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  1. T

    Handle problem, hard to diagnose

    Hello, I am looking for help with the problem with the door handle in Model S, facelift from 2017. While the problem seems to be quite common and easily repairable, in my case since April, both the Tesla service in Berlin and locally in Poland, I have not been able to solve it. Passenger side...
  2. N

    Driver door handle presenting and retracting three times every mode transition

    Each time I transition from park to drive/reverse or activate the door handles from the outside and allow it to timeout to retract the handles, the driver door handle retracts and presents exactly three times. The handle does not appear to be damaged in any way and suffered no trauma. There were...
  3. Seth2020

    Neon Green Handles

    Just did the handles to match the logos 20200418_223144033_iOS by Seth2020 posted Apr 18, 2020 at 6:41 PM
  4. Spacep0d

    Model 3 Chrome Delete?

    Greetings Tesla fans and owners! When you ordered your Model 3, were you given an option to not have chrome but replace that with body-color matching hardware, namely for the door handles? I want to order a Model 3 Long Range in white (soon), but I prefer body-colored handles. Will this be an...
  5. jrleyva23

    Paddle Gears for model S door handles For Sale

    PM Me for price!
  6. spacklewoof

    2019.32.12.3 Door Handle Eject

    2012 Model S 85 No tech, not dual, not signature. Prior to this update, when I would walk up to the vehicle, I could touch the door handles and they would eject. This functionality no longer works. I can still use the fob, click it twice and the door handles will eject. There is nothing wrong...
  7. zambono

    Refresh door handles...

    Just letting you all know that expect issues with your door handles even if you have the refreshed model S. Mine was one of the first delivered refreshed, June 2016 and I just had my driver handle replaced because it would not open the door and my passenger rear is starting to take half a...
  8. MtlDan

    Model 3 rear handles overly recessed?

    I’ve had my dream car for a week now (SR+) and I noticed on the first day that the rear handles were quite a bit more recessed than the front. Notified my delivery specialist but no word back yet. Is this ajustable/fixable? Thanks
  9. jkennebeck

    Door handles want to retract on first pull after parking

    So, just about every morning I park my 2015 S and get out of the drivers door. I have the settings so all 4 handles have presented. I reach for the presented driver rear handle and it tries to close on my hand. Is there something with the settings doing this? Wondering if anyone else has had...
  10. M

    Stuck Fingernail in Door Handle

    This just happened on my 2 months old MS 100D: girl tries to open rear passenger door and fingernail goes into narrow opening behind handle, getting stuck! I had never even noticed that there is an opening there. Anyone else have this experience???
  11. M

    Fingernail stuck in door handle

    This just happened on my 2 months old MS 100D: girl tries to open rear passenger door and fingernail goes into narrow opening behind handle, getting stuck! I had never even noticed that there is an opening there. Anyone else have this experience???
  12. E

    Color Match Wrap Thread (Door Handles, etc..)

    Hey all, About to take delivery of my Red Model 3 tomorrow. Definitely considering doing a color match wrap on the door handles. Maybe even some accents inside? I know many are just doing full "black-out" or "chrome removal", including the door handle..... but as seen in the Model 3...
  13. zambono

    Rear door handle loose, has play...

    16 90D after refresh, just noticed my rear handle has play and is loose. Happened today, is this a normal symptom before it stops working? Currently opens door and retracts
  14. tanner

    Model 3 Handle/Door Protection?

    Does anyone know where I can find something like this for the Model 3? Maybe something that just covers the part that sits flush agains the door: Invisible Door Handle Protection Covers (Set of 4) Also something similar that covers the shiny metal that says "Model 3" right when you open the...
  15. M

    Children's fingers getting caught in door handles

    I was in the garage with my 2 year old. I went to tie my shoes and next thing I know I hear crying and look up to see the fingers of one hand stuck in a retracted door handle. I ran over to try and pull the handle open but it wouldn't budge. t rushed to find the key fob to unlock the door and...
  16. Lex

    Hand Wash Mode

    Is there any way to keep the door handles out today ? I haven't found it. The handles need washing and dying too. I really hate chrome, and I really really hate leaving it wet as I've seen it bubble from items so many many times. Regardless of motive I suggest a Hand Wash Mode setting for...
  17. Hank42

    Gen 2 door Handles and "puddle light"

    I am a long-time hold out from the original S who's door handles ejected 100% and had no "give" or "flex" that emulates the feel of a traditional car. After a failure of one handle to present, I (reluctantly) agreed to have all 4 replaced with the new(er) gen 2 door handles that present to...

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