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glass crack

  1. indosponger

    Sub Par Service Experience @ Tesla Renton (Seattle)

    Service completed under warranty, however process was underwhelming. We noticed a glass crack last week, scheduled a service appointment, had the work completed (but then were given a new “issue”). On top of all this, they fell behind with scheduling and we missed our travel window before a...
  2. I

    2022 Model S Rear Glass Defects

    Has anyone else had this happen to their S? Suddenly noticed shattered glass at the very top of the rear hatch. As per the photo the epicenter of the shatter is on the edge yet the adjacent glass roof is completely unmarked. This would suggest a material defect. And this only 3 months...
  3. Z

    Where do you think this crack came from?

    Hey folks, This morning I went to do some quick chores and noticed that the glass in the rear view mirror has odd reflections starting from the base of the glass (at least from what I saw from inside). When I parked though I noticed some cracks in a sun pattern. I took a picture of it but do...
  4. S

    Rear glass cracked is tint a possible cause?

    I noticed my rear glass cracked months after I had my M3 tinted. I am certain it was not an accident from the tint shop since I inspected their job right after the tint was placed. Is this normal? I am getting my car serviced, should I remove the tint before going in so they won't blame it on that?
  5. W

    Falcon wing door buckled on glass roof

    Has anybody had the falcon wings doors open up together and pinch the center piece? I purchased the car two days ago and yesterday I went to open up the doors to show off and the doors both opened at the same time I heard a cracking didn't think anything of it walked over to the door and noticed...
  6. A

    Glass Roof Cracks

    Today I seem to join many Model 3 owners who have suddenly noticed a large crack in the glass roof without any sign of impact. My car is only 3 months old, and not seeing a sign of impact or hearing any noise whatsoever, I can only assume a manufacturer defect / stress crack, etc. As such, I...
  7. Cdis94

    Fixing Rock Chips in Glass Roof!

    I want to start this thread letting everyone know that if you try to get your glass roof *Or any panel for that matter* sealed and fixed up it carries the risk of the glass cracking completely and Safelite CAN NOT replace any glass since they can't order it from Tesla to stock up on. Alright so...
  8. F

    Model X Falcon Wing Door crashed into a beam in my garage

    Hi Everyone, I've seen a couple of posts about the same issue but I couldn't really get the answers I was looking reading them. Yesterday, after parking my 1 week old Model X in my garage, the sensor on the Falcon Wing Door failed to notice a beam and slammed the door into it. Sadly one of the...
  9. V

    3 weeks in, already got chip in center windshield

    A couple weeks ago, I was driving on freeway with no one near me, and I suddenly start to hear what sort of sounds like micro gravel pelting my windshield or even as if there were cracks appearing all over the windshield. I can’t see anything hitting it, nothings actually cracking, and again no...