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half shaft

  1. Mikecm1

    Clicking noise when accelerating: repaired at SC, not covered under warranty?

    2020 LR with original drivetrain warranty still active. Had clicking when accelerating or decelerating. SC diagnosed and fixed – "Lubricate at Hub the Left and Right Rear Drive Unit Halfshaft". Was charged for service as employee said this was a maintenance item, not warranty, that this is a...
  2. EVTuning

    Vendor New Replacement Axles and Hub Bearings for Model S!

    EV Tuning has partnered with GSP to bring New Replacement axle assemblies to market. We now have both rear axles, front axles and the jackshaft available. Save 40% over buying them straight from Tesla. For a number of vehicles they're out of warranty and have had some sort of axle failure...
  3. R

    Rear Small Motor Half Shafts part numbers same as Large Motor?

    Does anyone know if the two drive shafts from the rear motor to the wheel hubs are the same parts as on the Tesla Large Rear Motor half shafts? Also are the Performance motors drive shafts also the same parts? From eBay I see a P/N 2012-2018 Tesla Model S Drive Shaft CV Axle for Rear Right or...
  4. E

    Clunking sound is costing me a bundle to fix out of warranty

    Just received a repair bill of $3,480 + tax for my 2013 S 60 that has 38k miles on it. Unfortunately the car just went out of warranty and Tesla didn't find this issue during the 4th year inspection that happened last month. And unfortunately it looks like I just missed my opportunity to...