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  1. FlyErik

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Wondering what the total cost is for those of us with Model 3s in different states. Thought it'd be an interesting comparison! List your state and total charge for renewing your vehicle license. (If you use acronyms/abbreviations, please explain them for those of us from other states!) Let's...
  2. Brando

    Elon Musk & Dr. Steven Chu ARPA-E (2014)

    Innovation ideas from Tesla/SpaceX/Solar City & Bell Labs, Department of Energy, ARPA-E
  3. P

    Research: Will imposing tax on Tesla cars really improve air pollution?

    Tesla Vehicles do not emit any gaseous pollution on streets because they are battery-powered, unlike other conventional private cars which work on combustion engines. It is interesting to see that despite knowing the severity of the roadside pollution in different traffic-prone areas, the...
  4. R

    National Park Service Survey: Would I pay for cleaner air?

    Did I already know there's a problem? Do I care? And would I pay to fix it? The National Park Service wants to know! And they decided they want my inputs regarding fixing the hazy and dirty air at national parks and wilderness areas. I believe I was picked at random. I'm guessing that this is...
  5. slyastro

    Canada: World-class dunce in electrification of transportation

    When it come to electrification of transportation, if it wasn't for Quebec, Ontario and British Colombia, Canada would be standing last alongside Saudi Arabia and a few other such «modern» countries. Daniel Breton tallies Canada's record on the subject. Not only Canada is dead last within the...
  6. Barryfins

    US government needs a "standard" in EV charging stations

    Someone should write a petition for a standard We the People: Your Voice in Our Government | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government We have a standard for gas connection We have a standard for electrical wall plugs We have a standard for 12v power in cars I can go on and on can some...
  7. D

    Help Me Guide Local Government On Installing Chargers & Creating EV Friendly Policies

    I'm putting out a call for a little bit of help. I'm a Model S owner with a healthy obsession towards EV policy and reading these forums. I have a meeting with the Mayor and City Manager of a nearby suburb in order to assist them in developing plans for an installation of charging stations...