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head lights

  1. D

    2013 Model S Headlight Out (New Bulb, Ballast, and Assembly)

    Title says it all, bulb started flickering and going out. Off and on would reset and it’d fire for about another 2 minutes. While new bulb was in the mail it went out for good. Changed bulb, no luck. Moved to the ballast. Changed that to no avail. Talked to Tesla, they said it would be the...
  2. P

    Model Y Headlight Gap On Passenger Side

    Hello, I took delivery of 2023 MY and noticed that there is a large gap on passenger side headlight compared to driver side one. I was wondering if Tesla would fix this. I am worried they will have to take apart the frunk and bumper and that may create other issues. Has anyone had this issue...
  3. S

    Headlamps flickering?

    Hi folks, Model Y 2022. On cold start, the driver side headlamp flickers repeatedly . Happens all the times. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s been happening consistently regardless of software version (now updated to 44.40.1) I have opened a service case with Tesla but still waiting on...
  4. Avendit

    Headlights adjusted unexpectedly?

    Just wondering if anyone else ever had this? Car has been sat for a few days, and I've not used the dipped headlights for a couple of weeks. When I went out this eve they were not pointing where they used to? A quick re calibration in the service menu once I was stopped has sorted it, but...
  5. M

    Model S OEM headlight installation

    I have a 2013 Model S that needs new headlights due to seal ruptures in the case that allow moisture to seep in. I have one that regularly turns off while in use and last night they both went out as I was driving home after dark - only the fog lamps got me through. This morning they are working...
  6. D

    Headlights - everyone thinks I'm on full beam

    I have an early UK M3P which I suspect may have been among the cars that Tesla had to retrofit UK lights to dockside after they shipped from the US. When I'm driving nearly every other car coming the opposite way flashes thinking I have my full beam on so I'm starting to wonder if the lights...
  7. A

    To Replace headlight need to be reprogram?

    Hi I've model 3 bought in auction and bulb was damaged so I need to replace it I was thinking to buy one in ebay But I need to know if is just plug and play or needs to be reprogrammed?
  8. S

    Headlight Beam Converter Kit

    Taking my UK Model 3 to France. I'm told I need a Headlamp beam converter kit to 'not dazzle' oncoming traffic. Anyone have any experience with these? Can the Model 3 be adjusted manually with the 'Adjust Headlights' option under Service. It says only a trained service technician should do...
  9. J

    Headlights in France

    I'm travelling to France from England soon. In older cars there was a kit you could get on the headlights to set them up for France driving. My Mercedes just had a simple setting on the dash menu that set everything up correctly for Europe continent driving. Anybody know how the Tesla M3P...
  10. MacMcIntire

    Headlights too bright?

    Hi, forgive me if this has already been discussed. I searched the forum and could not find this topic. I was wondering if any other Model 3 owners experience other drivers flashing their high beams at you as if they are trying to get you to turn off your high beams. This happens to me every...
  11. KalJoMoS

    HID headlights turns off on AP

    Hi, did a quick search but nothing found. Had just a short drive on AP and since I turned the automatic high beam on all headlights switched off, only the DRL stayed on. Also all rear lights were off too. I have March 2016 70D with HID headlights and AP1. Ambient temperature was around 35F/3C...
  12. Veritas1980

    Headlights always on after windshield replacement

    After a couple of months of waiting to get my cracked windshield replaced at Teslas recommended local carglass shop, I finally got it replaced last Monday. It would also need a AP calibration for which I made a appointment with the SC about today. While driving this past week, the line...
  13. D

    Headlights turn on automatically.

    So... I often go to the drive-in in my Model S. I've been doing it since I got the car three years ago. Since the last update, my headlights turn on every 15 minutes by themselves after I've turned them off. I have to step on the brake to turn them off again, only to have to do it all over...