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future plans

  1. T

    Battery Change-out Stations— why wouldn’t this work?

    I’m sure someone has discussed this elsewhere and forgive my technological naïveté, but I have always wondered about this and was hoping someone with more tech savvy could explain it to me. So, obviously, with the shape and design of current Tesla EV batteries, this wouldn’t work, but why, in...
  2. Antares Nebula

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit?

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit? Want to install a Tesla Wall Connector for one Tesla (Model 3). May or may not buy additional Teslas in future. Since I (that is my electrician) have to do the electrical work for one connector, which only...
  3. Graphene

    Ideas for future features you'd like to see in a Tesla

    I've been thinking about some features that Tesla could add to future cars (some just fun ideas but some I think are genuine luxury comforts many expect from high end cars). Many of these features I've seen in other cars and think if there is any company to think of improved/more innovative ways...
  4. mspohr

    Daimler / Mercedes Plan for the future: Wilko Stark

    Mercedes-Benz's Plan for Surviving the Auto Revolution Looks like a little of everything... ICE, hybrid, electric, fuel cell, self driving, shared mobility. Not worried about Google and Apple because making cars is HARD.
  5. engle

    Imagining what Tesla Supercharging Station of the future might be like

    When I noticed they are now calling them "Tesla Supercharger Stations", it got me to thinking what a TSS of the future might be like? Here's my prediction: Tesla "Supercharger Station" is intentionally the old gas station nomenclature, as the masses are used to going to "stations", and TSS are...
  6. C

    Is anyone else gonna wait to buy a used M3?

    I'm just curious. I just don't feel the need to buy an M3 brand new when I know the value will drop the minute it leaves the parking lot. There's only a few options I want too. Although I can see the appeal of picking up a new car from the service center (or the factory if you can).
  7. Cr8it

    Elon at TED

    One of the fascinating talks at last week's TED conference was an interview with Elon about "The Future We Are Building." He shows some great video pieces, including his "boring" solutions to LA's traffic mess. If you are interested in what is coming next, don't miss this talk which TED put up...
  8. domenick

    Tesla Gigafactory

    Tesla is to have a big Gigafactory announcement sometime this week. I put all I could find about it, plus some location rumors (Nevada!) in a post on AutoblogGreen. So far, the only thread for the Gigafactory is one in Investor Discussions related, of course, to the investment opportunities...