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  1. E

    Wrong Grid Reading by Powerwall

    I recently got a PW installed by a certified Tesla installer (not Tesla themselves)(see end of post for setup). It was the installer's first job and I had to self diagnose quite a bit. There were multiple CTs that I had to flip myself via the TeslaPros app and I had to double the solar CT (which...
  2. E

    Charge from Powerwall avoiding the grid.

    Hi all, We have Tesla Solar Panels and 1 Tesla Powerwall. We received our Model Y on Sep 11, 2021. We had ordered it on May 28, 2021. My goal is to charge the Model Y from Powerwall avoiding the grid. After some research, I changed "Charge Current" to "20 Amps" and scheduled Charge Start at...
  3. D

    Multi-Inverter System w Powerwalls Question About Pulling From Grid

    I’m curious about where power comes from under a certain scenario. Here goes: Inverter 1 w 4 PWs (in backup mode) is generating 8kW from solar and is feeding it back to the grid since the home is only needing 2kW. Inverter 2 w 2 PWs (in backup mode) is also generating 8kW from solar but the...
  4. R

    Powerwall 2 / Solaredge - no solar power during outage

    Hi all, I have a Powerwall 2 / Solar edge installed on the 1/30/2020. Problem is, when there is a grid outage, the Solar edge goes into a fault state error 18x62 (islanding trip). No solar energy is produced until the grid power is restored. I am in the southern hemisphere - lots of sun...
  5. F

    Grid Charge Powerwall with Solar

    I am having a system installed and have just been informed I will be locked out of grid charging. Now as far as ITC is concerned I full understand so skip right passed that please. To my understand I can't charge from the grid because I could then also discharge to the grid. IE pay off peak...
  6. Potatoee

    Control/Monitoring EVs by Municipal Power Companies

    I happen to live in a town that has its own municipal power company (no generation, just owns the town grid) that is very progressive in promoting solar, EVs, etc. I've had the pleasure of interacting with them on several things but one thing that came up recently was grid and load planning for...
  7. R Titus

    Shameless self promotion..

    So I wrote a blog this week about taking delivery of my fourth TESLA, how Norway is kicking our collective butt in America and why Electric Vehicles are so important. Love any feedback Making America Great Again
  8. mspohr

    Grid News

    Lots of development happening around microgrids. Here's an interesting project. Miramar Microgrid to Demonstrate Reliable Power from Landfill Gases Resources within the Miramar microgrid 1.3 MW solar photovoltaics 3.2 MW landfill gas 6.45 MW diesel and natural gas power plant 1.6 MW HVAC...
  9. Gwgan

    NL: More Electricty for twice the price

    I dont know if “twice” is accurate but basically a hydropower plant changes the direction of electricity sales between NL and the mainland and island residents have to pay more Hack the heat: How electric cars could change how we think about electricity, period How can green energy and EVs...
  10. J

    Supercharging Infrastructure Interaction with Power Grid

    Supercharging stations essentially behave as a huge electric load in the power delivery system. In peak time (all charging ports are occupied) it can reach ~1 MW (135kW * 8) power demand in the system. From the electric utilities' operation and planning point of view, I'm wondering if Tesla...
  11. D

    Tesla model S/X battery as powerbank

    This may be the wrong folder for this kind of question... But so be it :) Lets say I have an old Model S with a 75kwh battery. Would it be possible to remove the battery from the car, and then connect it to the house-grid? (like bad-ass powerbank)
  12. TheTalkingMule

    Energy and Gaming

    What about a gaming interface for middle school kids to coordinate and optimize their local and regional energy infrastructure? Due to the public utility structure, the vast majority of data inputs are openly available. Utilities could be forced into facilitating direct link supply/demand data...
  13. IgorAntarov

    Supercharger power requirements? How many kW it takes from the grid?

    What are the typical Supercharger power requirements? (How many kW it normally takes from the grid?) As we know multiple chargers working in parallel can deliver up to 120 kW. But typically if we have multiple telas charging in parallel the output power is going down. Plus sometimes...
  14. valerun

    JuicePlug - an $89 Smart Charging adapter - from the creators of JuiceBox EVSE

    Hi Guys, Wanted to start a thread to get your feedback on this new idea we had to facilitate EV-grid connectivity and smart charging. Please let us know what you think. More details on our Kickstarter page: JuicePlug - an $89 Universal Smart EV Charging Adapter Thanks! Val
  15. ekwng

    China announced yesterday to open up (partially) the State Grid.

    South China Morning Post: State Grid to invite private capital to build electric-car charging stations I think it is positive for EV industry. Also last night I watched CCTV 2(China Official Financial channel), A special report saying Tesla fair and reasonable pricing in China triggered a...