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garage electrical

  1. Tagar

    Upgrading panel and subpanel to have a Wall Connector

    I have NEMA14-50 in my garage, and would like to install Wall Connector using the same line. Currently a subpanel has a 50amps circuit breaker for this line -- This subpanel is fed from the main panel, and has 60amps circuit breaker -- Subpanel has a few other circuit breakers as you...
  2. zambono

    What electrical plug should I install..

    Getting a house built in Costa del Sol and want to have it EV ready, or almost ready. Here in the US I have a nema 4-50 socket connected to 50 amps, what is the equivalent in Europe so that EV drivers can charge easily using their own chargers? Thanks
  3. C

    Wiring plans for Model 3

    I will be submitting my order today for the Model 3 LR. I would love some feedback good or bad for my plans for wiring the garage outlet. Our hot tub is long gone but the double 50 amp breaker tied together is still in the panel as well has 50 feet of aluminum 6 awg gauge wire. I am going to...
  4. Francis Lau

    Retractable cord reel for the Model S?

    I am thinking of installing one of these retractable cord reels in my garage. Either from the ceiling or wall. Has anyone installed one? Or researched one?
  5. efusco

    Plug and 100Amp line sticker shock

    Just had a couple electricians come by the house for estimates on getting 1)NEMA 15-40 outlet in my garage, & 2)wiring a 100AMP line for later connection of my HPC. The first estimate is in and came to $850 for just the NEMA 15-40 + ~$1300 for the 100 amp line! Problem is my breaker box...
  6. bonnie

    Preparing for your Model S: Selecting outlet, Solar City, etc.

    That's what I use for my Roadster - plenty of time to fully charge while I sleep, even when I come home with a low SOC (state of charge - you'll see that acronym a lot on this forum). Added benefit, when we did a small music event here, the various musicians were thrilled to have the outlet for...
  7. E

    220: Two outlets, two cars, one line

    There's a high probability our garage will be the home of a Roadster and an S by the end of 2013. I'm charging 220 exclusively at the office right now, and would like to wire the home garage with a pair of outlets on one 220 line. Does anyone have any experience charging two cars on the same...
  8. Citizen-T

    How to design my garage?

    So, I'm in the process of building a new home and therefore have the unique opportunity to setup the garage with the perfect configuration for my Model S. I thought I'd offer this up to the community: how should I design my garage? Specifically, where should I put plugs? What kinds of...