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  1. B

    Model S 2014 no power

    Hello. I have an electrical problem with my 2014 RWD Model S 85. My door handles aren't working as of two days ago, and the car doesn't respond to my key fobs. I was locked out of the car. I got in using the Tesla app to vent the windows, and then I was able to hook the door handle to open...
  2. J

    2014 Model S won't charge

    I removed the on-board charger to replace the two 50A fuses. After reassembly, I am getting a "Cntctr State" error message. I suspect a charging contactor switch failed as well. Or it could be a contact switch that did not get reassembled correctly so the power is cut by the system. Does...
  3. P

    New wall connector with wifi

    Tesla has a new Wall connector (USA) with wifi connectivity and new options like load sharing. How about load balancing options? Wall Connector Question: In the Netherlands we usually have 3x25A available at home. 240V. If you opt for a heavier 3x35A connection, it will cost you around 600...
  4. jordanthompson

    PEM overheating, fans not running

    I got the Roadster back from service (again) and after driving it for a few weeks the PEM is overheating. I had to limp home yesterday and it charges very slowly. I had the fan assembly replaced about 6 years ago. This is a 2010 2.0. I'm guessing that the squirrel cage fans fuse has blown, but...
  5. Hummer75


    Hello there, Anyone know if there is a fuse for the 12V up in the grill (In the headliner above the dash) I'm not getting 12V ... :-/ url Thanks, Jimmy
  6. Haxster

    Weight-saving benefits of micro-fuses

    So, why did Tesla choose to use micro-fuses on a full size 2 1/2 ton car? Cost: Virtually the same as mini-fuses. Size: It's a big car with lots of room, but with some tight spaces. So maybe. Weight: By my *SWAG, the weight-saving benefits over mini-fuses could add nearly 27 feet of range...
  7. tornado

    Fuse Box on 2016 S

    Hello, I have a late-2016 Model S (and a 2013 S which is not pertinent to the current question) that I'm trying to tap into a 12v switched feed. There are no diagrams at all for the fuse boxes in the new Tesla. Don't ask me to check the manual as they haven't included the word fuse at all in the...