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  1. cstromme

    How does the ultrasonic sensors on the FWDs handle PPF?

    With all the trouble the ultrasonic sensors has had with a few extra millimeter of paint on the doors, how in the world are people able to put PPF on the doors and they still function normally? I'm waiting for a new MX that will be here in May, and I've been considering PPF, but thinking about...
  2. P

    FWD is opened during drive on freeway.

    Hi, Apologies first for my broken level of English. I'm the brand new 2023 model X LR owner since last year Nov. Last Saturday ( Jan 8), I had a scariest accident (kind of) among my 20yrs of driving experience. The left FWD is opend up while driving on the local freeway. I took the brake...
  3. dskid

    FWDs have a mind of their own: Opening and closing at their leisure and at all hours.

    So we have come into a perplexing problem - not sure if it's FOB related, but our experience lately suggests it's not us. And for the record, we've booked a Service Appointment. So occasionally we've come out to our X and one of the FWDs has been wide open...sometimes all night. It happened...
  4. E

    Seat rubbing against FWD - is this normal?

    Both of our 2nd row seats touch against the FWD when closed. This causes an annoying rubbing sound when turning or running over any bumps. Does anyone else have this problem?
  5. E

    Falcon wing door does not latch when cold outside

    Hi all, First off, thanks for helping me as I've lurked through these forums and learned a lot before and after getting my car. Unfortunately, I now have my own issue I need to post about. I bought a used Model X (Sept. 2016 build) in the summer and have been incredibly happy with it, with...
  6. R

    Driver door chrome trim hits FWD chrome trim

    When I close my (driver) door, it makes a big "metal against metal" sound. I found out it's because the chrome trim runs into the FWD's trim. See attached picture. It didn't use to do that... Is there something that got out of alignment? Perhaps the position of the car when you close the FWD...
  7. gnuarm

    Falcon Wing Door Opening Height

    Anyone know the measurements for the FWD opening height vs. the suspension settings? My doors don't always open fully and the service center isn't interested in fixing this if it doesn't malfunction for them. I had it in the shop once for other things and when I picked it up the doors didn't...
  8. Doutt

    FWD opening height

    I'm new to the Model X. Picked up a 2018 P100D and am loving it. Tonight I parked in an outside parking lot next to another car. There was enough room so I opened the FWD. It opened fine (plenty of lateral room and no ceiling) but only went up maybe 3/4 of the way. It opens fully with...
  9. ModlS3XY

    FWD put a hole in my garage drywall after upgrading to V9

    I had a feeling that the FWD sensors either stopped working (a bug in V9) or were made more “confident” with V9. The FWD never opened to full height previously since it would sense the garage motor (although it could). After v9, I saw that it started opening with full speed and to the full...
  10. Padelford

    FWD damaging body AFTER Tesla FWD Rub "Fix"

    I had the latest Tesla FWD fix applied to my MX a few weeks ago (after waiting for a few weeks for all the parts to show up at my SC), and today I discovered that the fix has apparently caused more damage to the rear door frames on both sides: I had some rubbing on the areas shown in the...
  11. Q

    Minimum garage size

    Interested in learning what the absolute minimum width and height for a garage to be able to reasonably utilize FWDs (i.e. ok if it doesn’t open fully). I’m spoiled as I currently live in a condo with a large garage with all the space I need but looking into moving to a house with a 2 car garage...
  12. C

    FWDs wouldn't open, couldn't override

    Has anyone else experienced this situation? With no obstacles anywhere, neither FWD would open, nor would they even respond to manual override (screen or button). Eventually, after driving around a bit, everything resolved. Odd, no? I suspect a software issue.
  13. sjokomelk

    Front parkings sensors sees ghost object and door sensors don't see anything

    I got my Model X 100D three weeks ago, and the last week and a half the two center front parking sensors see something close to the car. So when I put the car in drive or reverse, the picture of the car and parking sensors show up with the STOP symbol and red line close to the front. And of...
  14. Freedom101

    Squeaky falcon wing doors

    I was fully expecting squeaky FWD when I took delivery in August. My expectations were met by both FWD. No big deal at all to me and schedule a service appointment. Took them in early September and to my surprise they advise they weren't going to replace any part but simply make a hinge...
  15. M

    FWD Sensor issue

    A couple days ago my passenger side FWD sensor started acting up. Now there is a permanent obstacle detected on the screen. It even follows the door up when opening. The driver door and FWD barely open now because it thinks there is an obstacle no matter where I am. Do I need the sensor...
  16. macd1995

    FWD Sensors?

    Just picked up my X. Question.... Should the FWD stop before they touch anything? I tested it out by opening the FWD standing next to it, and it hit me before it stopped. Any suggestions? Is this a fault or expected?
  17. BLKMDL3


    Just went to the Tesla store today and the manager was showing me around and I was looking at inventory cars and he pointed out they just re-did the door latches front and rear. They WILL NOT fail or creak. They are SILENT. The noise we hear is plastic pieces rubbing and they completely just...
  18. F

    Typhoon, Model X, Falcon Wing Doors

    Typhoon season officially begins, was with my X at a very open area just now and can't help but wonder...is there an official figure for maximum wind speeds that the FWD can safely operate??
  19. cstromme

    Possibility for the Falcon Wing Doors to become better as AP2 matures?

    I just thought of something today; as AP2 matures and the car becomes more aware of obstacles around it, do you think the FWD will benefit from this? We randomly encounter situations where it doesn't quite read the environment right, but if it's boosted by the data that AP2 provides, is there...
  20. L

    FWD and dogs?

    Anyone have any issues with the Falcon Wing Doors and dogs? Just curious if you have any issues with your dog(s) when opening and closing the doors.
  21. LovelyCarrot

    Don't open the trunk and FWD or you will be a snowman

    PSA: This falls into the "DOH" category. Just a reminder for folks, if you open the rear trunk and then open a FWD, you *will* end up with snow on the heads of your family in the middle row seats. My daughter was not amused.
  22. acaciolo

    First drive with a group of 7 today and almost got stuck due to FWD.

    Almost a disaster, but it ended up ok. We went to leave and I got the dreaded "obstacle detected" error and the door wouldn't close. I opened and closed about 20 times. same error. wiped off the jams. moved the seats. started to sweat. Called tesla but was on hold....and finally, it...
  23. ishak

    UI for Opening Doors from Center Console

    I have had my X for about 6 weeks, and I still have to think a bit before locating the exact button to open a specific door. I'm still thrown off by the fact the FWD buttons are *above* the front/passenger door buttons in the current UI. I feel the UI should display the car similar much like how...
  24. SSD420

    MX going to SC, after 1 month

    Tomorrow morning my Model X is finally going to the SC for a bunch of issues I had reported including mysterious obstacles preventing my FWD's from, window issues, parts separating from the car, certain parts wearing way too quickly, feeling electric currents while sitting in the car charging...
  25. dhelmly

    FWD and key FOB triggering. Truly need an option to turn off FOB Control

    **Note** This was also posted in the Tesla Model X forum thread as well. So far the Model X has been a reliable car and no real issues. It does what it's supposed to do and as we all know, a joy to drive. My only real concern so far is the coming back to the parking garage and seeing my FWD...
  26. Nick Deng

    Tesla shall be smart D-er. & AP shall be free!

    Like any other ICE (SUV OR REGULAR AWD) car: D - can be selectable from front, rear to 4wd by software control base on the driving condition. Like if on boring long distance driving, 2wd is good enogh, energy saving and range can also be much better than all time AWD. AP is not a hardware, for...
  27. ishak

    Loud Click when Opening/Closing FWDs

    Only happens on the left door. About halfway through the opening/closing, it clicks very loudly. Doesn't happen with the right side door. I'm taking it to the SC Thursday for a wind issue, will have them look at it then.
  28. RobertSeattle

    Anyone else find the Touchscreen Door Closing UI confusing?

    I've only been an X owner for about a week now but have multiple times clicked the wrong button when meaning to close a FWD, and instead opened the driver or passenger doors. Happens when I am trying to be quick (like child drop off). My brain is trained that top means front, but in the UI, the...
  29. CTemp222

    What Can Model X FWD's Detect?

    I've been curious as to what extent the Model X doors can detect objects. There is this thread Chicago-Parking the X in a Garage, tight space (Video) where Dalia scratches the door on a concrete post (not to single you out Dalia :smile:). Also, I have rails for my garage door that protrude from...