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  1. S

    South Florida Tire and Service Options

    Hi All, I’ve been taking my 2015 Model S to Electrified Garage in West Palm Beach since they opened a few years back for both tire and repair work. They have done an AC compressor replacement, door handle fixes, switches, trunk lift kit install, wrap, rim protectors, tires, and more. Byrone...
  2. itch808

    BRAND NEW Homelink Module for Model 3 / Y (comes with bracket, module, AND bolt)

    Selling a new Homelink for model 3/Y. Includes the Homelink, bracket and mounting screw. Can be installed via the service menu as a DIY. Part #1114984-00-B. Asking $185 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. Payment via PayPal F&F (otherwise you can pay the additional 3% fee) or Venmo. Feel...
  3. L

    Anyone else having problems with Summon not backing the car out of the garage?

    I have seen some intermittent posts about this but wanted to see if anyone has found a good solution. I park my 2022 Model S in my home garage. I do this manually. If I open the garage door, step into the driveway (does not seem to matter where or by what distance) and I press the reverse...
  4. Glenn T

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Cleared out the garage in anticipation for the new Y. I previously had a 3 that got eaten 😋 up by this Garage Door! Looking to replace this garage door opener with something more Tesla friendly. I live in a part of California that hits triple digits during the summer. Any suggestions or...
  5. T

    Extension cord needed, apartment charging in garage, outlet on ceiling

    I live in an apartment that has a regular outlet in the garage that I could use to charge my Model 3. My only dilemma is that the outlet is on the ceiling so I will be needing an extension cord. I DON'T plan to leave the cord hanging. I will be securing it to the wall. I should only need around...
  6. RMBW74

    Anyone who owned or currently owns a Third Gen Mazda 3 Hatch?

    Ill be trading in a 2015 Mazda 3 Grand Touring Hatchback... pretty much loaded. Curious if there are any Model Y owners who currently own a 3rd Gen Mazda 3 HB as a secondary vehicle, or came from a 3rd Gen Mazda 3 Hatch How does the size of the Model Y compare? I know it's bigger, but my...
  7. P

    Garage door opener antenna

    Does anyone know details of the antenna used in the model 3 for opening/closing the garage door? I think it is on the driver’s side, but I was wondering its orientation and, thus, Polarization. Any details would be appreciated— model specifications would be awesome as well. kurt
  8. L

    Steep Driveway - Help Please

    Looking for help and input from fellow owners and enthusiasts. Have a steep driveway into garage and every entry scrapes the bottom of our model 3. Lately we've added 2 Vestil speed bumps and 2 Pyle ramps but still with no success. We've played back and forth with positioning and tried this over...
  9. D

    Designing a Tesla Garage -- Cars, Powerwalls, and Solar Roof

    Hey Guys! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to connect with a fellow Tesla owner to help him design/build his dream garage! This is part 1 of a likely 3 part series. We are planning on doing quite a few unique tesla items such as a "POWER WALL" (all 4 powerwall 2's to be mounted on one wall...
  10. MichaelJava95

    Tesla homelink skipped auto-close auto-open

    Hi everyone. I finally got my Homelink auto-close, auto-open to work. I want to create this thread so other people googling this problem can hopefully come across this thread. 1- When you program the Homelink, point the car to the garage if you park front first(driving forward into the garage)...
  11. M

    Tesla Solar Order Cancelled / Fire Setbacks

    Hello! I am brand new to the forums and the Tesla world. Looking for some advice or guidance as well as to see if anyone had an experience similar to mine when ordering Solar through Tesla. Lots of context below so apologies in advance. The short version is I think Tesla cancelled my order...
  12. P

    220V outlet spliced from water heater line?

    I've got a friend who is looking at a M3 and doesn't have any affordable/easy way to add 220V charging in his garage. His water heater is in the garage and is set to run on a timer. Charging 110V is out of the question since his commute is about 75 miles. What do you guys think of the idea of...
  13. john19951

    How do you fit a BAC into a SBG

    How do I fit an M3 (=Big American Car) into my SBG (small British garage). I've seen a few videos on YT from the US demonstrating how to reverse an M3 into the typical huge double american garage. Some of these videos also add a few obstacles for fun. But I can't find any video where the...
  14. R

    Don't do what I did

    I picked up my Y on Friday and drove it home without incident. I pulled into the garage and congratulated myself on not getting into an accident on its first trip. I then opened the hatch and watched in horror as it hit the open garage door! I almost had a heart attack, but, miraculously...
  15. D

    Hot AZ garage

    Hello all. So this will be my first summer with my model 3. Unfortunately my home is east/west facing with the garage on the west side of the home. As we are starting to get in to the summer months it typically gets hot in the garage in the afternoon when the sun is hitting it. The last...
  16. Ostrichsak

    How to Fix: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" Error in App

    For those who recently got the firmware update that allows you to access your Homelink doors via the app under "Controls" but get the following message: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" On your car's screen go into settings, then Autopilot and then Summon Settings...
  17. M

    Keep tesla 3 in garage with high and cold weather

    I live in the northeast and my garage can be really hot in the summer (> 90F) and cold in the winter (20-32 F normally). How would this affect the battery to Tesla 3? If it harm it, what can I do to help keep the car in good condition without remodel my garage? My garage is neither insulated nor...
  18. M

    Show me your garage renovations prior to power wall installations

    Hello, I bought just over a 200k house in small city in Missouri. This is not likely a forever home and whatever renovations I do, will not likely add much to the value of the house. I was planning a DIY renovations. I want to support Tesla, but until out of student loan debt, I will likely...
  19. Mishakim

    WiFi won't connect to strong signal, low bandwidth AP

    Is anyone else connecting to a Plume or similar mesh network? I finally got electricity into my detached garage (ongoing house renovation), and added a Plume pod out there, so the WiFi signal in the garage itself is strong, but the node actually has a very weak uplink to the rest of the mesh...
  20. ChrisianZ

    Tesla Charger inside, charging outside?

    Hi, I just bought the $500 Tesla charger to install inside my garage. In the future, I’ll buy a shed to move all my garage stuff to, but for now Inwill need to keep my M3 outside. I have read someone notched the ground under the garage slightly to put the charger cable under it to charge...
  21. F

    Post your Garage charging setup!

    Easy, 1. park or don't park your Tesla in your garage. 2. snap a photo of your charger setup in your garage 3. comment on what you did and why 4. discuss I've just refinished my garage and I'm looking for inspiration for my charging setup, myself.
  22. Joe F

    Summon, snow and a narrow garage PSA

    This was a first for me, and I don't recall ever seeing anyone having this issue. After driving home last Saturday in a heavy, wet snow storm with large clingy flakes, I manually parked in my garage, offset to one side so I could open the door enough to exit. Normally I just use summon to pull...
  23. M

    Garage & Homelink Issues

    Ever since the recent software update, my Model X always forgets the garage programming. Anyone else experiencing this? When I talk to Tesla about it, they claim they don't know why this would be and they don't see any issues when they pull the car logs. I've owned my X for a little more than a...
  24. MikeInFL

    For those with HomeLink issues.

    I'm not sure if it's random luck or not but if you're having issues with HomeLink go to the center screen and turn the vehicle "Off". Then once the vehicle comes back on immediately do a scroll wheel reset. My HomeLink would only work after I did a reset and then it would open and close once...
  25. S

    length of Model X with trunk fully open?

    How long is the Tesla Model X with the trunk fully open? In other words, how long does my garage need to be in order to fit the entire car and open the trunk without needing to open the garage door?
  26. T

    Wifi vs 4G for SW Updates?

    When I park the MX in my garage, it gets around 300-400 Kbps from the 4G. I tried connecting to my home WiFi but it only gets slightly better speeds 400-500Kbps. I've read that when you get the "Software Update Available" notification, the car has already finished downloading the update. Does...
  27. nostik

    UMC Cord Organizers

    Anxiously waiting for my 75 delivery and been getting my garage ready. I'm curious to know what people are doing to organize UMC cord and the handle. I'm ready to be inspired!
  28. fasteddie7

    Garage letters and logo

    I'm installing a Tesla wall in my garage and would like to do backlighting for the letters and the T. Anyone take on a project like this that can help advise on installation. Letters are done and getting coated today.
  29. Haxster

    Update Withdrawal...a WiFi issue?

    I've not gotten my update fix in nearly two months. Not since 17.17.4. I can't take it much longer. Where's my silky smooth? I'm tired of being jerked around on the highway and have my mediocre parking skills challenged every time I back in to a parking spot. And the latest and greatest is...
  30. Haxster

    My Tesla Home Charging Setup

    The key features shown in the video are: • Quick and easy connect and disconnect • Nothing to roll up or store • No floor or overhead safety hazards • No interference with either of our two cars • Use of the standard Tesla Mobile connector • Charge and energy consumption metering
  31. tizio

    It looks like it could fly, so I built some runway lights

    My mirrors have only one inch clearance through our garage door, so I need high precision when I park. Current version AP2 Summon always parks too crooked for all four doors to be usable, so I built a tool to help me park perfectly every time: More images These runway lights are placed to be...
  32. B

    Trunk height in garage

    My trunk does not open enough in my garage. I try manual moving and getting the beep to set a new height. Next time it will still open only partially. I also look on the 17 inch screen to see an option to open higher, no option is on the screen. Has anyone had any luck getting the trunk to open...
  33. M

    2010 Roadster for sale NJ

    I have a 2010 Roadster 2.0 for sale with only 5,600 miles. This vehicle is garage kept and owned by a non-smoker. Original purchase price $131,257.00. All original documentation for vehicle and proof of service is available. In addition to the standard equipment, the Roadster has the following...
  34. fallen888

    Will it fit in my garage?

    I'm hoping to take delivery of my MS in about a week, and just thought today about making sure it'll fit in my garage. Model S Specifications lists length as 196.0". I just measured the length of the available space in the garage and it's about 202". So it seems like I have only about 6 inches...
  35. A

    Constant hum while parked in the garage

    I've recently upgraded my 2013 MS to a 2016 model, and noticed that the new car always seems to have a hum while parked in the garage. Doing some searching revealed that it's expected that there would be some humming due to coolant circulation and such, but I don't think it should be lasting...
  36. fallen888

    Garage Prep

    Hey guys, so as I quite impatiently await my MS, I am already talking to an electrician about installing the NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage. Which got me thinking, what other kinds of garage prep have you done or are planning on doing for your Tesla? Looking for ideas of a more utilitarian...
  37. Mikeman1

    Stopping in Garage

    Summon allows for setting the stopping distance from the front wall to the front of the car. Why isn't there such a thing for when I drive the car into the garage. I would like the car to stop at 15" from the wall every time I pull into the garage. As it is now I need to creep up to the limit...
  38. Discoducky

    Homelink locks 17" and reboots when arriving back at home

    This has happened 3 times and I'm wondering if others have experienced it. Expected: Upon arriving home, homelink opens the garage door based on GPS Issue: Sometimes, upon arriving home, homelink shows grey (instead of green) and does NOT do the proximity countdown. Then the 17" locks and...
  39. jsollender

    Summons ? for current owners: How far off line can you start

    Intrigued about using summons to auto-park my MX in single car garage spot. I have the width issue worked out as well as depth and height of garage doors. Problem is that my driveway length is perpendicular to the garage door. I have 26 feet between my garage door and tall hedges on far side of...
  40. fablau

    Summon and Homelink question

    Hello everyone, I like the fact summon opens the garage door automatically when the car gets out of the garage, but I don't want summon to close it once the car has been taken out. Is there a way to avoid that? Thank you in advance to anyone!
  41. J

    Summon in and out of garage on an angle with 7.1

    Proof it works: https://youtu.be/tHpTkEsVN70 Sent same link to Tesla for them to see. Just be sure car is aligned to the same angle in the driveway that you want it in the garage. Just as if you were parking it manually.
  42. C

    Lockable garage w/Tesla charger (240V) needed for visiting showcar. 04/16 Durham, NC

    Need a lockable garage with Tesla charger (240V) for a visiting showcar (highly modified Model S) in Durham, NC, by March of 2016. We are arranging for a visit coinciding with a big film festival in early April, and the touring Tesla requires an overnight lockable garage equipped with a Tesla...
  43. N

    Building new garage in Fort Lauderdale.....

    Any leads on good contractors and architects? Right now We have a 1,5 car garage. Been that way for 16 years since we bought the house. Now toying with the idea of buying a Tesla Model S, perfect time to put up a new garage. A guy on the next street over are doing the same and it turned into a...
  44. A

    Supercharger - Chattanooga, TN

    http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2014/may/21/chattanooga-on-teslas-supercharger-radar/ Chattanooga is a perfect place for a Supercharger; but there's nothing at the airport. Interesting, since Chattanooga is "end of 2015" on Tesla's map.
  45. N

    Homelink pairing problems.

    I tried setting the HomeLink transmitter in the Model S , but i would not succeed. I tried this with 2 types of garage doors. • Chamerlain ( remote 84335EML ) 433.92 • Faac ( remote XT4 868 SLH LR ) 868MHz I replaced the batteries in both remotes to try to configure the homelink, because this...
  46. I

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA

    Post updates here
  47. B

    What other vehicles do you have in your garage?

    It didn't take long to notice that a lot of Tesla owners have owned and/or currently own some pretty cool cars. I've personally owned some really fun 4x4's, old Japanese sports cars, and a few bikes. :smile: Here a couple of them! What else is lurking in your garage?? :wink:
  48. Vip

    Homelink opening garage door when you don't want them to

    Had something weird happen and wondering if it was my Model S. My wife let her sister out through the garage. When the sister left my wife closed the the garage door and then locked the door to the house. Well I was just checking the house out before going to bed and decided to check the garage...
  49. Chas F

    Supercharger - Savannah, GA

    Any news on estimated start/completion for the Savannah SC? I'm planning a Thanksgiving trip to NC and it would be nice to have this one along my route.
  50. B

    San Diego: Recommendations for electricians to install 240V outlet in condo garage?

    In my ongoing research on dealing with the feasibility of buying a Model S, I have to deal with an HOA for my condo, and get board approval for any alterations to the common garage space to install power to my parking space. Anybody been there done that already in the San Diego area? Any...