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  1. C

    19” Gemini with Hankooks vs 20” Induction with Michelin

    I’m deciding between the 19” and 20” wheels. I asked the sales rep and the wheel configurations are as follows: 19” Geminis: Hankook Ventus S1evo3 EV tyres, 255/45R19 20” Inductions: Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, 255/40R20 I value ride quality and safety, followed by looks. Does anyone have...
  2. Ken_Y

    Los Angeles - Model Y 19" snow chains for rent - $20

    I had to buy snow chains as the one from Amazon didn't fit when I was in Mammoth Lakes so I'm renting these out so you don't have to. $20 for a week. See photo. Pickup location in San Gabriel. Most places require you to carry them by law if there has been snow. I will show you how to put them on.
  3. Kwame

    WTB: 19” Model Y Gemini Wheels in NY/NJ/CT Area

    Looking to buy a set of 19” Gemini wheels for my MYP with or without tires and TPMS. If you’ve got a set already fitted with TPMS and winter tires that’s an added bonus. Ideally looking to pickup in the downstate NY, NJ and CT area. Thanks.
  4. M

    19-inch Gemini wheels with cover for sale

    i'm selling 4set of my Gemini Wheels. just go the my Y on August. No damage on wheel or cover 19” x 9.5” front and rear Offset: +45 Center Bore: 64.1mm Tire Spec: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I'm asking $900 for wheels only in Los Angeles area
  5. A

    2022 Model Y LR with 21” Uberturbine & 19” Gemini Wheels for Sale. No FSD. $68k SoCal

    2022 Model Y LR with 21” Uberturbine & 19” Gemini Wheels for Sale. No FSD. $69k SoCal. Clean title in hand. Vehicle is paid off so easy sale. 9k Miles.
  6. B

    WTB Gemini wheels or Induction NJ

    WTB Model Y induction of Gemini wheels with tires New Jersey area.
  7. M

    FS: Brand New 2022 Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels, Tires & TPMS & covers

    Everything included. $2900
  8. A

    FS - 2022 New Model Y Gemini wheels and tires (Sacramento)

    Selling my 4x19” OEM, Tesla model Y tires, rims and covers. $1600 or best offer. I’m based in Sacramento. Happy to travel within a reasonable distance. No TPMS Please PM me and we can hop on the phone/text.
  9. BlinkCherokee

    FS (Chicago): Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels + CrossClimate2 Tires + TPMS

    I am selling a set of Model Y 19" Gemini wheels wrapped in Michelin CrossClimate2 all-season tires (installed in January 2022). Ready to bolt on and go. Location = Chicago suburbs (Bolingbrook, IL) Price = $2,800 Includes: - 4x 19" Model Y Gemini Wheels - 4x Michelin CrossClimate2 All-Season...
  10. Quantm99

    FS: DC/NOVA Area: 19" Model Y Gemini Wheels - complete set

    Selling some OEM 19" Gemini wheels/tires/tpms/aero covers. $1500. No scratches/curbage/damage etc. Wheels are in excellent shape. Bought as a winter set for my MYP since there were no 21" AS or winter tires available in the country but the saw very little use, under 1k miles on them (still has...
  11. Z

    Model Y Gemini Wheels With Covers NJ/PA

    Hello, I Bought these Geminis brand new at ~30 miles but haven't used them. They are packaged in boxes of my other wheels. Im located in Mount Laurel/Cherry Hill Area Looking for 1300$ Or Best Offer My Cell 609 610 3338
  12. M

    Continental tires for sale. SoCal. 255/45R19 104 W pulled from stock Gemini wheels @ 8000mi

    Selling as set of four tires. Continental ProContact RX. Size 255/45 R 19 104 W. Just over 8000 miles on them. Plenty of tread life left. $500 pick up only in Los Angeles/Orange County area.
  13. O

    Single Tesla 19" Gemini Wheel/Continental Tire - Less than 300mi

    I'm selling a single Tesla 19" Gemini wheel with Continental tire for Model Y. Less than 300 mi Bought it as a spare, but recently sold my Y so don't need it any longer. Includes Aero cover. $400. PIck up Seattle area
  14. M

    Sell/Trade NEW Model Y 21in Uber Turbines (Los angeles/ socal)

    Brand new 21in Uberturbines with All Season tires. Looking to trade for 20 or 19in tire/wheel combo, or to sell (make me an offer). I am in LA and willing to work with anyone in socal. no deliveries unfortunately. thanks!
  15. J

    $600 Gemini 19” wheels with Aero covers (no TPMS)

    Recently bought aftermarket wheels and now selling my Model Y Gemini 19” wheels with covers. No TPMS. Wheels were driven 15k miles before replaced. Slight rash on one wheel. Can send more pictures. Located in Bay Area (East Bay).
  16. Nomad1

    Moderately used MY Gemini 19" wheels + tires + caps (N. Florida)

    Selling my Geminis from 2020 Model Y with All-season Continental tires. No lugs and TPMS sensors. Included: Tesla 19" Gemini rims + Continental ProContact 255/45/R19 tires + Gemini Caps. Condition varies from fair to good, tires has from 6/32" to 9/32" left, about 13000 miles on each except...
  17. nico71

    Not Available Rimetrix-Laminar Wheel Covers for Tesla Model Y- Brand New!

    Brand new in box set of 4 Rimetrix Laminar wheel covers for Tesla Model Y Gemini 19" OEM wheels. Includes 4 wheel covers, 4 center caps and 1 rim protection kit. I bought them originally for my MYLR but I ended up upgrading to Model Y Performance so I don't need them anymore. Selling them for...
  18. P

    FS: Model Y Gemini wheels and covers (Northern VA)

    I have a set of Model Y Gemini wheels that I was planning on using on my Model 3 as winter wheels. I decided to go another route that doesn’t require the use of spacers, so I’m looking to sell these. The wheels are in excellent shape. A little dirty from being in the garage. I only noticed a...
  19. Suspendmix

    Set of 4 Model Y 19" Gemini wheels and hubcaps for sale - pulled off with 200 miles

    Hi, have a set of 4 Model Y Gemini wheels and hubcaps for sale. These are just the wheels and caps, no tires or TPMS. No curb rash or blemishes as they came off at about 200 miles. I just listed them on Ebay for $1150 plus $170 shipping to account for damn seller fees. I'll sell on here for...
  20. C

    19” Gemini Rims for Sale

    Anyone in the NY metro area looking for Gemini rims and covers? Picking up my MY next week and plan to swap out the rims immediately for aftermarket. I am on Long Island. We can discuss fair price if there’s interest.
  21. D

    Trade: Geminis for Inductions Wheels

    Hello, I am scheduled to pick my Model Y this weekend and if everything go well, I am looking to trade my stock Geminis wheels with tires and TPMS+ cash for your good condition/new induction wheels, tires, and TPMS. I am located in South Jersey. Please let me know. Thank you.
  22. Z

    WTB Gemini 19" Wheels/Tires/TPMS set of 4 NEW JERSEY

    If anyone is interested please let me know, Im in Jersey by Philly. can even trade them for the brand new 21 Überturbine Wheels that I will be taking off my MYP Thank you
  23. R

    WTB Gemini Wheels/Tires/TPMS -Michigan

    Hello All, I just changed my order from a MY LR since they kept pushing my delivery date back to a MYP… I’m hoping that one actually comes within the 4-5 range that is estimated. Anyway, now I need a set of winter tires and I’d prefer to just get some geminis with the TPMS installed so it’s an...
  24. H

    WTB Gemini wheel + Tire 19 inch

    Looking to buy one Gemini wheel + tire to use as a spare located in CT, fine with the tire being shipped or local meet up ( can drive out of state if close enough)
  25. H

    WTB: Gemini Wheels/Tire

    Looking to buy one Gemini wheel/tire to use as a spare prefer with TPMS no need for the cap, cosmetic flaws aren’t an issue
  26. L

    Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels & Tires Resale Value?

    Hi All, I’ve tried searching for recent posts about what people are willing to pay for Gemini Wheels and Tires but had no luck. Once my Model Y is delivered I plan to sell my wheels and tires. I prefer to sell them locally to avoid shipping but would consider shipping. Couple of questions: 1)...
  27. D

    Model Y OEM Gemini Wheel/Tire set (~1000 miles)

    Selling original Model Y Gemini wheels with covers. 1000 miles on the tires total (255/45 R19 ProContact RX). Location: Pittsburgh, PA Pickup preferred. Willing to ship if interested. $1500 + Shipping.
  28. E

    MY Gemini wheels for sale. SoCal (LA)

    Greetings, community! I have Mint Condition Model Y Gemini wheels (no TPMS) for sale. wheels have 3694 miles on them. local pickup only in SoCal. photos attached. Would like around $1200 but open to offers.
  29. F

    Trade 19" Gemini Wheels for 20" Induction or 21" Uberturbine - SF Bay Area

    Just got my Model Y last week with Gemini wheels (300 miles on car and tires). Checking to see if there's any interest in a trading my 19" Gemini wheels/tires + cash for 20" Induction Wheels/tires or 21" Uberturbine Wheels/tires? If someone got new wheels and wants a spare set for snow or...
  30. M

    MY Wheel Covers

    Hi All - Long time reader, first time poster here....I am in love with my MY, recently drove it from North NJ to HHI, SC. One thing I went back and forth on when purchasing were the wheels. I have the base 19" Gemini with the ugly wheel covers. I told myself at time of purchase, they were...
  31. S

    Model Y 19" Gemini Rims

    Hello, I wish to sell full set of 4 Gemini Rims, with no tires. Slightly used (about 2000 miles), I replaced them with the Martian wheels as soon as I could. Asking price is $800. I'm located in the SF Bay Area, prefer local sale, but shipping within the US is possible.
  32. J

    FS: Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels & Caps! $1,300

    Located in Boston, MA Willing to ship at buyer’s expense Selling my Gemini wheels with caps. Great for winter wheels or if you want the most range and most comfortable ride possible! Thank you!
  33. D

    Selling Brand New Gemini Wheel & Tires. How much to charge?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Put in my order for a Model Y AWD/LR. I've done so much research on the big debate about wheels and going from 19's to 20's etc. I've finally decided that I'm going to get Martian 20's (8.5) because they are still lighter than the 19 Gemini's and with 4inches...
  34. G

    WTB Gemini Y Wheels - Reno NV

    Looking to purchase a set of the 19s for winter tire set up. I don’t NEED your tires but would love the TPMS sensors Located in Reno. Willing to travel
  35. S

    Fixed: Gemini Wheel Cover Noise

    Fixed: Gemini wheel cover noise issue - We've had the crackling noise at low speeds for the past 3,007 miles with no change. After removing our wheel covers to diagnose that they were the actual cause of the noise at low speeds, we had a mobile SA come out to troubleshoot/repair today. Per the...
  36. J

    Tires for sale San Diego

    Apologize if this is the wrong location but I did not see a better place. Is anybody interested in buying a second set of the OEM tires for the 19 inch Y? Stock Tires: 19 inch rims: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I am interesting in selling mine, they currently have ~600 miles on...
  37. rokitnerd

    aero cover storage options?

    I intend to take the aero covers off of my Gemini wheels pretty much immediately and would love a safe way to store the aero covers for when I need them. What is the best storage option?
  38. dmj080

    Trade 21” Uberturbine for 20” Inductions or 19” Gemini in SF Bay Area

    Finally, got my 20” Martian MW03s yesterday, and I’m looking to trade my 21” Uberturbines. Anyone is the SF Bay Area looking to change the look of their AWD DM and swap their 19” Geminis or 20” Inductions, let me know. Uberturbines have about 2K miles on them. Located in Daly City.
  39. R

    Model Y Gemini Wheels with Aero Covers less than 100 miles no TPMS

    I have for sale my set of Model Y 19" wheels that come with the car. These were taken off the car between 75-100 miles cant remember exactly when. These come with the aero covers as well. I have included pictures with and without them on. They do not come with TPMS. I have posted specs below...
  40. AllThingsT

    19' Gemini Wheels vs 19' TST Flow Forged wheels for winter set

    Looking at winter tires for the PM3. Had intended on buying the 19' TST Flow Forged wheels from TSportline however I see now Tesla is offering a winter tire package on the model Y style gemini aero wheels which I think are an improvement over the model 3 aero wheels. While I subjectively think...
  41. A

    Long Island/Tri-state Uberturbine for Induction/Gemini Trade

    Hi all, My model Y performance is scheduled for delivery this weekend and I am looking to see if anyone is interested in trading my uberturbines in new condition for induction wheels with cash on your end. Open to gemini depending on the offer. Will update this post as I take delivery.
  42. R

    Ordering a MY Performance with the 20" Induction wheels

    Hello All, First post. I ordered the MY prior to the price changes, and at the time, you could order a Performance model with the 19" Gemini Wheels. I wanted the 20" Induction wheels, but did not care for the "package" that came with it (metal petals and a few other tidbits) for $4500. As it...
  43. truqueso

    Looking to sell my OEM Gemini (19") wheels. Full set.

    Hi all! I took delivery last week of my LR MY and am looking to swap my Gemini wheels out for 18" ones for a softer ride and extended range. So as of next Tues/Wed - i'll have a brand new (less than 25 miles) set of MY Gemini wheels for sale. I'm in the Bay Area but can also drive these down...
  44. S

    Model Y Gemini wheels, caps and tires - less than 500 miles on them!

    I am getting 20 inch rims and tires and want to get rid of my Gemini's ...perfect condition. Less than 500 miles...I am in NJ Listing is currently on eBay
  45. ElectricIAC

    WTB: Gemini wheels. Model 3, or Model Y.

    Don’t really have a baseline other than the winter sets being sold on Tesla’s website but I have no need for true winter tires so if anyone wants to pull these off their Y or just has the wheels they wanna get rid of let’s talk.
  46. voip-ninja

    Gemini Summer wheel package inbound?

    I see that Tesla is still selling the 19" Gemini Winter wheel package even though spring weather is already arriving in large parts of the US snow-belt. Does anyone know if/when Tesla would make a summer package with the Gemini wheels available? I'd like to retire my 18 Aeros to winter duty...
  47. Bixby MS

    Wheel Color Behind Gemini Covers (silver/chrome or gunmetal grey)?

    Hey all, is anyone else here hoping for the standard silver/chrome wheel color behind the gemini covers as seen on the "spotted" Model Y prototypes? Interestingly, I noticed that the Model 3 prototype wheels also had the silver colored wheels behind the aero covers, yet they ended up being a...
  48. bchan911

    19" Gemini vs 20" Induction

    Wow! It's fast paced in the world of Model Y configuration :D, changes every few weeks to keep us on our toes! Echoing other users thoughts of the induction wheels complimenting the chrome delete on the Y. For an additional $2600 Cdn though, I need to weigh function vs aesthetics. Question...
  49. dontblinkdoc

    What color will wheel be under Gemini covers in Model Y

    Since the model Y order page has been updated, I have been bothered by the prospect of a chrome deleted car coming with silver wheels. Do you all think they’ll be the same cover as the Model 3 Areo wheels without the cover? On a related note, what are the odds of me getting the Aero wheels since...
  50. M109Rider

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    wondering what others have done for winter wheel and tire packages. Tesla’s wheel and tire package includes install and is $2,000 US or $2,400 CAD. I’ve priced it out separately and it seems that’s a pretty good deal. Anyone else gone a different route, and found a better deal ?

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