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  1. jonathanslam

    Expired FS: Tesla Gen2 5-15P and 5-20P Adapters [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS: Tesla Gen2 5-15P and 5-20P Adapters. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Z

    How to slice plug and wand from two different generations? model s charging

    Does anyone know if I can splice these two together? I believe they are from two generations. One wire is for the plug and the other is for the wand. I need to know what each color is for and which ones go to what wires from the plug to the wand. There are also 2 extra wires on the plug so not...
  3. Knightowl

    Whispbar RoofRack for Tesla S Gen2 $150

    Whispbar S37W SILVER Flush Crossbar pair with K930 fitkit Do you want the quietest bars with the least drag? Look no further than the Whispbar flush bar system. Used and in very good condition, comes with everything shown in pics. Vehical specific fitkits are sold separately, this one has the...
  4. NoMoGas

    Has anyone retrofitted motorized charge port yet?

    Has anyone upgraded to motorized charge port yet? Yes, it can be done but it seems like it may be a huge pain. Im just curious if it has been successfully done yet so I'm not reinventing the wheel. The main issue seems to be mounting the required Gen II charge port. Any pictures/videos would...
  5. R

    Swap Gen2 rear facing jump seat striker for Gen1 - San Diego

    I just bought RFS (rear facing seats) from a 2016 MS but the strikers that came with them are sticking out too much. If anybody is getting their newer MS retrofitted with older RFS and wants to exchange their Gen1 strikers for my Gen2 strikers, ping me. I am located in San Diego.
  6. DrReid

    Upgrade Model 3 from Gen1 to Gen2 front seats?

    I'm looking at upgrading my Model 3 (early VIN) from Gen1 front seats to Gen2. I've found the Gen2 seats to be much more comfortable and I have chronic low back issues that get aggravated very easily with my Gen1 seats. I've attached a picture to show the difference - the Gen2 seats have more...
  7. L

    TPMS gen1 exchange for gen2

    I gave 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 I would like to exchange for 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen2. Anyone interested let me know.
  8. L

    TPMS v1 for v2 exchange

    I have 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 that I would like to exchange for 4 OEM Tesla TPMS gen2. I bought a set of winter wheels without knowing they might not be compatible. My model S (118979) uses gen2 TPMS and the wheels are gen1. Maybe someone is in the opposite situation and we can trade? Cheers!
  9. Z

    Brand New Tesla Gen 2 Charging Bundle - $275 + shipping or local pickup

    Hi all, I have a brand new gen 2 mobile connector bundle that I never used since I have an older Gen 1 bundle and charging unit in my garage. Based in LA, can do local pickup as well. Thank you!
  10. F

    Gen 2 TPMS for sale

    I have a complete set of Gen 2 TPMS. Removed from a 2015 Model S. I can’t use them because I have Gen 1 Sensors. $200 -Ryan
  11. Mickie

    New Staggered 21" Silver Arachnid Wheels/Michelin PS3 Tires/Gen2TPMS for sale

    $3,500. Can likely have them sent to your SC of choice. I'd just have to call and make sure the logistics are kosher with them to do so, otherwise these will be in the Chicagoland area available for pickup or I'd deliver within a 150 mile radius. Thanks all.
  12. TonyWilliams

    Mobile Connector “UMC” GEN2 Opened Up

    Like I did years ago with the original UMC (that was potted), here is the GEN2 unit opened up. This one failed at the relay connection.
  13. Q

    buying a test drive vehicle with no tow package

    1) Is there any downside to buying a test drive vehicle with 2,000 miles? 2) test drive vehicle built 9/17 after the Tow package standard (7/17), but doesnt have it. How hard is it to convince OA that it should be included. 3) between ultra white and cream seats, which one is better with kids...