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  1. Tha_Ape

    Games... why are they different for different years (3/Y)?

    I have a 2021 Model Y and a 2023 Model 3. Why is it that the MY has markedly more games than the Model 3? Is there any way to get those games on the newer car (I suspect there's not, but worth asking)? Sometimes I get new ones, sometimes old ones disappear (Sonic no longer in MY). Its a...
  2. Rikki098

    Model Y Games

    Hi I picked up my new Model Y in February, it's running the the latest software 2022.4.5.16. I hadn't really noticed but when at a supercharger the other day my son asked if he could play Sonic, I have a controller, so plugged it in but Sonic was not on the system... is this the same for...
  3. M

    Games in rear seat of 2021+ X/S?

    Does anybody know how to play games in the rear seat of 2021+ Model X while the car is in motion or parked?
  4. mjbigelow

    Sonic Game Keeps Restarting

    For some reason, when my son plays Sonic, it restarts at a new level every 2 minutes. Anybody have the same issue? 2021 MY7LR - 2021.44.30.7
  5. I

    Transferring Game Data

    Does anyone know how to transfer game data from a Model 3 to a Model Y?
  6. RNHurt

    V11 Bug - Notification area is inaccessible when playing games

    I've been hit by this bug twice since the V11 update. I'm waiting for my wife to come out of the store, so I start a game of Sudoku to pass the time. She texts me so I reduce the full screen game to see what she said. The text notification window is half hidden below the bottom of the screen...
  7. helvio

    It's the Tuesday before Christmas!

    Today's release will be hot! Or will it? Let's gauge the public expectations with a Xmas Poll!
  8. R

    Bug in Tesla Chess

    I enjoy the chess game in my Tesla, but it's not entirely free from bugs. The car had me in check mate in this position in move 37. Still it let me move the king to A1 in move 38 (as you can see from the log), so that I could go on to win the game.
  9. A

    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    I just got my car back from getting the upgrade to hardware 3, and found that apparently all my progress on Stardew Valley, Beach Buggy Racing, and Cuphead has been lost! Why is there apparently no way to backup the progress and restore it, or to transfer it over to the new computer?? I can't...
  10. Haxster

    I bought a 6 digit car...not a video game.

    It seems that every other recent update has to do with some enhancement to games or other entertainment distractions. I'd really like Tesla to prioritize updates to vehicle operability...better navigation, autopilot, internet browser, or user interface (how about a trunk release button on the...
  11. T

    Game console or keyboard or mouse for Model X

    Has anyone successful used a game console, keyboard, or mouse that would allow the rear seat passengers (kids) to control the games in Model X/S/3 using either a USB or Bluetooth device? For example, I remember playing games such as Asteroids (about 30yrs ago), using the keyboard letters and...
  12. kataleen

    Great Games To Play On Your Tesla While Supercharging

    Hey all, after finding quite a few awesome games through the depths of the interwebs I started make a small collection of the ones that offer the best playability on the Tesla. Together with a few more hands I am planning to curate a good list of games that everyone can enjoy. I mocked up a...
  13. kylelerner

    Model S Tetris Game

    So, I haven't seen it posted anywhere, but "Pole Position" is clearly not on the Model S. Understandably so, as the MCU is in portrait, rather than landscape in the M3, but perhaps we deserve a game of our own! :) I think Tetris would be perfect for our MS screen. What are your thoughts? Any...
  14. Eevee

    TeslaTari Game Controller

    I read that the most recent update (2018.48.12) allows people to play the video games via an XboxOne or PS4 game controller when plugged into one or the USB drives. This sounds great to me as I have a video-game obsessed kiddo and we have multiple gaming systems at home. I MUCH prefer handing...