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  1. B

    19" TST Tesla Wheels - Gray - Used - For sale - Good Condition

    Looking to sell my aftermarket set of 4 TSportline gray turbine wheels. Purchased for ~$1,500 2 years ago. Will provide photos if interested; wanted to get this post up first. Will take best offer.
  2. H

    Selling two (2) Model Ys - 2021 - 5/7 seats

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  3. H

    Selling two Model Ys (5 seat and 7 seat) - 2021

    Selling two vehicles in the Fort Lauderdale area available for immediate delivery - Model Y (both) 2021 Long Range - Charcoal Gray (5 seat) - 4k miles - $71,900 - Red (7 seat) - 6.5k miles - $73,900 - Both black interior - Both black 20" induction wheels Offers welcome Photos attached
  4. J

    For sale: 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range – 131 miles

    Hello and thanks for your interest. Car is mint. Vehicle configuration and photos are attached. No modifications done to vehicle. Per vehicle configuration (attached), total = $64,440.00 Asking $67,500 Located in Washington DC. This is one of two Tesla vehicles which we got for our commute...
  5. F

    WTB: 20” Model 3 Performance OEM Grey Sport Wheels

    Looking for the OEM grey version of the Model 3 Performance Sport wheels that I think were released in 2020. Not looking for the Uberturbine version. I’m located in Seattle - would prefer close by. Must be unmodified (not powder coated) and have no defects.
  6. RNHurt

    2020.48.10 SMS gray on gray text is hard to read

    Is anyone else having trouble reading the gray text on slightly lighter grey background when you get an SMS message? I really like the new conversation format that mirrors most "text" applications (your messages on the right and other's responses on the right). The white text on dark blue text...
  7. jobiggs24

    Color Matched Airbag To Gray Interior

    Took out the airbag today to spray it to match the gray leather interior pieces. Cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Wiped down with 1:1 Purple Power dilution and lightly sanded with 1000 grit sandpaper. Then wiped down with alcohol once more. Sprayed four light coats with 10 minutes in between...
  8. jrc91

    Performance Model 3 gray 20" wheels and tires for sale (brand new)

    I have some Brand new gray 20" wheels and tires that were pulled off my 3p once it was delivered. I will be picking it up on February 21st and traveling from Nashville to Colorado Springs. If anyone is interested I can stop anywhere in between. $2500 for the set.
  9. J

    2020 Model 3 Performance Grey 20" Wheels and Tires

    I am selling my brand new set of 2020 OEM M3 Performance Grey 20" wheels with 181 miles on them. They were taken off of my car just after delivery. These are the new Performance Wheels in the dark charcoal (almost black) color. There is not a scratch or mark on them. They include wheels...
  10. DeedWest

    Late-2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport - Thunder Gray - Heavily Optioned - 6,400 Miles - $72,000

    Hi all. As I have recently acquired the exact dream Roadster I've been searching for, I am selling my other 2011 2.5 Sport. I am OCD about providing a completely transparent history, so I will attempt to outline everything I know about the car below. I apologize in advance for the novel. Heads...
  11. Ostrichsak

    New Take-off 21" Staggered Sonic Gray Turbine Wheels And Tires For Tesla Model S

    Basically brand new set of wheels, tires, OEM Tesla center caps and 2nd generation TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors) from a Tesla Model S. These are as close to brand new as you will find w/o the $6,000 price tag the brand new set would come with from Tesla or the 4-6 week wait. These are...
  12. DeedWest

    2014 Model S 85 - Dolphin Gray - One Owner - 60K Miles - $32,000

    On behalf of a very close friend, I am facilitating the sale of this gorgeous, one-owner 2014 Model S. It has been family-owned, driven locally, and meticulously maintained by both Tesla and myself (thanks to our group Tesla car washing sessions). The owner has just taken delivery of a beautiful...
  13. tgq12

    21" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package - Grey $3500

    Freshly powder coated. Perfect condition rims, Continental Tires are in great shape. Comes with TPMS from a 2016 Model S. Prefer to sell in SF Bay Area, shipping will be at expense of buyer. $3500 Sorry new to this forum, please PM for more pictures
  14. turbospecc

    Interior pic request - gray w/ Next Gen seats

    Close to pulling the trigger on a Deep Blue 60D (have seen VERY few pictures of the exterior facelift in this color so far, but looked great in person when I saw one at a Tesla Store), but I'm having a very tough time deciding between the black and grey interior. Trim will be Obeche Matte...
  15. A

    Looking for a Gray Hood for 2013 P85

    Looking for anyone wanting to sell a stock gray colored hood with no damage for a 2013 P85. Also looking for the front grille with the trims. I am in NJ. Thanks!
  16. M

    21 Inch Gray Wheels (staggered or non staggered)

    * I'm looking for a gray set of 21 inch Turbine Wheels * With or without tires * With or without TPMS * I would also be interested in trading my 19 inch wheels + cash for your 21's if that's something you're looking for Thanks for looking! --Moe
  17. B

    Want to Trade: My Silver 21" Turbine Silver Staggered for your Grey 21" Staggered

    Hello, I currently own 21" Turbine silver staggered rims and would like to swap for the grey 21" staggered rims. Does anyone want silver? I'm in San Diego. Thanks in advance!
  18. B

    New Grey for Model S

    How am I the first person to post this. Grey as we know it is dead. There is now a new grey, darker, sleeker, sexier. Check it out in the design studio.
  19. TheAustin

    Photos of the Grey interior with matte Obeche

    Even though I saw very few photos of the Grey interior or the matte Obeche (and none of them together) before I received my car, I was convinced that it was going to be the a great looking combination. My car was delivered two days ago, and I have to say that I couldn't be happier with my...