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  1. A

    Video of My Model 3 Getting Broken into. Glass options?

    My 2020 Model 3 was broken into today. Caught the guy on video. Not sure what, if anything, the Sheriff's office will do with this. What a crappy start to the year. Question for everyone. Since I'm replacing my passenger front glass anyways, will the dual glass 2021 version fit? I saw mixed...
  2. N

    Where are the hex screws for MS2014 window glass tilt adjustment

    I have found a number of videos showing how to align/adjust the window glass on a M3. Unfortunately the hex screws they mention do not exist on the 2014 MS. Is is possible to adjust the RH rear glass to eliminate wind whistle? If the hex adjustment screws don't exist on the MS, what other...
  3. BennyMountfort

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    How many of you have accidentally done something stupid to your pride and joy? Would love to see to make me feel better. Today I 'bumped' my laptop on the glass near the boot and because this glass is so stressed I now have to replace the whole panel! Anyway show me yours!! IMG_5869 by...
  4. dwahl

    NASA Special Edition Model X

    Does anyone know what brand of window glass tint was installed on the Space X/NASA custom Model X?
  5. D

    Roof Bars 2020 Model S

    Just taken delivery of my new model S (Long Range) in the UK. I am trying to fit some roof bars, but neither Thule site or Yakima seem to sell bars to fit. Based on the Tesla website, i think i have a glass roof. The Tesla shop only seems to allow dispatch of the bars to the US. So my...
  6. T

    Replacement Right Hand Wing Mirror Glass

    I had the misfortune to clip an oncoming van on a narrow country road causing the 'skull cap' to shatter along with the mirror glass. I was quoted almost £1,000 by the Tesla approved body shop in Bristol UK to replace the whole mirror but since the rest of the unit was perfectly fine I chose the...
  7. B

    FWD Glass Replacement

    So my wife opened one of the FWD into parking garage roof somehow today and broke the glass on one of the doors. Should I have expected the sensors to prevent this somehow? Do I have any argument that it should be covered under warranty as FWD malfunction? Not overly expense at the service...
  8. D

    WARP... but not drive

    The journey into model 3 corks and failures continue. This time it's the rear window. GLASS WARPS WHEN DEFROSTER IS ON AROUND THE LOCATION OF WIRES during negative temps outside. The view gets pretty distorted... doubled/tripled... Wow Tesla, great way to cut corners! No wonder people report...
  9. D

    Atlanta Area glass replacement due to break in

    One month in and it happened... my X got broken into in Christmas Eve at a Costco in broad daylight. Caught him on sentry and sent the footage to my assigned detective hoping they catch him - they were amazed and said the video was “pretty impressive to be honest”. That said, I’m still stuck...
  10. A

    My SF Bay Area Mobile Glass Replacement Experience After A Break-in

    Sadly I was a victim of the rear quarter panel break-in. I was in the Rockridge section of Oakland, which is a nice neighborhood, and got my window smashed with the rear seat released while parked on a major street while having dinner. And it was in front of another restaurant if you can...
  11. NorthEastUk

    Burying our head in the sand?

    Hey I was trying to be a little creative in the title, not very good I know. sorry I own a 2016 Model S, I've raised issues with all my windows having many (15-20) etched in vertical lines. This really annoys me! The first time I raised this as part of another thread (i hijacked) everyone...
  12. GalaxySurfer

    Eugene/springfield Rock Chip Repair

    By far best in the area for rock/chip repair. Eugene/Springfield Oregon Bob Novus 541-953-0723 Arrived on time, process took 30 mins. Covered by progressive insurance, normally a 60$ bill. Highly recommended.
  13. T


    Anyone experience any heavy hail damage on their M3? How did the glass roof hold up?
  14. T

    Roof - Windshield glass surface mismatch?

    I've had my Model 3 LR AWD only 10 days. While washing it this weekend, I noticed a bit of mismatch from windshield to roof glass. It's fine at Driver's side, but a bit pronounced at Passenger side. both images included. Anyone hear of or see something like this? i'm wondering if Tesla...
  15. E

    Tesla Drivers side front door glass

    2014 Model S drivers side front door glass. Please look at PN to make sure it matches your car. Price is $185 plus shipping Eric
  16. C

    My solution for quarter panel break ins

    Like many many Model 3 owners, my car was broken into through the rear quarter panel (and per the glass repair place, it is the "common side"). The glass repair place didn't even have more windows in stock because they are having to replace them all day every day because this has turned into...
  17. D

    Waiting on glass

    My car got broken into over 2 weeks ago and I've been waiting on a rear right window glass for nearly 3 weeks. I've called the 2 vendors that make the glass and they have no part either. This is very frustrating indeed, does anyone here have any other ideas.
  18. T

    Quarter glass. None in stock?

    Why doesn’t Telsa have any driver’s side quarter glass pieces in stock??? I’ve been waiting two weeks now since my glass guy ordered one from Tesla in Fremont. On the very same night that my brand new Model 3 was delivered, it was broken into. Some punk broke throw the driver’s side quarter...
  19. Gwgan

    Windscreen defect or injury?

    Not an asteroid. A mark visible in the sun in the middle of the windscreen. Not palpable on either side, even to the edge of a razor blade. Overall length about 3cm.
  20. phtp

    PPF on Model 3 glass roof

    I tried searching on the forum and Google but came up empty. Maybe it doesn't make sense to do, but have you or came across someone that installed PPF on the roof and rear glass on the Model 3?
  21. ShowCarPerfection

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings by ShowCarPerfection in Anaheim Hills

    Hi everyone! I'm Richard Lin and I've been a forum sponsor here for a long time, but admittedly not very active. We are pretty familiar to a lot of the Tesla owners but I wanted to make a post to introduce myself and my shop again to those of you just receiving your new cars and wondering...
  22. U

    Ceramic pro glass and plastic results / reviews

    Can anyone that has used Ceramic pro seen any problems using it on the plastic and glass? Is there any discoloration in the plastic or glass? How long have you had it since applied? What kind of maintenance do you do? I've seen people use pressure washer in videos. Do you know do that on...
  23. T

    new All Glass Roof, cost to upgrade not that straight forward

    I love the Amazing design of the new all glass roof and approached my DE to upgrade my existing order (no VIN assigned yet) on a MS with old style panoramic sun roof. Guess what, the upgrade is not a simple change off paying the difference between the costs of the two options. My DE was very...
  24. joefee

    Poll: Will you eventually buy Tesla EV, Powerwall and Glass Solar Roof?

    Will you eventually buy Tesla EV, Powerwall and Glass Solar Roof?
  25. Lightning Jeff

    Theft/Vandalism - Broken passenger window

    I work in a high-rise with a parking garage that is regularly patrolled by visible security. Yesterday evening as I left work, I saw several people I knew to be security milling around my car. I thought I was in for some Tesla Time, but then saw the broken glass. My front passenger side window...
  26. Vger

    Alas, new problem: Windshield Stress Fracture. Anyone else?

    While washing the car yesterday, I noticed a significant crack in our new (2+ week-old) windshield. I believe that this is a stress fracture, and hence a manufacturing defect, and not related to a road hazard or other accident. Note that the crack proceeds from the free edge of the glass at its...

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