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garage door

  1. B

    Homelink Stopped Working… argh

    2013 Model S. Worked great for years, now Homelink won’t operate my garage door. All our other cars and fobs still work fine — no change to Genie garage door opener or fobs. Visited Tesla service center and they replaced the transmitter… tested OK in their shop. To be clear: The car has no...
  2. MichaelJava95

    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    Hi everyone. I finally got my Homelink auto-close, auto-open to work. I want to create this thread so other people googling this problem can hopefully come across this thread. 1- When you program the Homelink, point the car to the garage if you park front first(driving forward into the garage)...
  3. S

    Calif. garage doors now require a battery back up

    Did you guys know that in California we now have a law requiring garage doors and openers have a battery backup?? If you need to get your garage door replaced or need to install one on new housing, code will require one; there’s even penalties and fines for garage door manufacturers over this...
  4. B


    I am having a Homelink installed in my new model 3. Our house has two garage doors. Can Homelink be programmed to open each door?

    Garage Door left open... sometimes?

    Not a new problem, and likely how I sequence things when I park in the garage, but about 25% of the time the homelink command isn't sent and I drive off with my door open. Maybe it's how I park - I close my Garage sometimes from the car and other times from the wall. Am I putting the car out of...
  6. Derek Kessler

    Suspended UMC setup

    My garage is in the basement and if I'm not good about cleaning up the leaves in my trenched driveway then then can clog up the storm drain if it rains hard. Once a year or so I end up with some water in my garage — never fun. After several months of charging via 120V on an extension cord, I...
  7. Zluz

    Garage door problems finally solved

    I thought I would share what I learned from my experience with my garage door openers. I had searched for solutions before without luck, so I am posting this here now to hopefully benefit anyone with the same problems. I'll start with some background. Feel free to skip ahead. I have been...
  8. IGotEastBay

    Trick to Programming Homelink With Liftmaster

    Hi All, I have a new 75D and a Liftmaster Professional gate with a red learning button that was manufactured in 2006. I have tried to program homelink and have had no luck. The Tesla headlights flash with the remote but the garage will not open no matter what I do. I've tried fresh batteries in...
  9. majcina

    HPWC between garage doors?

    Hi all, I'm a noob waiting on my CPO 2014 blue Model S. I'm trying to decide where to install my Wall Connector. I've already read prior threads on this, including viewing awesome pics like the one below by @systemcrashed and other pics by @CmdrThor and @pchan (thanks to all!). I'm looking to...
  10. Plugsuvohio

    Genie PowerMax IntelliG 1200

    As soon as I got home with my MX a week ago, I went to do the garage door programming with our two doors. It did not work. My opener model is above and less than 2 years old. I played with this for hours and searched these forums for clues and tried a few. Calling my delivery specialist, he...
  11. fablau

    Summon and Homelink question

    Hello everyone, I like the fact summon opens the garage door automatically when the car gets out of the garage, but I don't want summon to close it once the car has been taken out. Is there a way to avoid that? Thank you in advance to anyone!
  12. X-Man

    Will my 94" width garage be ok?

    Hi, New to the forum. Looked through a few threads and couldn't find any discussion. I want to push order, but... I know the width of the X is 89.4" which is super wide. My garage is 94", but then opens up (115") after the initial lip. Am I asking for trouble by parking it in the garage even...
  13. M

    Running Wall Connector cable under garage door?

    I recently placed an order for a Model S and expecting delivery in a few months. I'm planning on parking the car outside in front of the garage and having the Wall Connector on the inside. Is there any issues with garage door openers and that cable running under? I want to avoid having to leave...