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  1. T

    Rhythmic rubbing/griding noise from brakes

    No, it's not a pebble ;) M3 performance with 10k miles. Any time the car is moving, I can hear a grinding, or rubbing noise from my front driver's side. I can hear it from inside the car while driving if it's quiet, but it's of course much more noticeable with the windows down, driving near...
  2. D

    2019 Model X Long Range Raven Acceleration Noise

    I have a 2019 Tesla Model X Raven that is making a grinding noise on “harsh” acceleration (3/4 to full). The noise is most evident on “cold starts”. I have had the car in service for this issue and Tesla has replaced the Front Half Shafts, but it has not resolved the issue. Tesla is now telling...
  3. Chrisizzle

    Grinding sound under acceleration while heavily loaded

    Are any other Model X owners experiencing a grinding noise under acceleration? This 2019 Model X is my second (previous was a 2016) and I am familiar with the long time shudder/clunking noise during acceleration. This is definitively not that sound. Definitely a grinding and only while the...
  4. fasteddie7

    Ok, so what is this sound now?

    About 12 degrees out, just came back from work (41 miles) plugged in at 36% to hpwc at 48A and I hear this: https://photos.app.goo.gl/a20WH94Egyh8LoME2 Something just frozen? Or 96 Mile drive to the service center tomorrow?
  5. Freedom101

    Grinding/Rattling noise on my model X

    Anyone know what this might be? Should I stop driving it? Thanks for any feedback.