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  1. KAnder04

    Long-term owners, any issues, problems selling the vehicle, etc?

    The lease on my current car runs out in May, and I’m seriously considering making the switch to EV and going with a Tesla. Probably going with the Model 3 Performance, but I posted this on this board because I’m curious if anyone that bought a Model S a few years ago (4+) has had any long-term...
  2. E

    Fun Model S pictures

    I don't know what the story is, but it is a fun picture.
  3. fasteddie7

    Hooking up Tyson's corner SC

    After electrek broke the news yesterday about uncorking older 75d vehicles the community went nuts and blew up the service centers, some reports said they didn't know what we were talking about or just said no based on an old list. One person, Michael, at the Tyson's corner VA service center not...
  4. Peteybabes

    Red Light/License Plate Deterrent

    Install this and never incur fees again... noPhoto Camera Jammer - Prevents Red Light and Speed Camera Tickets - Mr. Kustom Auto Accessories and Customizing Anybody? *btw love this website for an awesome rim/wheel visualizer and other fun mods...(such as disappearing front license plates :D...
  5. J

    Rented a Model S for the weekend - thoughts in an open letter to Elon Musk

    Dear Mr. Musk, We are Dennis and Jeroen, two students at the Technical University of Twente. This weekend, we rented a Tesla for a weekend which had already 98.000 km on it. However, it still felt and smelt new, drove more than perfect and was driving like the future. In short, the trip was...
  6. kushari

    At Home (Game)

    Let's see how many of these we can do. I noticed this place in Toronto called Tesla Cafe. Parked my car right in front of it. Let's start a thread where people take pictures of the car in front of things named Tesla that have nothing to do with the car.
  7. J

    a simple fan of a brilliant company

    I made these two songs with videos as tributes to Tesla because I want to show my appreciation for the hard work they have put into making a difference in a market that for many years has been closed off to innovation and technology advancements. Each day when I read the stock blogs, I'm...
  8. ddenboer

    Video fun with my S

    My kids and I had much fun today making movies with special effects today using an app for my iPhone (app is Action Movie by BadRobot). We made over thirty movies, and three involved my car, so here they are for your enjoyment: Action Movie and My Model S - YouTube Action Movie and My...