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  1. navt

    How Tesla Builds Its Factories So Quickly

    If you are a bit of an engineering geek like me, you might enjoy this.
  2. D

    Factory tours? VIP?

    Are there different levels of tours? Just pruchased My model 3 and want to tour the facotry how do I go about setting that up and is there really a VIP tour available?
  3. mspohr

    Gigafactory 3

    Shanghai Government Opens Arms To Tesla | CleanTechnica Looks like China is fully on board with Gigafactory 3. Local government active support and banks ready to finance. Interesting that the site is one of China's ghost cities which is already built and just needs people and jobs which Tesla...
  4. jhm

    The Next Gigafactory

    Let's devote this thread to discussing the Next Gigafactory. Where will it be? What will it produce? How much will it produce? What national markets will it serve? What parties are involve? How will it be financed? What will be impact on local economy in jobs created and impact on other...
  5. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    We welcome with open clear skies and calm waters the return of SpaceX Dragon. The spacecraft expected to reenter earth's atmosphere five hours after detaching from the International Space Station around 8:23AM EST. Anticipated splashdown off the coast of California somewhere south southwest of...
  6. ZachShahan

    Tesla Model Y, Tesla Transit, & Tesla Gigafactories -- More Info

    Fun news, and in the broader context of previous statements and speculation: Tesla Model Y, Tesla Transit, & Tesla Gigafactories — More Info It's hard to imagine being more excited about a car than many of us are about the Tesla Model 3, but I think the Tesla Model Y will be an even bigger...