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  1. Madeindex.org

    Q & A - Gigafactory Berlin Grünheide - Protests & Expansion Construction

    I have recently written an article about the expansion and protests at the Gigafactory 4 - Berlin Brandenburg. It was also published by Cleantechnica today. The background: The area was close, i decided to go there to check out what the fuzz in the news is all about and to form my own opinion...
  2. V

    Access to US Tesla plants for (outside) visits in May 2022

    Hi guys, I hope this is not too off-topic here. I know we still can't visit factories yet, but I will be in Spark (Reno), Fremont and Boulder (Townsite Solar) for work in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if the Tesla sites were easily accessible to drive to for a quick look around (NO drone...
  3. T

    What is under construction at each factory?

    I am curious do we have through understanding about what is being constructed at each factory? If a thread already exists for this then please point it out to me, My understanding is as follows: Berlin General purpose facilities Paint Shop Battery production facility Stamping facility Model Y...
  4. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Releases New Video on Battery Manufacturing

    Tesla has released a new video that teases its battery manufacturing efforts in an effort to recruit talent to its cell team. The video shows mesmerizing shots of Tesla’s battery cells moving through the production process. The music of Don Hinton’s 1960 tune “Honey Bee” accompanies the...
  5. TSemi

    Rumor: New Tesla Semi test units being built at Gigafactory Nevada

    Rumor: New Tesla Semi test units being built at Gigafactory Nevada Recent rumors from the electric vehicle community have suggested that four new Tesla Semi units are being built at Gigafactory Nevada. The vehicles, which are reportedly equipped with 2170 “L” battery cells, would be utilized...
  6. TMC Staff

    Blog Panasonic Invests $100M to Boost Tesla Gigafactory Production

    Tesla’s battery production efforts have received a $100 million investment from Panasonic, according to a report from Nikkei, a a news outlet based in Japan. Proceeds will be used to expand Tesla’s Gigafactory located in Sparks, Nevada. The report said Panasonic will add another line...
  7. TMC Staff

    Blog Musk Talks Up Tesla’s Big Hiring Spree

    Tesla’s hiring spree could bring headcount to 65,000 by the end of the year, Chief Executive Elon Musk told Automotive News.  Musk discusses “the whole trajectory of Tesla from basically nothing…from five employees in 2014 to 60,000-plus in 2020.” The increase would represent a 35%...
  8. TMC Staff

    Blog Panasonic Plans to Bump Battery Density by 20% in 5 Years

    Panasonic’s new “2170” lithium-ion battery cells will improve energy density by 20% over the next five years, the company said Thursday.  The “2170” lithium-ion cells were first used in Tesla’s Model 3 in 2017. The battery already has the highest density, but the latest development should...
  9. TMC Staff

    Blog Impressed With Community Support, Musk Says He Will Visit Tulsa

    Tulsa has Elon Musk’s attention. The website tulsasaysyes.com enabled users to send a message aimed at the Tesla CEO on Twitter, encouraging him to build the automaker’s next factory in Tulsa. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt shared a tweet encouraging Oklahomans to help make “one final push.”...
  10. TMC Staff

    Blog Austin Offers Incentive Deal to Tesla for Cybertruck Factory

    A $68 million incentive deal may be offered to lure Tesla to build its next factory in Texas. The Austin American Statesmen reported that the Del Valle school district southeast of Austin is considering the incentive package for the electric automaker in an effort to bring thousands of jobs...
  11. TMC Staff

    Tesla Reportedly Building UK Plant Which May Or May Not Be A Gigafactory

    It could just be a research and development facility that could also produce battery packs. Have a grain of salt close to hand, because we’ve just caught wind that Tesla might be opening a new facility in Europe, after the one it’s currently building close to Berlin, in Germany. This one could...
  12. TMC Staff

    Report: Tesla Considering Austin, Tulsa for Next U.S. Factory

    Texas and Oklahoma are two finalists for Tesla’s next U.S. factory, CNBC reported, citing a source intimately familiar with the site search. The report said Tesla representatives visited two locations in Tulsa that may be a good fit for the fifth Gigafactory. Austin has been the favorite for...
  13. TMC Staff

    Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Factory Will Be In Texas: Morgan Stanley Analyst

    And he also gives six reasons why. If anyone has a hunch that Texas may be the state Tesla chooses for its Cybertruck factory, you’ll probably take that as just another opinion. What if a Morgan Stanley analyst says so? Adam Jonas works there, and he stated on May 4 that there are six...
  14. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla’s Next U.S. Factory Location Could Be Announced Next Month

    Tesla offered a few updates on plans to increase factory count during it’s Q1 earnings call. Chief Executive Elon Musk said an announcement on the location of Tesla’s next factory in the U.S. could come as soon as next month, but likely within three months. And there will be more factory...
  15. MichaelP90DL

    Tesla to build Cybertruck in Texas.

    Per Bloomberg. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?
  16. TMC Staff

    Tesla Gigafactory 1 To Reopen May 4th

    A big step back to normalcy According to reports from ABC NewsNow KOLO8, Tesla is poised to reopen Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada, on Monday, May 4th. We reported in late March that Panasonic was suspending battery production at the facility due to COVID-19 shut down precautions. Panasonic’s...
  17. TMC Staff

    Blog Watch the Model 3 Assembly Line in Action at Giga Shanghai

    A new video of Giga Shanghai gives us the best look yet at an assembly process that leverages hundreds of robots to build the Model 3. The video shows images from the entire process – from the body panels being stamped and welded, to interior installation, to paint. It’s incredible to see the...
  18. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Teams Take a Hit as Production Slows

    Tesla’s production efforts have slowed due to the coronavirus outbreak, reportedly causing the company to furlough workers and reduce the workforce at its Nevada plant by about 75%. Business Insider reported that sluggish sales forced Tesla to temporarily lay off some workers in Norway. ...
  19. TMC Staff

    Tesla: Giga New York Built 4 MW Of Solar Roof Last Week

    Tesla hints at the capability to produce enough Solar Roof tiles for up to 1,000 homes per week. Tesla boasted yesterday that its Giga New York plant (also known as Gigafactory 2) built 4 MW of Solar Roof tiles last week. We assume that it’s the total volume, produced at the plant in Buffalo...
  20. TMC Staff

    Musk Asks About A Texas Gigafactory: Is It For You, Cybertruck?

    The innovative electric pickup truck would be the perfect fit for the new plant. No company would leave the decision to open a factory to a Twitter poll. Anyway, Elon Musk decided to give his Twitter followers that feeling when he started one about a possible Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. You can...
  21. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Factories Get New Naming System

    Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said the company has a new naming system for its factories. No longer a Gigafactory, just a Giga.  Musk said on Twitter the factory names will reference the area it’s located rather than a number – Giga Shanghai instead of Gigafactory 3, for example...
  22. TMC Staff

    Tesla Still Trying to Decide Where It Will Build Model Y

    Tesla has said its newly-launched Model Y will start being delivered in “Fall 2020,” but the automaker has yet to decide where the all-electric crossover SUV will be built. Speaking on Tesla’s Q1 2019 earnings call, Chief Executive Elon Musk said the company is still trying to make a “close...
  23. TMC Staff

    Tesla China Gigafactory Video Update

    Foundational work is fast and furious. The building of the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai continues at a rapid pace. At the official groundbreaking of the factory, where the automaker will produce the Model 3 and Model Y for China and other far east markets, the large plot of land was a flat...
  24. TMC Staff

    New Flyover At Tesla Gigafactory 3 In China Reveals Progress: Video

    Tesla is making clear progress on its Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai. Not long ago, articles were surfacing on the internet suggesting that Tesla had called it quits on its Gigafactory 3 in China. Images showed a lack of progress for a short time in December. Much like the aerial shots of Tesla...
  25. TMC Staff

    Construction at Tesla’s China Factory to Begin Soon

    Tesla could start producing cars in China as soon as the second half of next year, the Shanghai government said Wednesday. An official WeChat post from the government said that land work has been completed and construction is about to begin. Tesla is looking to increase production, while...
  26. j0hn

    Gigafactory 3 developments

    Hi ! Saw some discussion about the upcoming GF 3 in shanghai in the market action thread. Did some additional digging but i do not wan't to clog that thread with this info. Also i think it would be nice to have a single thread so it is easier to see what the latest developments are without...
  27. mspohr

    Germany's car industry can't build its own batteries

    Germany’s car industry can’t build its own battery cells The sad history of German failure to make batteries. "Cells can be a major technology differentiator and cells are the by far most costly part of the battery pack,” he told The Verge. In his view, a large scale production of battery...
  28. TMC Staff

    Musk Says Germany is ‘Leading Choice’ for European Factory

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier this month that the company hopes to make an announcement this year about a new factory in Europe. He said this week on Twitter that Germany is currently the “leading choice” for the European factory. Musk has said the company has plans for several new...
  29. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Shareholder Meeting: Musk Remains Chairman, Promises a $35K Model 3 By End of Year

    Tesla shareholders voted Tuesday to keep Elon Musk in the position of chairman following a proposal to boot him from the board of directors. “I’ve had the most excruciating, hellish months I’ve ever had. And a lot of other people at Tesla,” Musk told shareholders attending their annual...
  30. Filipv

    Gigafactory tickets

    Hi everybody, I have received the Gigafactory tour referral for 4 persons, but the factory isn't exactly in my neighbourhood (Belgium). Is here anybody who wants to exchange his referral (wall connector, mini-tesla,...) with mine? Best regards, Filip
  31. domenick

    Semi takes its first business trip

    Elon Musk just sent out a shot on Instagram of a pair of Tesla Semis ready to hit the road, from the Gigafactory to the Fremont factory. It's happening! Tesla Semi by domenick posted Mar 7, 2018 at 3:26 PM
  32. Brando

    Argonne National Labs - sadly government waste at it's best

    Well, perhaps others know of useful things this Lab has done. I don't mean just for defense contractors, but for the rest of us. Anyway, thought you'd enjoy listening. He even owns a Model S, but seem not to know much about Tesla. So far he has spent $120 million on battery research (I'm...
  33. Brentt

    Does the Model 3 come fully charged on delivery?

    Or is it like an ICE dealership where they give you just enough gas to make it to the nearest station? Which brings up another question, are the battery packs charged at the delivery center, or the gigafactory?
  34. T

    New Incoming Gigafactory Workers Looking for Relocation Help From Current Employees

    The employment deficit at the gigafactory is partly due to the inability of out of town workers to establish a dwelling in the Gigafactory. If you are a current employee looking for a roommate or offering a couch, or a new employee looking to for a place near the factory, this thread is for you.
  35. N

    Tesla Mobile Home Research

    So I want to live in a Tesla. Compiled research checklist of what I got so far, for the advantages of this. Was looking into Tesla Model S with lease. In which I would get employee discount on lease, (I work for Tesla) but since I'm going to be driving a lot, lease isn't really an option for...
  36. ValueAnalyst

    Model 3 Production Rate Poll

    What will be the weekly Model 3 production rate at end-17? Please feel free to present your argument after you vote as an informed discussion benefits us all. For reference, the following graph represents the original management guidance, but the 5,000 weekly rate was recently pushed back to...
  37. kiwiguy

    Article: Tesla's Dangerous Sprint Into the Future

    Tesla’s Dangerous Sprint Into the Future Didn't see this already posted.
  38. Tesl@ Bargain

    Anyone wants to join us on our Gigafactory Tour on November 14?

    We can bring 3 additional guests. If you are interested, let me know how you think you can sweeten our short stay in the United States. :)
  39. TMC Staff

    Blog Panasonic CEO Says Model 3 Bottleneck Identified, Gigafactory Production to Increase

    Panasonic CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga confirmed Tuesday that Tesla’s current production bottleneck has been identified and the Gigafactory will increase efforts, according to Reuters. The report said: “Panasonic Corp Chief Executive Kazuhiro Tsuga said on Tuesday that output could soon be increased...
  40. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    If you're a happy and you know it Tesla car owner you're probably shaking your head over this week's heightened media stories about the electric car company. Whereas investors are either scouting some legal office or steady trying to wrap their minds and money around Tesla's core values. Namely...
  41. A

    Vendor Inquiry for Gigafactory (industrial motor)

    My team has reinvented and developed a new form of electric motor that will be a 10X increase in the efficiency of the typical industrial motors which we'd love to engage with the Tesla's Gigafactory team about*. Does anyone have a contact or can direct me to the appropriate protocol to get it...
  42. TMC Staff

    Blog New Drone Footage of Tesla’s Gigafactory

    [vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPsH4AY_NKU” video_title=”1″]Drone footage taken last week by YouTube user California Phantom shows off a busy scene at the 3,000-acre site. The factory, located in Sparks, Nevada, produces the battery cells for Tesla’s electric vehicles and...
  43. A

    The ecological challenges of Tesla’s Gigafactory and the Model 3

    I sat down and tried to calculate the ecological costs of the Gigafactory and the Model 3. I found a number of problems with assuming that long range EVs are always better for the environment. Please read my blog post about it: The ecological challenges of Tesla’s Gigafactory and the Model 3...
  44. emchen

    Gigafactory Ecosystem

    What are the industrial needs of a Gigafactory, in particular, industrial facilities located near a Gigafactory?
  45. JeffK

    Model 3 Battery Cell Production

    Tesla is starting Model 3 battery cell production at Gigafactory 1 ‘right now’ This is some great news and hopefully means they are still on track. This also confirms that up until now they've still been producing only cells for Tesla Energy products up to this point. There was previously...
  46. E

    Can Elon Musk Get SolarCity’s Gigafactory Back On Track?

    Can Elon Musk Get SolarCity’s Gigafactory Back On Track?
  47. S

    Impossible Engineering episode on the GigaFactory 5/25/17

    Science channel will show a new episode of Impossible Engineering on 5/25/17 (9 PM Eastern, but check your local listings) on the GIgafactory for those interested. Hope this is in the correct section and not a repost.
  48. Fiver

    Stopped by the Gigafactory today...

    Obviously wasn't allowed in (and didn't expect to get in). I was driving from Truckee back to Utah, and figured I should at least try and swing by to see what I could see. Obviously not too much, but I could tell (from the gate house at least) that the northern most end of the factory is now...
  49. Veritas1980

    Non-Tesla Gigafactory in Sweden

    So it looks like we are getting on the EV world map here in Sweden as well. Former Tesla executives plan their own Gigafactory in Sweden to bring battery cost down below $100/kwh Question is if there is a viable business for just producing the batteries for other manufacturers, but I would...
  50. doctoxics


    A while back I started a thread titled Gigafactory2, thinking the next Gigafactory would be in Europe. We learned today that Gigafactory2 is now to be the solar product factory in Buffalo, New York. So now Gigafactory3 might be for Europe and will need its own thread which begins here.