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  1. Hank42

    The Dawn project FSD FUD

    I didn't know the ny times had a funnies section
  2. heems

    AntiFud goes here

    I always wanted to start this thread were “non-Tesla Tesla” events are recorded. You know if Tesla was caught on fire, stock would be down 50 points and articles on cnbs abound. Or maybe if Tesla “drove” into the 7-Eleven because of AutoPilot - but really the driver mistook accelerator for...
  3. Gwgan

    Anti Powerwall ads?

    Relative near Lake Jackson reported seeing TV ads warning against buying Tesla Powerwall. Anyone see these and know their origin? Also, can anyone comment on net metering, solar production charges, and rates in the Centerpoint delivery service area?
  4. BBone

    Forbes - Tesla Sales including Model Y

    I haven't seen this article posted yet from Forbes. I just read it and to me appears quite bullish as by CY2022 it would put current valuations at roughly 1x Sales/10XEPS. Thought some of you longs might enjoy this given all the FUD out there. Also they have some really neat interactive charts...
  5. SebastianR

    Taking the high road: Effective counter measures against "Short FUD"

    Very well said. I couldn't agree more. So here is the "what's next?": Let's collect a few ideas here. Mods, pls. merge if you feel this is better placed elsewhere. In my experience countering FUD on Twitter / in Forums is only helping so much. What is helping more is pledging (and following...
  6. Yonki

    Track record of anti-Tesla FUD vs reality over the last 15 years?

    Has anyone (in a thread here on TMC or anywhere else) kept a running, semi-detailed timeline of all the anti-Tesla FUD with each item followed by how it was proven utterly wrong? I'm getting so tired of trying to explain to people how things are actually AMAZING at Tesla, when all they are...
  7. omarsultan

    Today’s FUD Missle From the Koch Bros

    My goodness...where are all these cars going to charge? Of course the charge is lead by the WSJ The Problem With Electric Cars? Not Enough Chargers - The Wall Street Journal The Problem With Electric Cars? Not Enough Chargers — The Wall Street Journal The LA Times must have been napping...
  8. tonybelding

    Why People Do Not Want Tesla Cars

    Why Tesla Motors Electric Cars Have So Few Buyers (NASDAQ: TSLA) - 24/7 Wall St. If you don't feel like reading the entire article, here's my thumbnail summary. . . TESLA: While getting the Model X into production and making sure it's right, we may not be able to produce and deliver as...
  9. Robert.Boston

    Articles re Tesla—Fact or Fiction?

    Collectively we often address writings that sow fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about Tesla Motors in particular and the commercial viability of EVs in general. James and I are creating this new thread to provide a single place to shine some light on these articles. As always, comments about...
  10. tonybelding

    The Detroit News: An electric car in Michigan winter requires vigilance

    The article. . . An electric car in Michigan winter requires vigilance I don't know if this is a deliberate smear against electric cars, or if the author is truly ignorant of how they work. Does he own the car he was driving? Has he studied this at all? That he could write such a damning...
  11. Newb

    FUD tracker

    Since I've grown sick and tired of the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) continually appearing in the media about Tesla Motors or Elon himself, I'd like to suggest to collect and track FUD and related authors in a dedicated thread. In the short term, the thread could provide for a collecting...
  12. Vger

    The Tragedy of Ignorance and Hatred: The wages of FUD

    On my recent road trip, I have been painfully reminded that there are a stubborn minority of people who are so threatened by the shining progress and disruption of the status quo that Tesla represents, that they vent their fear as anger and ugliness. In Eastern WA, I had to two separate carfuls...