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  1. E


    EXTREMELY LOW MILEAGE 9700 KM 2018 TESLA MODEL 3 RWD LONG RANGE Multi-Coat Pearl White Exterior Black Interior Accident free Serious buyers only Asking for CAD $ 64750
  2. E

    Tesla Model X - barely used winter tires with rims - Toronto GTA

    TORONTO/GTA RIMS - EURO DESIGN SPA 8.5x19 SPA1985D4067GBP WHEELS - Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 265/50R19 003636 with TPMS Sensors overall usage less than 2k Selling for $1500 Only Pickup and Serious buyers only
  3. N

    Toronto/GTA - Winter Tires - Bridgestone Blizzak 235/45R18 - Tires Only Low Mileage

    Price: $375 Set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak 235/45R18 Winter Tires LM01BZ (**tires only, no rims**). Fits Tesla Model 3 with 18 inch rims. Low mileage, less than 20k KMs on them, should last another 15-20k KMs. Message me for pictures or more details or see FB Market place posting: 登录 Facebook...
  4. T

    3rd party Tesla mechanic in GTA (Toronto)

    I have some brake and suspension work that’s being recommended for my model S and would like some “second opinions”. Are there any reputable mechanics in GTA who specialize or work on Tesla vehicles?
  5. T

    Tesla Model Y - winter tires and wheels in the GTA

    I'm looking for 19" winter tires for a Model Y. I was hopeful to get either Nokian Hakke R3s or Michelin X-ICE or Alpins. Thus far, they're out of stock locally and don't seem to have a line as to the next possible availability (KalTire, Go Tire, and Active Green and Ross). Looking for someplace...
  6. X

    Greater Toronto Area Orders and Deliveries

    Ordered Oct. 2nd in Toronto, early in the new quarter. I was hoping for a late November delivery but at this rate, it looks like it'll be a December delivery. With an order that early, I'm surprised I haven't even gotten a VIN yet. Anyone else in the same boat? LR AWD MSM Black Interior Aero...
  7. R

    Tesla Model S 19" after market, Tires and Gen one TPMS plus 4 tire totes.

    Used for my 2014 Model for winter tires, upgraded to Model X now. Asking $900 CAD Location: Canada Ontario GTA Text: 4165641375
  8. mucanta

    How is the MX quality of recents deliveries in GTA (International Center)

    Hi, My MX delivery is scheduled for Sep 20th 5 PM at International Center near the Toronto Pearson Airport. Has anyone taken a delivery of MX at IC in September ( I hear all September deliveries are now happening at IC starting Tuesday Sep 11)? If yes, please let us know how it went (the...
  9. R

    GTA Delivery Date Waiting Room

    So who actually has a scheduled delivery date? I'm still waiting on a date or more specific range of dates, but so far they seem to be in a random order. On the up side, drove by on 401 this morning by the holding lot, and noticed more Model 3s and a car carrier unloading cars.
  10. R

    Autopilot on GTA Highways (401/404/DVP) - Worth it?

    So like many of us here, I'm budgeting how much I want to pay towards a Model 3. Autopilot is one of those options that I'm on the fence about, it's a pricey upgrade (Approx $6500) and want to make sure it's worth it. One question I want to put out there to the group, is how well and useful...
  11. aaronbrighton

    Model S Rental in Toronto (Outside of Turo)?

    Greetings, Anyone know of any companies or individuals looking to rent out their Model S outside of the site Turo in Toronto/GTA? I tried renting from their only to find out at the very end of the rental request/registration process that you have to be over 30 years of age to rent. I've...
  12. Tony_YYZ

    Recommended Electricians for Charger Installation

    Hi All, Just wondering if we could get a list going of Electricians in various part of Canada that users have used to get their HPWC, NEMA 14-50, Juicebox, etc installed at reasonable rates. I have read a lot of stories about customers being price gouged once they hear you are installing a...
  13. rentmyx

    White Model X for rent for Weddings - GTA

    Booking into May 2017 right now. www.rentmodelx.com
  14. K

    Vendor GTA - Model S Study

    Hi everyone, My startup Alchemy (recently rebranded from Neverfrost) is creating a thin, transparent film called ExoShield that is applied on the exterior surface of the windshield. It prevents stone chips, blocks solar infrared heat in the summer, and prevents overnight frost during the...
  15. Tony_YYZ

    Future Model 3 Owners In Ontario

    I'm surprised this thread did not already exist. I put down my reservation for a TM3 on April 1st. I currently drive a Honda Civic Si and was originally looking at pursuing a BMW 340xi or 440xi GC. But after the TM3 reveal, I was instantly swayed. I'm really hoping to not have to wait another 2...
  16. Jgdixon

    GTA Tesla Model S Club?

    Hi Guys I sent PMs to a lot of you to gauge interest. The consensus was overwhelmingly positive. The first step should be to get together and discuss meeting frequency, format, suggested topics etc. Things like sharing tips, organizing a rally, appearances at car shows, arrange for guest...