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hardware 2

  1. D

    2018 Model 3 HW2.5 vs 2020 Model 3 HW3.0

    Hello! I'm going to be buying a used Tesla Model 3(2018-2020) directly from the Tesla website within the coming days, and wanted to know if there is a big difference between HW2.5 and 3.0, and whether or not it's worth it to. I plan to be using Autopilot a lot, as I'm a frequent freeway driver...
  2. A

    2019.32.1 Lane Departure Avoidance & Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

    2019.32.1 Was sent out a couple days ago. Lane Departure warning and Emergency avoidance appeared to be part of the update, at least for newer 2018 & 2019 vehicles. But as a Mid 2017 Model X Hardware 2.0 owner, I don't seem to have this in my update. Anyone else know why or what's the deal? MCU...
  3. RHTrio

    Can't Open Sentry Mode Videos

    Greetings Tesla Community, I recently got the firmware update 2019.12.11 that has Sentry Mode that I was very happy about that as I have hardware 2.0 and was told I wouldn’t be receiving the Sentry Mode update! I also purchased a 32gig SanDisk 3.0 thumb drive from Amazon to use for Sentry Mode...
  4. strangecosmos

    Tesla reaches 902 million Enhanced Autopilot miles — what next?

    Estimate by Lex Fridman at MIT: Accelerating doublings As Tesla deliveries accumulate and the rate of Model 3 deliveries accelerates, the number of Enhanced Autopilot miles driven every month will increase exponentially. Lex estimates that Tesla has delivered about 280,000 HW2 cars. At...
  5. strangecosmos

    The competitive landscape of autonomous car companies

    I don’t have an us vs. them mentality with regard to Tesla and other companies when it comes to autonomy. I care most about preventing people from dying in car accidents. Two of my friends died that way. It is so heartwrenching to think about them — their plans for the rest of their lives, and...