 safety score and then another 2k+ miles on 99. But still haven't got the invite for FSD beta yet. I have a software currently running is 2022.4.5.3 which seems latest one..
  13. C

    Is Tesla still giving out the FSD beta to qualified drivers?

    I have be been at a 98 and up to a 99 safety score for a 6 weeks and have not been offered the FSD beta yet… has Tesla stopped giving it out? Done a few hundred miles at that score.
  14. D

    Anyone else not getting 10.9?

    Hey y’all. Here we go again. It seems like everyone is getting 10.9 at this point and my car shows no sign of any update. It’s odd because for all the previous updates it would be one of the first cars to get it once it went public. Really need it. 10.8.1 is driving terribly around Wilmington...
  15. Bowelshreddr

    FSD Beta 10.8.1

    Any thoughts?
  16. A

    FSD 10.8 stopped working mid drive?

    Hi just received the FSD beta 10.8 last evening in my legacy model x. I’ve been driving today and after stopping at a super charger the FSD display doesn’t show and the vehicle only uses navigate on autopilot. Any ideas?
  17. MarkS22

    Bug Report for 2021.44.25.6: No Audio

    Performance Model 3 in the FSD Beta. I installed the new firmware and immediately went to Light Show. The show began with lowering the windows. But then nothing. I tried a few times and the same thing happened. Then I tried Spotify. And Netflix. And Caraoke. And normal streaming. No audio...
  18. M

    Trade In M3 with FSD Beta for Model S FSD

    I am about to take delivery of Model S Plaid in January with FSD and considering trading in my M3 with FSD Beta (10.5). Does anyone have any idea if the Safety Score attaches to driver or car? In other words, when I trade in the M3, will I have to go through the Safety Score process all over...
  19. T

    FSD Beta 10.5 - will autopilot on freeway suffer?

    Greetings, I'm currently waiting for the 10.5 beta with a SS of 98%. I'm starting to wonder if I really want the beta or if I should opt-out. I use autopilot on the freeway daily during my commute with my 2018 M3 and I trust it completely having no phantom breaking events (none on the...
  20. P

    Safety score in Android App not visible - tried everything. Please help.

    I have the latest Android App version 4.3.0-766 and also subscribed for the FSD. I am not sure how to check if I have FSD beta and still not seeing safety score in the app. Can someone please help verify what's going on with my app?
  21. VanFriscia

    FSD Beta 10.4 - Take Over Immediately/Cruise Control Unavailable

    My apologies if this was discussed elsewhere - there are a lot of threads here, some quite long with a lot of different points of discussion but I haven't quite seen what I'm about to describe. I got into FSD Beta on the initial rollout. With 10.4 (and ONLY 10.4), I'm experiencing frequent...
  22. FalconFour

    Broken feedback loop: Has anyone ever received ANY reply/response from fsdbeta email?

    Typically, in a beta, the goal is to get feedback and work with testers - tell them what ought to be tested more than others, what known issues they're working on, and generally be communicative with testers to know they're actually paying attention. So far, my ~month of experience with FSD Beta...
  23. K

    I still have FSD Beta 10.3

    As I'm sure most of you know, FSD Beta 10.3 was released and recalled today. I have not been in the program before today (My Safety Score was 99), so I would not have been kicked back to Version 10.2 (I also verified I am still running 2021.36.5.2). My phone did notify me that there was an...
  24. M

    [FSD Beta 10.2+] Highway testing and Navigate on Autopilot improvements (partial single stack?)

    I've noticed that with FSD Beta 10.2 enabled, I don't see "Unsupported Maneuver" for Navigate on Autopilot ending in XXX feet. This is common for very short on/off-ramp merges where 200 feet to switch at highways speeds is less than 2 seconds. Today, I tested disabling FSD Beta, and sure enough...
  25. La Piazza

    Can one pause the FSD beta request?

    Does anyone know if the beta request and/or beta safety score can be temporarily turned off and then on again without loosing ones safety score or place in line? I need a break from “grandma” driving.
  26. TicoMcC

    Lost access to my Safety Score 2 days after getting FSD Beta 10.2 (2021.32.25)

    So I was lucky enough to qualify for the download of FSD beta on Monday. Got my first chance to drive on Tuesday, a 85 mile round trip including rural roads, Interstate highway, and some small town roads. During that time, I was still able to see my Safety score and see how it changed, or not...
  27. M

    Where is Request FSD and/or Safety Score - New Model Y

    Greetings, I've been hearing so much about Safety Score and the FSD Beta 10.2, but I haven't seen either the button to click to join the queue and start to get my safety score in the app. I have only had my Model Y for 2 weeks, but have put 1600 miles on it thanks to a road trip. So, I...
  28. P

    2021.32.22 - No FSD Beta button

    I am not getting the FSD Beta button on my 2021 Model 3 w/FSD package after receiving the 2021.32.22 update. Initially after updating, the release notes said only that there were bug fixes, and various Autopilot features were disabled with a note that they are not available in my region (I’m in...
  29. sevenout

    FSD Beta 9 Speedometer on MS

    I do not have FSD v9 but have been watching all the videos that everyone has been posting. I own a MS and have been paying closer attention to the new UI from videos from MS owners. I've noticed that in a lot of the videos the new UI has moved the speedometer, autopilot indicator, max speed...
  30. G

    How do I find Driving history to apply for Early access Beta testing ?

    How do I find Driving history to apply for Early access Beta testing ?
  31. willow_hiller

    Ticket Avoidance Mode

    On November 5, Tesla released two new videos to their official YouTube channel titled "Charging on the Road" and "Charging at Home" respectively. In the first second of each video, text of several features scrolls by quickly (all existing features as far as I can tell) but both briefly show...
  32. boiler81

    Does FSD beta replace all legacy Autopilot suite software for HW3 vehicles?

    I don't have FSD but have been following the FSD beta release videos. When folks with FSD beta get on the freeway, it appears as if the legacy Autopilot software/graphics are used. This made me wonder if all the legacy Autopilot (i.e. autosteer, TACC, NOA, Smart Summons, Auto Lane...
  33. n.one.one

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    I'm hoping this thread will have links to interesting FSD Beta videos and pose questions to those beta drivers. Here is a new(ish) video entitled: Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta in the rain in North Carolina
  34. CertLive

    So what do you guys think of FSD Beta?

    Seems to bring a few of the current clips together. Imo from observing this it looks like the car is now capable of much better situational prediction. It knows before turning off the roundabout in the dark what a lane of parked cars is and takes the left not in a rushed manor. I guess time...

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