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garage dimensions

  1. T

    How to make a Tesla "Box" that Model 3 will use as a garage (auto part)

    Hello friends, I would like to make a Tesla Box (or call it a small garage if you like). It is for a 2022 Model 3. The question, what do I need to do in the box construction to help my Tesla auto park and auto summon? I would like to make the box as small as possible. I can use paint and...
  2. S

    length of Model X with trunk fully open?

    How long is the Tesla Model X with the trunk fully open? In other words, how long does my garage need to be in order to fit the entire car and open the trunk without needing to open the garage door?
  3. fallen888

    Will it fit in my garage?

    I'm hoping to take delivery of my MS in about a week, and just thought today about making sure it'll fit in my garage. Model S Specifications lists length as 196.0". I just measured the length of the available space in the garage and it's about 202". So it seems like I have only about 6 inches...
  4. mspohr

    Garage size for Model S and Model X?

    I'm building a new three car garage for my soon to arrive Model S (and also have a Model X on order). I've noticed that the Model S is wider than most cars and the the Model X has the added challenge of height for the falcon wing doors. I can make the garage any size and have the option of...
  5. Jon

    Garage dimensions?

    Hi all, I am in the process of planning a stand alone two car garage for my anticipated Model X and eventually a Model S as well. How much length and width do you find is optimum for parking your Model S inside? I will assume the X will use a similar amount of space. I can gather so much...