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gps broken

  1. A

    GPS Stuck and No Visuals on Instrument Cluster

    im on an X 2020 with 2020.20.12. first week is ok. on my second week with this update, my GPS is stuck, instrument cluster only shows my car with radar. no more visualizations, stop lights, lane markings, etc. AP works, TACC works... but without visuals... only radar showing the proximity to...
  2. ldgrmnmc

    GPS doesn't recognize "drive to nearby"

    My GPS and autopilot are working fine,,,but in the last couple weeks, when I give a verbal command to "DRIVE TO A whatever NEARBY", it pulls up a list of those places in in Pennsylvania or New Jersey (and I'm in Alabama). Now, if I specifically tell it to "drive to starbucks in Montgomery...
  3. jfischer

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Evening... Out in the backwoods of Vietnam, but just got this from my SC in regards to the GPS units that are in ALL roadsters. It seems the GPS week Rollover is causing an issue with the VDS when you power down the car for service. Its not like they DIDNT know about it. DHS had issued this...
  4. W

    My Tesla model 3 often loses GPS location

    It often happen that my Tesla model 3 loses GPS location: it always show me my parking location even I drove 100 km from it. The autopilot doesn’t work well because this incorrect location. Restarting the software does’t help. The issue is fixed by itself sometimes. Does anybody have this issue?
  5. J

    GPS showing me in the ocean?

    Rather annoying problem today with the GPS showing the car in the ocean. Rebooting doesn't help. Power off doesn't help. Thoughts? Ideas?