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ham radio

  1. Beta V

    Loss of voltage on low-voltage ports--an explanation

    When I was setting up my ham radio to use the trailer brake socket which delivers low-voltage DC current, the power went off for some reason. This was not an issue when I did the same with my 2017. I also depended on the power remaining on when I left the car so the radio could retransmit...
  2. Beta V

    Installing a Yaesu FTM400 Ham Radio in my 2023 Model X

    Just as when I installed my FTM-400 in my 2017 Model X, I faced a whole new set of challenges when it came to reinstalling the radio in my new 2023 MX. I researched the issues first and was advised that the newer models (including mine) had a "16V" bus. I tested the cigarette lighter (CL)...
  3. Beta V

    My 2023 Model X Saga

    Today, despite both me and my wife being pretty sick, we ventured into the bowels of Seattle and picked up a new 2023 Model X. White/Black Long Range. It took quite a bit of work to get to this stage--some of which was my fault. We lost the title to our existing 2017 Model X so I had to make...
  4. MD500_Pilot

    Advice on Ham Radio Install

    Hello Everyone - I just took delivery of my second Model S and I have decided to purchase this one instead of leasing it, so I am now looking to permanently install my DMR ham radio (Anytone AT-D578 Tri-Band). The problem is that this radio does not have a detachable front face so the entire...
  5. Beta V

    Mounting a Ham Radio

    I want to hard-mount the radio portion of my FTM-400 ham rig. It's about the size and weight of a 2" book. I would like to place it at the passenger's feet on the side of the console hump. I've been using velcro but it's not holding on the carpet well enough. If I drive some short sheet-metal...
  6. ckoval7

    Crazy ham radio install

    I figure the hams on this forum will appreciate this. It's that time of year again where my local club hosts it's fox hunt. Well, unfortunately it got cancelled, but not before I finished this project. Last year, I picked up a KerberosSDR in the first run on whatever crowdfunding platform it...
  7. Beta V

    Airbag Location--Safe Mounting Spots

    I want to mount my ham radio control head (about the size of a thick piece of Texas toast) on the dash somewhere. I looked in the owner's manual for airbag locations, but the picture is not clear as to where it's safe to cover a small part of the dash. I'm thinking about using a...
  8. Beta V

    Routing Cables Through the Firewall

    I just mounted my Ham radio antenna on my Model X in the only place that made sense--on the frunk lid. Once installed, I had to route the antenna cable (a very small coax), into the cabin. I researched some forum discussions but it seems my Model X is newer than the one shown as I could find...
  9. Beta V

    Powering my Ham Radio

    I'm installing a Ham radio transmitter in my Model X and wanted to know what's the best way to power it. I understand there is a 12VDC power source in the frunk, but don't know how to access it, nor do I know how to get the wires into the main cabin. Is there a safe way to cross the "firewall?"...
  10. JJOhio

    IC-7100 Ham Radio Install

    So the wife said don't screw up this car with one of your radios! I think it tuned out really well. IC-7100 fits perfectly in the front under the cell phone dock. The cell phone dock closes and you can't see anything. Drilled a 1/2" hold under the front console area to route the control cable...
  11. ThisIsTrue

    Have Any of You Put a 2M Ham Radio in Your Car?

    I've pretty much always had a ham radio in my car -- makes travel really fun, and it's a good way to communicate with the wife. Since I don't have a car yet, I'm unclear on a couple of things.... Since I don't want to drill a hole in the body for the antenna, I'm thinking of a Larsen...