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green energy

  1. Anisa

    Massless Energy Charger

    Patent US7053576 of Paulo & Alexandra Correa describes conversion of massless energy to conventional electrical energy in a device that could be placed in the truck space of an electric car. There would be no need to plug into the grid to charge. Tesla can incorporate this feature before or...
  2. S

    Inspired by Tesla Powerwall, began work on how to make the Earth Greener

    Hi guys, This is my first thread on Tesla Motor Club, so enjoy and Elon, I really hope you will find this thread, I probably will notice and if not if will try other channels. This since I would like to present my idea in person and Tesla is the first company I would like to give a chance to...
  3. igotzzoom

    Experience, Specifics with California HERO Program?

    Hi All. Wondering if any of you had any experience with the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity). I guess it kicked off in Riverside County in California, and is starting to spread to other communities. My understanding is that it's basically a way of financing home energy-efficiency...