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  1. Frizzle Fry

    How should I remove an army of grasshoppers trapped inside the car's grille?

    tl;dr: How can I remove a large number of grasshoppers trapped inside the grille below the front bumper? So I'm visiting Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada, and drove through several swarms of grasshoppers along the way. There was no way to avoid the poor guys; even slowing down...
  2. M

    WTB 2012 Model S Nose Cone

    I'm looking to replace my 2012 Model S nose cone. Ours was dented in a minor fender bender. Other than that, it is in great shape so I'm looking to replace it with one in great shape (with no dents/scratches). Live in PA.
  3. S

    Refresh Grille Removal

    I need to remove my 2017 grille and can't find anything on how to remove or install it. Anyone know how to remove it?
  4. Theflash95

    Leaves stuck in grille.

    Just took a long trip with my Model S 75D and got a bunch of leaves wedged in the corners of the grille (see attached photos)... any tips/advice on how to get this stuff out of there? I'd rather not sit here with a pair of tweezers pulling these things out one by one... not even sure that would...
  5. A

    Looking for a Gray Hood for 2013 P85

    Looking for anyone wanting to sell a stock gray colored hood with no damage for a 2013 P85. Also looking for the front grille with the trims. I am in NJ. Thanks!
  6. TSportline

    Vendor T Sportine NCGv2 Nosecone Grille v2

    Our NCGv2 Nose Cone Tesla Model S Grille gives you the sense and styling of a more traditional car, providing you with a unique look that sets you apart from the next Tesla Model S owner. Our Grille replaces your factory Nosecone. You must transfer your oe factory chrome trim from your existing...