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  1. L

    Living with a Tesla in Geneva?

    Hi, A friend of mine who is a car nut is moving to Geneva shortly (work relocation) and has made the decision to sell his Porsche 911 and try a Tesla. He'll probably wait for a Model X. As someone who has owned a few electric cars and who has a Model 3 on reserve, he's asked if I could give him...
  2. hobbes

    Model X at Geneva Auto Show

    Ready for a flash of Italian?! Sounds enthusiastic to me though I don´t understand much. Anyone fluent in Italian care to translate ;)?
  3. felixtb

    It's official!: Model X at the Geneva auto show.

    Just got this in the mail. Had been suspecting it but you can never be sure before you have an official announcement I guess...... (Mini will not be there this year, rather they are doing a separate thing at their local dealer during the same period.)
  4. S

    Model X European premiere @86th Geneva International Motor Show 2016?

    a tesla official told me Model X will be presented at Geneva International Motor Show 2016. Could this be the European premiere? Will Björn Nyland get his car then? other rumors or speculations?
  5. ev-enthusiast

    Tesla Motors at Geneva Motor Show 2015

    Tesla is preparing for this year's International Auto Show at Geneva (twitter, web) in Switzerland (March 5.-15.). Tesla will be in Hall 4 at Stand 4242 (plan). A skateboard of Model S is currently transported to Geneva (twitter link). Does anybody know if there's a press conference this year...
  6. G

    Tesla Motors, Elon Musk speech in Geneva motor show

    I apologize if this has already been posted. I searched the video forms but couldn’t find this version (Only short 3 min clips). It seems I have seen some of it before but not the entire thing. So anyway… Hope some haven’t seen it and enjoy watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpS6yFS7pos
  7. ecarfan

    NYT article on the Geneva Motor Show and EVs

    At http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/08/automobiles/automakers-talk-optimistically-about-electric-cars-in-geneva.html?action=click&contentCollection=Business%20Day&region=Footer&module=Recommendation&src=recg&pgtype=article I was disappointed to see this statement: "BMW is marketing the car only...
  8. A

    Model X at Geneva Motor Show?

    This is supposed to be the next show the Model X is at correct? Wonder if they'll give us any details over the next week or so.
  9. Mario Kadastik

    Tesla @ Geneva motorshow

    Just got an e-mail from Tesla: [/FONT][/COLOR] The show runs 6-16.03.2014. It'll also be the event where the European Car of the Year will be announced and Model S is one of the 7 finalists.
  10. dmetcalf

    Rinspeed's living room Model S interior to show at Geneva-sneak peek- Engadget

    Rinspeed imagines the Tesla Model S as a self-driving 'living room on wheels' Check out Rinspeed's futurist design. Might seem funny, but with AC, WiFi and plenty of room, I find myself using my Model S as a living room and office more often than I ever thought.
  11. Y

    Geneva Model S

    Hi all! i was in Geneva Auto Salon yesterday. The Tesla stand was full of interested visitors. There were a grey and a red Model S, and a white Model X. Model X was just "only look and not sit in" but Model S was fully available. It was the first time i seen a Model S in real, and i must say...
  12. Y

    Elon Musk at Geneva Motor Show 2013

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors at Geneva Motor Show 2013 - YouTube Euroopean deliveries starting July!!
  13. dpeilow

    Tesla at Geneva Auto Show 2013

    I think there might be an Xtra reason to come to Geneva this year...
  14. R

    Where to charge on the way Geneva-Aymaville-Torino

    Hello! Do somebody know, where to charge Tesla Roadster on the way Geneva-Aymaville-Torino on June 9.th. Thanks. Raivo E. Tamm Talinn, Estonia mob.+3725063006
  15. TRON

    Geneva motor show invasion

  16. TEG

    Story on electric car subsidies from Geneva auto show

    Hype Over Electric Cars Subsides at Geneva Auto Show - NYTimes.com
  17. Adm

    Today: Press conference from Geneva Auto Show 12:45 pm CET

    I wonder if they will announce the European price of Model S. Ow, and how about 3-fase charging!
  18. T

    Tesla Switzerland - 1st Owner Meeting in Geneva on Thursday, 9th of February

    Dear Tesla Driver, We also want to use this forum to invite Tesla Roadster owners to this first Tesla Owners Meeting in Geneva. With the recent addition of Tesla Geneva in Switzerland, we are now pleased to invite you to the first Tesla owners meeting in west Switzerland in 2012! Join us...
  19. K

    Geneva Motor Show - Zurich to Geneva on Friday, 9th of March 2012

    I'm planning to drive from the UK to Zurich early in March to join the Tesla Zurich to Geneva drive on Friday, 9th of March (followed by the Model S tour at the Geneva Motor Show). Any thoughts on potential routes from the UK to Zurich? Any recommended hotels, etc?
  20. TEG

    Geneva 2010: Valmet EVA

    Geneva 2010: Valmet presents their all-electric Eva concept — Autoblog Green
  21. C

    Geneva 2010 by CroDriver

    The car for the journey : Rain in Zagreb: Snow in Munich... Next morning to Nürnberg to the Embedded world (geek expo :biggrin:). You can always find interesting cars on the Autobahn Probably the new X3 Some stuff from the Embedded world...
  22. TEG

    Arnold does Geneva

    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger drops into the Geneva Car Show
  23. dpeilow

    Tesla at Geneva Show

    Video: Tesla Roadster test-drive - Crave at CNET UK New blue and orange VPs?
  24. dpeilow

    Geneva preview: first MCE 5 VCRi engine application on display

    This is quite interesting. A possible small range extender? Geneva preview: first MCE 5 VCRi engine application on display - AutoblogGreen
  25. F

    TM event in Geneva January 28th-31th

    Tesla motors is staying officially in switzerland for the first time! :biggrin: I'll glad to be there on saturday 31th, I tried to contact s.rochefort for more information, waiting for an answer. Does somebody know if it is open for test ride or drive only for customers or also for fans? Tesla...