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  1. RustedNut

    How do you Store favorites in GPS (Model Y).

    I have tried to store a destination into “Favorites “ in our GPS. I can’t seem to get there. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  2. w1n78

    GPS Marker Stuck, Computer Replacement on 2 week old Model Y

    I just wanted to share the issue we have had with my wife's brand new Model Y. This is our second Tesla. I have a 2020 Model 3 Dual Motor. We've only driven it 800 miles. The GPS marker is stuck at the last location. It will not move. The car works as usual. These are what works. Car is...
  3. L

    GPS Pronunciation

    I have noticed that mispronounced street names by the GPS are occasionally corrected. (Here in Los Angeles, for example, the GPS has learned the correct pronunciation for "Cahuenga" and "Tujunga.") Is there a way for Tesla owners to submit other corrections? An especially egregious...
  4. M

    GPS voice when door opens

    Took my 2020 Model S for annual service. Since then, every time I open one of the front doors, the GPS tells me "your destination is ahead on the left" even though the nav system is not active. I have tried the reset on the two thumb wheels but can not get this to stop. If anyone else has...
  5. S

    How to make the Navigation more accurate

    Hey folks. I love the layout of our navigation, but the accuracy has a lot to be desired. My navigation doesn’t recognize some main roads, particularly when they go under a highway overpass, and makes it nearly impossible for the system to route in the most direct and efficient manner. This...
  6. T

    Model S/X missing Model 3/Y 3D aerial display view

    I Drive a 2018 100D MS with HW3 upgrade and FSD. Until recently I believed that Model S/X Displays the GPS map same as model 3/Y, but a rep at my Tesla Sevice Center confirmed to me that this is not true for the following case: When the GPS map on S/X is set to compass mode, with the top of...
  7. A

    GPS Stuck and No Visuals on Instrument Cluster

    im on an X 2020 with 2020.20.12. first week is ok. on my second week with this update, my GPS is stuck, instrument cluster only shows my car with radar. no more visualizations, stop lights, lane markings, etc. AP works, TACC works... but without visuals... only radar showing the proximity to...
  8. J

    GPS lags after leaving underground car park

    I'm parking in underground car parks quite often (also at home) and since day 1 my Tesla Model 3 has trouble finding the correct GPS position after leaving such a car park. It takes about 2-4 minutes for it to find its location and before that the navigation system doesn't work properly. This...
  9. F

    GPS, autosteer, autopilot, cruise control fail

    I have a 2019 model 3 performance w/FSD, picked up 8/2019. This morning, the GPS location stopped updating and my location/arrow was fixed at my home address. Also, the car was unable to display lanes of the road and surrounding cars. Autosteer, autopilot, and even simple cruise control would...
  10. Wick

    GPS signal slow to activate

    These days when I back out of the garage, I can see that the GPS image of my car on my map does not show any movement. As a result, the mirrors do not automatically unfold and my car appears stationary for the first minute or so of driving. Anyone else noticed this? Is there anyway to encourage...
  11. papapodcasts

    Car location freezes - Model 3

    I’ve been having this issue and it’ll be about a year next month where my car location is frozen on the map. I’ve brought my car in 3 times to be looked at and they’ve said it’s a software problem. Update after update and still my GPS is useless occasionally. I’ve had this problem ever since I...
  12. K

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    A few days ago this message showed up: “Dashcam: USB drive is too slow to save-please use a drive with higher write speed” Then I tried to format the usb stick but it still didn’t work. The worked flawlessly for months until now. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. FlashEV0625

    Navigation glitch

    My gps keep glitching and spinning non stop. It had stoped once I got the update but then 2 weeks later it started again! Anyone having the same issue?
  14. Stanwood Steve

    No GPS Maps without LTE or 3G Signal?

    I contacted Customer Support relative to an issue I had recently when I lost the cellular signal to the car (not all areas in my region are covered by LTE or 3G). I was in an unfamiliar area and found myself driving somewhat blind without any map visible on my screen (neither Google map view or...
  15. HankLloydRight

    GPS Week Number rollover "Y2K" bug

    It's possible that a lot of GPS units and modules might stop working this week. How Does GPS Actually Work and Why Many GPS Devices are About to Stop Working I wonder if Model S/X/3 GPS module has been patched with the 13-bit week number? Will this force everyone to get a V9 firmware...
  16. shauna

    GPS error

    I was driving from Oakland to San Francisco last night and the gps would not taken e over the bay bridge, it took me all the way around into the south bay. Anything thoughts? i did not follow it and eventually when I go into san francisco about 2 miles from my destination it switched to the...
  17. Boourns

    GPS showing wrong location

    I saw a couple other people have had this problem, but I have not seen a solution. Today for about 40 minutes my 3 was showing its location incorrectly. It started just a little off and got worse as I drove, likely because it thought I was driving in a slightly different direction than I was...
  18. fasteddie7

    Slowing down for stop sign visually or GPS?

    So this is new... I've been trying autopilot on roads I don't normally use it on after the latest update. Now I see it drastically slowing down on T Junctions with stop signs. So is this new? I'd have to imagine it recognizes the signs even if it takes no action, but this slowing down might be...
  19. fasteddie7

    Look ma, no lines! Autopilot growing up or glitching out?

    On my commute home yesterday the sky was the perfect shade of grey and the read was just wet enough to reflect it and make road markings seem to disappear from the autopilot camera, yet it continued to navigate curves and the roadway. The display would freak out from time to time, almost looked...
  20. Z

    Rented A Model X - GPS Location Stuck at Tesla HQ

    First time poster here; please let me know if I'm tagging or posting incorrectly for the forums. Today, I rented a Model X for use over the weekend. I've driven one before, as well as a Model 3, and am relatively familiar with the UI (albeit not as much as regular owners, but quite a fanatic...
  21. B

    Suggestions for GPS

    The user-friendly experience of the Tesla GPS is very good. However, based on prior GPS systems, I’m wondering if Tesla already has the capability to do a couple of extras -- for example, to have Tesla remember favorite places. One of these prior systems would allow me to “Mark this...
  22. Craiggow

    GPS Maps updates?

    I was driving my 2015 S around Highway 101 near Broadway, in Burlingame, CA today and noticed that the GPS map does not correspond with the new actual upgraded exit/entrance ramps to the highway. Anyone know how often Tesla updates the GPS/maps?
  23. MarkS22

    Force GPS Location Update?

    I took delivery of my Model 3 today. The navigation seems to think I’m on the other side of the country. It’s not stuck... it moves as I drive, only it thinks I’m in Danville, CA while I’m in NJ. I’ve tried rebooting but that didn’t work. Any tricks or thoughts on how to get the navigation to...
  24. Veritas1980

    Did vector mapping just got released?

    This morning, driving to work, I noticed that the map zoomed in after I left the freeway without me giving any input. Driving home, it did the same. Zooming in when not on the freeway and zooming out when on the freeway without any route planned. I looked closer at the map and it seem quite...
  25. OilSucks

    Would anyone else be interested in an update that allowed the dashboard map to always be on?

    I play a lot of racing games on my PS4 and Xbox and to be competitive and quick it's always a good idea to glance at the track map in the left hand corner to see when the turns are coming up. The thought hit me that this would be perfect for our Tesla's, especially in some of the twist and turn...
  26. Haxster

    8.2 Updates for Model S HW2

    8.1 has only been out a few days and now 8.2 fixes or adds: 1. Wipers have rain sensing 2. Wipers stay in their parked position if turned off when already parked 3. Audio system doesn’t lose playing position within a song or podcast 4. Autopark more reliably recognizes a parking...
  27. NicB72

    GPS problem - my car is alledgedly off the coast of West Africa :)

    So yesterday, about 12hrs about the latest firmware update (17.11.3) my GPS started to play up. The Tesla App says my car is in the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa, The car thinks its about 8-10 miles away from where it is. And when I query the app using the API it gives me lat and long...
  28. T.E.S.L.A

    GPS Timing ETA Wrong

    seem to have a problem with my GPS when navigating. The ETA is always out by at least half an hour, sometimes up to an hour. No traffic affecting the routes, and the navigation directions is spot on. It is just the timing that is waaayy out. Even a short 15 minute trip will show an ETA of...
  29. T.E.S.L.A

    GPS Estimated Arrival Time Very Wrong

    I seem to have a problem with my GPS when navigating. The ETA is always out by at least half an hour, sometimes up to an hour. No traffic affecting the routes, and the navigation directions is spot on. It is just the timing that is waaayy out. Anyone else experiencing this?
  30. J

    Does speeding save time? Speedr - Android app that measures time saved speeding.

    Hey TMC, I just created an account to share an Android app I made that Tesla enthusiasts may be interested in. It's called Speedr, it measures how much time, or how little time, you save by speeding. Not trying to sell anything, it's free and has no ads. Check it out and let me know your...
  31. B

    suspension package on 2016 Model S

    I purchased it, but cannot get it to "remember" locations at which I manually lift the clearance of the car. I have tried multiple times to lift to very high at several steep driveways, both at slow speeds, and with brake on, then proceed to drive over the inclines. Then park. The next trip to...
  32. SSD420

    Navigation initializing ?

    My navigation has been initializing for more than a day now. The gps had no idea where I was yesterday. Earlier today the gps was the just black but now I get this (see pic) and the circle just spins.. Any ideas?
  33. Fiver

    Adding additional hypothetical HPWC at Superchargers....

    Reading about the congestion at some superchargers in California on high travel days got me thinking... Obviously installing HPWC's is far cheaper then supercharger cabinets, but at the same time, the charging is much (much) slower. Tesla has standardized on the single charger that for most is...
  34. ElectricAvenue

    How to force navigation to use a certain highway?

    If I use GPS to go on a long trip but I want to make sure the trip uses a certain highway, how do I force the trip route to use this highway?
  35. Rupe

    Slow GPS Map Rendering

    Anyone else notice how slow the map renders around rush hour, even with 4-5 bars? I've sometimes driven for several miles with no map (satellite or roads only) showing--not even one square patch. I like current data, but I'd settle for a larger map cache with more persistence. Surely there's...
  36. Aussie Yank

    GPS Verbal Command Disruption

    We have noticed a problem of late where the GPS Verbal commands break/stop in the middle of a sentence. It is not a hesitation, but stops verbalizing the command. It does NOT effect the continuation of the GPS routing and the next sequential command is correct and spoken to completion. The...
  37. A

    GPS Issues

    I just took my MS on a 1600 mile trip from the Bay Area up to Seattle and back. One problem I had was that when heading north the GPS refused to route me through the Woodburn supercharger and kept telling me to turn back to Springfield, even though I had over 90% charge there. I had to manually...
  38. Polly Wog

    GPS Location Phone App "Feature"

    I live on Maui, but just finished a long work assignment in Albuquerque, NM, with the good fortune of being able to have my Model S with me. The downside to the entire experience has been the long wait for my car to be shipped back to me, as no rental car comes close to filling the void. My...
  39. Alan Sherman

    HomeLink should have option to open garage/gate without confirmation from driver

    One of the most impressive surprises that we model S owners get when we program our HomeLink to our garage door/gate is that the button pops up when you arrive home. Very cool..it stores the GPS location where you programmed the garage door/gate, and when you approach it, like a concierge, it...
  40. M

    GPS location off sometimes?

    I took delivery of my Model S last Friday. The one weird thing I've noticed so far is that sometimes the GPS location will be off by a bit -- say, between 100 and 500 feet. Usually it's dead on, but when it's off, it appears to just get stuck with some fixed offset from the real location -- just...
  41. vfx

    Roadster GPS

    What do we know about the GPS in the Roadster? Is the Roadster dependent on the GPS that come in the JVC unit? (not likely). Is it located in the P E Module? Since it remembers charge stations does it only go on to record positions at that moment? Or is it always on? Is it always...

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