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grid storage

  1. gcsutton

    Grid Draw Grossly Wrong

    House always reads 10kWh to 20kWh of grid draw each day even when the house is totally powered by combo of solar and Powerwalls. Pic shows no appreciable grid draw but 11kWh of usage. Mode is self-powered 45% reserve. Any ideas what causes this erroneous data?
  2. mspohr

    Grid News

    Lots of development happening around microgrids. Here's an interesting project. Miramar Microgrid to Demonstrate Reliable Power from Landfill Gases Resources within the Miramar microgrid 1.3 MW solar photovoltaics 3.2 MW landfill gas 6.45 MW diesel and natural gas power plant 1.6 MW HVAC...
  3. gnuarm

    Use of EV Batteries for Grid Power Smoothing

    I've had discussion about the use of EV batteries (while still functioning in the cars) for smoothing the power peaks on the grid. Cars can be charged when supply exceeds demand and discharged when demand is higher. This can potentially eliminate the capital and operational expense of...
  4. B

    Tesla battery event Hornsdale

    Tesla are holding an event to mark the planned installation of the 100 megawatt battery at Hornsdale, near Jamestown in South Australia and it looks like they are inviting Tesla owners. The event is around 240 km drive north of Adelaide. There are 4 destination chargers in Clare (2 at Motel, 2...
  5. valerun

    JuicePlug - an $89 Smart Charging adapter - from the creators of JuiceBox EVSE

    Hi Guys, Wanted to start a thread to get your feedback on this new idea we had to facilitate EV-grid connectivity and smart charging. Please let us know what you think. More details on our Kickstarter page: JuicePlug - an $89 Universal Smart EV Charging Adapter Thanks! Val
  6. Electric700

    Grid Storage Opportunity for Tesla

    Kauai now generates 80% or more of its energy from solar panels, and they also use batteries to compensate for the drops in solar energy output at nighttime and when clouds are over the large arrays. This is exciting and a great opportunity for Tesla, especially once the new Tesla Gigafactory...