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  1. G


    Taken off my 2015 P90DL and sitting at the authorized installer shop (Supreme Performance / Tesla Studio) in Richmond, BC. Works perfectly, just wasn’t for me. Original owner loved it but I’m the strong silent type. Can ship anywhere in US or Canada. First to $2K takes it...
  2. O

    Portable Generator Recommendations for Road Trip from California to Alaska

    Hi All, I know there have been a few folks who've made the trip from the lower 48 to Alaska, so I'm looking for some advice. Based on my research, the folks who did it previously relied on RV sites or welding shops to charge their car, but I was thinking something different. I was thinking of...
  3. willow_hiller

    3D Modeled Energy Assets Found in Latest Firmware

    Interesting find from @verygreen on Twitter of 3D modeled and animated Tesla energy assets (generator, solar panels, powerwall, gateway): https://twitter.com/greentheonly/status/1359226078808670212 I don't know what these models could possibly be for. Green says: But the gateway doesn't have...
  4. B

    Will Tesla build a clean gas generator specifically designed for the cybertruck?

    I am interested in the cyber truck. However, I hunt in remote parts of Oregon. No charging stations, nor any electric grid within 150miles of the area. If you spent a week or two in the woods that cyber truck would become a paper weight. I currently use a diesel truck and I carry 30 gallons of...
  5. I

    Powerwall on a boat??

    I am looking forward immensely to my upcoming retirement, not least because I intend to spend large chunks of the year exploring Europe on a boat - exactly which boat is yet to be determined, but it is going to be a flybridge cruiser in the 50-foot range. We will spend a few weeks on it at a...
  6. rgedad

    Charging via Back-up Generator

    I have a 2018 Model X. I am in the process of upgrading my house to add a back-up generator. I live in the hot state of Texas and am looking to get a 20KW unit so I can run both of my power hungry AC units in the middle of Texas summer. On the worst days in July/August I am pulling about 9KW...
  7. A

    Vendor Inquiry for Gigafactory (industrial motor)

    My team has reinvented and developed a new form of electric motor that will be a 10X increase in the efficiency of the typical industrial motors which we'd love to engage with the Tesla's Gigafactory team about*. Does anyone have a contact or can direct me to the appropriate protocol to get it...
  8. S

    Converting to Powerwall 2 off grid

    Just signed up for 4 of the new Powerwall 2. A lot I don't know, but appears not a lot of published info available so hopefully signing up will lead to an informed decision. Would really like to learn how to integrate these batteries. Currently live totally off grid on the Big Island of Hawaii...
  9. jwwilsonmd

    DIY Tent Air Conditioning

    I just got back from Symbiosis Gathering, a music festival in the middle of hot California. We danced until late in the night and slept in until well after sunrise. If you've ever done this, you know how hot your tent can get once the sun comes up, even in shade. Well, problem solved with the...
  10. S

    HPWC + generator load shed

    Hi forum- I'm in the process of getting an HPWC installed, and I would like to feed it with 100A (as I have a 72A charger in my X). I also have a 20kW Generac whole-house generator with an automatic transfer switch. My electrician is looking at some options for how to do the install. I've...