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glove box

  1. D

    2013 glove box won't open - solved

    hi all, spoiler: this was Tesla Service's fault! I noticed a while back that my glove box wouldn't open, but it was a low priority issue for me. I thought it was going to be a simple fix. In the end it was. Usually I can use google and this forum to diagnose the issue really quickly, but I...
  2. A

    Glove box won’t open, actuator and switch fine.

    Does anyone know if there is a specific fuse and/or relay that powers the glove box in the model x (2016)? Mine stopped working the other day. Some tests I did: 1) set a glove box pin to test if dash button is even working. When pressed, pin entry pops up on screen, so button itself seems to be...
  3. D

    Tesla Service forgot to reconnect Hazard Lights and Glove Box

    Took my MS in for MCU2 upgrade and had connectivity issues. Took it back and service realized they forgot to connect the connectivity board. It now works but hazard lights and glove box do not! Pressing with button results in nothing. I’m guessing service had to unplug these to get to the...
  4. T

    glove box dropping, not slow opening

    I just realized, that probably since my HW3 upgrade (I don't even know how long ago), I think the glove box in my 2019 3LRD has just been dropping like a glove box in a 1978 GM car instead of slow opening like I'm pretty sure it used to do. Anyone know how I could resolve that myself? I'm not...
  5. ShawnA

    LED, Ambient Center Console or LED, Glove Box - Do yours work???

    Hi Roadsters, I was reading the Roadster Parts Manual and I saw the "LED, Ambient Center Console" listed. I can feel it with my hand under the gear selector buttons on the console. I am sure it does not work. The LED in the glove box does not work either... Do yours work? Do you have a better...
  6. Seth2020

    Does your glovebox look like this (M3)

    ok... so does everyone's glovebox look like this, or should I schedule an appointment to fix it? If I schedule a fix, do you think they can do it mobile? (I presume not) 20200401_153625722_iOS by Seth2020 posted Apr 3, 2020 at 9:04 AM
  7. G

    Glove Box

    I have emailed Tesla twice, but have not received a reply. Can you lock the glove box without it being in valet mode?
  8. S

    Mouse infiltrated Model 3

    Last night when I went to grab my charging adapter from the glove box, there was a ball of insulation in the glove box and I swear I saw a little mouse scurry away. Can't see any other damage, but obviously this insulation came from somewhere. Anyone know where this insulation can be from or...
  9. Chewy3

    Glove box keep opening

    My glove box keeps falling open while driving. The first time I thought i had accidentally hit the button, second time I thought I hadn't closed it properly....now it won't stay closed more than a minute while driving. It appears the latches aren't engaging properly Anyone else have this issue...
  10. Tezzie

    Glove Box Inside Measurements

    Anyone know what they are? I can't find it anywhere, and my car is still at the X-Pel Prime PPF place being finished.