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glass roof

  1. T

    Roof Sun Shade - recommendations?

    Got a price quote to tint the roof for $600 with Lluminar film that had 86% heat rejection (whatever that really means). I thought not a bad price but then he said they have to take down the headliner to get the film over to the edge of the glass roof. Not sure I’m comfortable with tint guys...
  2. W

    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    I did some googling and looking through this forum and didn’t find anything directly addressing this. People with frequent rear passengers, especially kids in car seats, is the glass roof an issue from the perspective of Sun in their eyes / face? I just can’t see how this wouldn’t be a...
  3. D

    Roof Glass Trim Material

    Does anyone know where to buy the grass roof trim edge material? Mine is damaged slightly and I wanna apply whatever OEM material used. Any advise is highly appreciated Thanks in advance

    Removing factory tint on glass roof

    I was wondering if possible to have any/all the original factory tinting from the glass roof so I can buy the sun shades so on a nice day just open up the shades and basically have wa convertible without the wind in my (almost now non-existent) hair. Has anyone tried/succeeded this or if it’s...
  5. T

    Christmas Tree and your Model 3 😉

    We were nervous about it but no problems here. The glass roof can take up to 20k pounds of force before cracking 😳 Fraser Fir about 8ft!
  6. ZapCarM3

    A New Idea for Glass Roof Tint

    If you're here, maybe you've already gotten familiar with the other conversations about this topic. I'll spare you those and what they covered and assume you're mostly up to speed and hopefully you'll give me the same credit as well. My idea is to have tint installed OUTSIDE of the glass...
  7. S

    Rear glass cracked is tint a possible cause?

    I noticed my rear glass cracked months after I had my M3 tinted. I am certain it was not an accident from the tint shop since I inspected their job right after the tint was placed. Is this normal? I am getting my car serviced, should I remove the tint before going in so they won't blame it on that?
  8. ehacke

    Deciding on rear window tint with/without forward roof tint. Any pics/opinions?

    Getting tinted tomorrow, so probably too late for this, but any pics looking up from the inside where the rear glass is tinted but the forward roof is not? My worry is that it'll look weird that the forward roof is lighter than the rear. So I was considering just skipping the rear entirely and...
  9. E

    Top Tips

    Hi all! I am picking up my Model 3 tomorrow, and am hoping I can get some advice on the top things to do early on after purchasing. If anyone has any "I wish I'd been told..." kind of thing, I'd love to hear it! Some things I am considering: 1. I live in Vancouver, a city where a lot of salt...
  10. O

    Repair back glass edge chip

    I have a chip in the back glass of my Model 3 on the edge. I am looking for any experience with repairing the edge chip without replacing the entire back glass. My M3 LR AWD is from Nov 2018, and has the glass that reflects multicolor beads when wet - and do not want to replace with glass that...
  11. NCeaic

    Model Y crack in the glass roof

    I have picked up my Model Y in March and it has been sitting around with very little driving due to COVID <350mi. I have had some minor repairs and adjustment after pick up but overall super happy with the car. Last weekend I have noticed a big crack that I have in the glass roof. Now there...
  12. CertLive

    Warped glass is getting worse and spreading.

    This model 3 is the car that keeps on giving! So got out of the car this afternoon to see multiple areas of the glass warping / showing more flat spots. They also look out of alignment and are easy to push down on the outside with my fingers like seated on a soft pad. So does this mean I now...
  13. A

    Glass Roof Cracks

    Today I seem to join many Model 3 owners who have suddenly noticed a large crack in the glass roof without any sign of impact. My car is only 3 months old, and not seeing a sign of impact or hearing any noise whatsoever, I can only assume a manufacturer defect / stress crack, etc. As such, I...
  14. Bryan L

    Glass roof- Ceramic tint or Sun Shade?

    I am trying to decide if I should purchase the roof sun shade that Tesla makes or just have my tint guy ceramic tint it. The tint may look better but I am also afraid of getting the headliner wet since they use a lot of water in the install. Has anyone done the ceramic tint and are you happy...
  15. Tony_YYZ

    Model S All Glass Roof Rack now available for purchase

    Here is the link to the Canadian store. Previously you needed the Panoramic roof to use a roof rack. Now those with the all glass roof on their S can get one too. Model S Roof Rack - Glass Roof
  16. S

    Model X Left Roof Glass

    Hello All, I am looking for driver side roof glass for a 2017 Model X exactly like this. If you have this spare part for sale please contact me and I will purchase immediately.
  17. Cdis94

    Fixing Rock Chips in Glass Roof!

    I want to start this thread letting everyone know that if you try to get your glass roof *Or any panel for that matter* sealed and fixed up it carries the risk of the glass cracking completely and Safelite CAN NOT replace any glass since they can't order it from Tesla to stock up on. Alright so...
  18. F

    Roof color

    I recently had the glass roof in my Model 3 replaced. I have lately been noticing that the roof rarely looks black when looking at the car from the outside. The roof is not wet and it isn’t quite the full orange look that it has when it is wet. It just looks like it has a light orange or...
  19. S

    Squares on Model 3 Glass Roof?

    Had a rainy day yesterday and I noticed the raindrops on certain parts of the roof looked different than others. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that I have 6 squares of "different" raindrops on the roof that are in a symmetrical shape and can't be washed out. I've already tried wiping it...
  20. S

    Ceramic Pro on windows or not?

    We will be taking our Model 3 in for PPF in the next few weeks and plan to have Ceramic Pro applied to the Xpel on the body. We were asked about applying it to the windows/glass and not sure what to think. I can see adding it to the Xpel so that items like bird droppings don't etch it but not...
  21. E

    8 inch hairline crack in glass roof

    My toddler noticed this in my Model 3 while driving today. The car has been a 100% garaged while at home and it is parked in a covered parking structure while at work. I remember reading stories of some early Model 3's developing stress-cracks, but more isolated than widespread as far as I can...
  22. RedModel3

    Glass roof UV coating and liquid protectants?

    I'm not going to wrap my red 3, but I want to use one of the various wipe-on sealants to help protect the paint. I know the glass roof is supposed to have some sort of UV coating, so my question is if these wipe-on sealants are OK to use on the glass, or will they harm the factory UV coating?
  23. S

    Roof screen should be opaque.

    As we get into the hot part of the year, people are going to start seeing the effects of heat and a glass roof. I'm thinking of buying the roof screen, but it just seems so stupid that even that screen isn't totally opaque. It's semi transparent. So you're paying for an additional semi...
  24. S

    Anyone else has a Chip on front edge of glass roof?

    noticed today and pretty sure it's brand new. Vin 101xx. I've heard about glass roof cracks due to stress but didn't see any references to chips. Anyone else had this and resolved it with SC? What happened? Any help is appreciated.
  25. G

    Model 3 glass roof failing - do others have this issue ?

    I have a Model 3, in the 3000 VIN range, which I purchased in January. Apart from a brake light moisture issue which was fixed in 3 days, until one week ago I was quite happy with the car. That was when I noticed that a foot wide and foot high series of cracks in a shape vaguely like that...
  26. D

    PPF on glass roof?

    My windscreen is taking a beating on the highways from all the rocks and studs flying from passing cars and I'm starting to worry about my glass roof. Sure it isn't as vulnerable as the windscreen but a well placed loose rock might hit it and start a crack. As the glass roof isn't covered by...
  27. Evanmagic

    Anyone NOT have a Sun/Glass roof? And...?

    Hi all, I'm still waiting on my order...should get the car (CPO) any day now...hopefully! Mine does NOT have a sun/glass roof, as I live in Palm Springs where I fight glass roofs most of the year. But, curious how you all feel about NOT having a sun/glass roof in this car, if you don't. Does...
  28. P

    Photoshop Help with Production Model 3 with the Metal Roof?!?

    Due to the pricing structure of the Model 3, I now need to consider a Model 3 without the glass roof. However, we don't have that great an idea of what that might look like except for a few early Photoshop attempts. They weren't bad, but now we have real production car pictures and know the...
  29. T

    Installation of BlackVue DR650S-2CH into a 2017 MS w/Glass Roof

    Was looking into getting a Dash Cam for my MS. I see a lot of people go with the BlackVue option however I can not find anyone that has installed this cam system inside a MS with the Glass Roof. Therefore, I'm thinking about just getting the single channel DR650S instead of the 2CH one cause I...