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gen 3 wc

  1. btenison

    Gen3 Wall Connector API?

    I noticed that the Gen 3 wall connector responds to most URLs (example http://<ip address>/status) with a 404, but noticed that if I try something like this: http://<ip address>/api/1/status I get no response. I'm wondering if there is an API underneath this thing that can be polled. Just...
  2. techzelle

    Getting billed for using a normal looking wall connector?

    At an apartment complex, there are a bunch of wall connectors (like what is in the tesla store). They were free to charge on them for a few months. On my last visit, I was billed $1.50 to my Tesla account. Apparently these wall connectors are "destination chargers" now capable of billing. This...
  3. E

    Gen3 Wall Connector Question - load sharing?

    About a year ago, I installed two Gen 3 wall connectors. Due to my (old) house's electrical panel, they are both on the same circuit breaker circuit. I'm *eagerly* awaiting the long-promised load sharing feature so I can start using the second wall connector. Otherwise, it's basically garage...
  4. S

    Gen3 HPWC disassembly, with overheating issues explained!

    Caution: Wall of text ahead! So, I got a secondhand Gen3 HPWC (TPN:1457768-01-F) that had known issues at full power and of course ran it right up to 48 amps to see what she'd do(note it had updated firmware). For a little while it did 48 amps, but after a half hour in my 20f garage, it...
  5. F

    Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3. Europe

    With the gen. 3 WC out in the USA for 14/15 months now...in Europe (the Netherlands for me) we still have to wait. I know my question is difficult to answer but maybe someone has a clue? When is it coming out in Europe? I have a model 3 and everything is ready for the wall connector in my new...
  6. D

    Tesla Wall Connector FW 1.4.4

    I was getting the 3 flashing red lights (along with green stream while charging) on my wall connector. I called the support line (510-249-2490, option 2). They pushed a firmware update to it. It is now 1.4.4 and it looks like the interface changed a little. I held the button down for several...
  7. Y

    Wall Connector front glass

    So this happened to my Tesla Wall connector, is it possible to get this fixed or do I have to send the whole unit back?
  8. A

    Retractable Ceiling Mounted Wall Charger

    Morning gang, With some inspiration from others on this forum and the web, I began constructing a retractable, ceiling mount for my wall charger. I back my MY (Jospeh "Blue" Polaski) into my garage which puts my charging port close to the door going in/out of my garage. There's too much foot...
  9. N

    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    Just thought I’d put this here in case someone else runs into the issue with the latest gen 3 wall charger overheating (3 blinking red light) at 48amps. I called support and they had to force push a firmware update and that appeared to resolve the issue.
  10. J

    What is the RS-485 port for on a Gen 3 Wall Connector?

    Just got my Wall Connector installed (finally!). Reading the manual in detail now that I've got it up & running.... I see on p. 10 of the manual that I've got an RS-485 port inside. I gather from reading here that the Gen 2 connectors used it for load sharing? (Which function is allegedly...
  11. C

    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Power Sharing

    Anyone heard news on when the new Gen 3 wall chargers are expected to have the power sharing feature enabled? I'm also curious on how we'll get notified of when a software update gets released. For now, I'm just periodically connecting to the wall connector wifi SSID and checking to see if the...
  12. SpiceWare

    Gen 3 Wall Connector

    New Gen 3 Wall Connector will support Power Sharing with up to 16 units. I can see this being very beneficial for building out Destination Charging - during our trip to Wisconsin last month the hotel we stayed at in Oklahoma City had a number of Teslas rotate overnight thru their 3 chargers.

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