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fully loaded

  1. MIDImunk

    Fully loaded 2015 Model S P85D

    Hi everyone, I'm helping my Dad sell his 2015 P85D Model S (he just got a new P100D!). I have the car posted on Autotrader, Cars.com and Craigslist Los Angeles area but just found this forum and wanted to share the listing and ask if people thought the price was fair/low/high. Here's the CL...
  2. iSpanglish

    FS: '14 SP85 Pre AP 50k CPO Warranty +

    Bit of info: Picked it up it was a fleet vehicle to my knowledge (Costa Mesa Service center delivered my vehicle), also I purchased from Tesla directly with their CPO program, Sept 2017. Has two year bumper to bumper and 8 year on the battery life. This car literally had everything I wanted...
  3. J

    2018 Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    This sale is for an actual 2018 Model 3, not a reservation. This car is being sold at the cost basis after paying the AZ State sales tax to Tesla. Since this is a third party private sale, no additional sales tax will be due on sale. If you have a late registration or are thinking of signing up...
  4. P

    Just purchased a 75D Model X for $18k off

    I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a deep blue 75D X fully loaded. It's a 5 seat interior with black premium interior. There are still good deals to be had if you know where to look. Mine had an $18k price adjustment and was only $85k before delivery, tax and title, and the EV tax...
  5. B

    WTB: 85D or 90D White with Tan Interior loaded

    Hello, We are looking for an 85D or 90D white or pearl white with tan interior. Would like to have it almost fully loaded. We are in the San Diego area so nothing too crazy far. Looking for a good deal, if you're interested in selling your car FAST then please let me know. Have to have a car...
  6. Cloxxki

    Next generation 2170 cell battery packs

    Hear me out now. Apart from being cheaper to produce (/kWh) the new 2170 cells will allow for more capaciy in a given pack size. 40% more than the 2012 85kWh pack, according to JB Straubel. And that may well be without the extra utilization of 5mm head space through the longer cells. So, close...