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  1. B

    Intermittent headlight failure

    I’m having this issue where one or the other headlight beam stops working for a period of time. Not the entire assembly, just one of the beams. Replaced the bulbs and cleaned and tightened the grounds just for good measure, but no luck. Anyone experience this?
  2. S

    Took Delivery of 2023 MYLR. Found issues with dirty hazy headlights and door closing. Reported within 24 hrs and <100 miles. What are my options?

    I took Delivery of a new MYLR on March 31, 2023 from the Dublin CA delivery center. The car was built in Fremont 03/2023. The exterior and interior were fine. In the daylight it was hard to inspect headlights. When I came home I noticed that both the headlights have very visible dirty...
  3. Beta V

    Turn Signals and Critical Buttons made easier to feel

    I like to keep my eyes on the road. Every car I've owned has had a turn-signal wand on the steering column (except for my 1930 Model A Ford). My 2023 MX yoke has no wands/stobs/levers on the steering column. Instead, they have buttons on that must be located and touched to operate. Okay, cars...
  4. A

    Auto headlights don't work during fog (video)

    This happened two days ago as I was driving home in Spain (very odd weather, I've been driving from the Pyrenees in France back home and half of the road - more than 5 hours - was just like this). At some point, a police car started driving nearby at the same speed, on the nearby lane. I had no...
  5. W

    Model Y Headlights 2021-2023 new in box

    For sale is a set of matrix led headlights which were never used. Still in original wrapping. Asking $400 picked up in Irvine.
  6. T

    "Premium headlights" but I thought it would be Matrix for Fremont MYLR?

    Hello, I am getting my Fremont MYLR today (F571) and an SA checked my vin and said it shows up with "premium headlights" which is the regular headlights and not the "global headlights" which is the matrix headlights. I have seen multiple Fremont MYLRs from last month with the Matrix. Did Tesla...
  7. R

    Tesla Model 3 headlights alignment example

    Hi everyone, I know there have been a couple of similar questions, so apologies for yet another headlights alignment query, but I couldn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I messed up my headlights settings, so decided to take my Tesla Model 3 Long Range to Tesla Service to have them...
  8. tmruwart

    Matrix Headlights Brightness Issue

    I took delivery of a shiny new 2022 MYP in June and went on a road trip thru the Upper Peninsula of Michigan a couple weeks ago. One thing I experienced a lot was having oncoming cars flash their brights at me *thinking* my brights were on. Apparently, the Matrix Headlights are so bright that...
  9. I

    Gap in light pattern of the matrix headlight

    Hello guys, Got my MSLR last week with the matrix headlights, and noticed that when driving at night, there is a dark patch in the lights on the left. Today I parked close to a wall and observed carefully, and I think that dark patch is this gap on pointed by the left arrow. There is a similar...
  10. AndrewApple12

    Downgrading headlights (how do I read LIN signals)?

    I currently own a 2018 model s. The led headlights on it are terrible. ive had them replaced 3 times under warrant and the are still having problem. Teslas asking price for replacements is $3,298 and I didn’t want to pay for headlights that are going to fail again. I want to put in the pre...
  11. C

    2019 Model 3 headlight alignment

    Hi everyone, I wanted to check with others from the UK with a pre-refresh (No Matrix) Model 3 how their headlights are performing. My car is a 2019 Model 3 Performance, picked up in November 2019. I'd been having some issues with mine where I'd be parked on my sloped driveway, press the brake...
  12. J

    Right headlight issue

    I’m in a predicament.I’m the only one with a Model Y in Jamaica (Caribbean).Right headlight stopped working the very next day after clearing it on Oct 30th 2020. Tesla Miami service center assured a technician will travel to Jamaica to fix the issue and now they won’t. W
  13. M

    Headlight cover scratch

    Hi all - new to the forum and excited to be a part of it. Has anyone seen a scratch like this on their Model 3 headlights? I recently took delivery of my Model 3 and drives like a dream. Drove about 250 mikes, and noticed this scratch on my driver side headlight cover. Does this look like impact...
  14. B

    Headlight and blinker not working on driver side.

    Headlights and blinker lights on driver side not working at all. Rear blinker works fine but will flash quickly and only click 2 times instead of the usual 3 times when signaling for lane change to the left. Scheduled for service already but earliest is in 2 weeks. Anyone experienced this...
  15. P

    New Tesla Headlight video from Samsung

    Here are the official Samsung videos which show the new Headlights in action. This video at 0:04 is clearly a Tesla M3: This video shows the features of the new Headlights (yet to be activated via software update):
  16. N2B8

    New Matrix projector LED vs "old" reflector LED headlights comparison on US cars

    Ok guys here they are! I've been contemplating whether I should get a Model Y Performance vs a Y LR. Luckily I was able to secure an overnight YP with the new matrix projector loaner this weekend. I already have a model 3 with the "old" LED and a buddy down the street happens to own a YP with...
  17. Falcon20

    Mismatched Headlights?

    Hey everyone I’m new to Tesla Motors Club. I came here in search of answer to why my headlights look as if they are mismatched. I purchased the car as a CPO (2016 late December) from Tesla last September, I’ve never seen this until today but one is different from the other. I know that the PUP...
  18. Skatebambi

    Light adjustment for driving in UK with EU car?

    Back in the day, a bit of tape was needed on each headlight to prevent blinding oncoming traffic when driving a LH drive car in a RH drive country and vice versa. Do our supercomputers on wheels need such a bodge job or can the angle of the beams be adjusted via the User Interface?
  19. Skatebambi

    Light adjustment for driving in UK with EU car?

    Back in the day you had to stick tape over part of the headlights to avoid blinding oncoming traffic when driving on the opposite side of the road, is this still the case with our supercomputer on wheels? (2021 3 LR in my case)
  20. JamstationP85D

    Any nose-cone'ers tried XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER headlight bulbs?

    I have seen a few videos stating these are quite a bit brighter than the standard Xenon HID's (pre LED headlights). They are not 'laser' like the product says but they do throw quite a bit more light than the stock ones based on the youtube vidoes I have seen. They seem quite expensive for...
  21. Empato

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    Does anyone have any tips on keeping the headlights from frosting up/freezing over in the current cold temperatures? I made a journey of around 12 miles last night and it wasn't until I joined the motorway I realised that I couldn't see a thing as they were frosted over. I obviously cleared...
  22. N

    Model 3 Headlight Dimensions/Mold/Template/Print out ?

    I'm wanting to add some vinyl for a halloween theme but I need an image of the full size headlight so I can use it in photoshop to get the job done. Anyone know where I can get an image of the headlight full size or what is the best way to go about doing this aside form hiring a professional?
  23. B

    Refresh headlights on Pre-facelift MS *opinion*

    Member for awhile now and just getting to my first post. I have a MS P85D and was looking into some custom lights... Mainly blacking the housing, frosting the DRLs, and maybe sequential signal modules. With just the 2 options doing this work on the headlights would be close to a grand if I sent...
  24. asa8080

    Low beams are...too low? (short distance)

    Is it only me who complain about not the best low beam light on MY? Compared to my GMC Terrain I see MY lights are 1. Has steeper angle to the road 2. Resulted in shorter lighted distance on the road (GMC I do not use high beams, while on MY I had to switch to them on country roads) I see the...
  25. B

    How picky should I be?

    I just picked up my MY and due to some horror stories I read/watched I decided to download one of the checklists and go over it with a fine tooth comb. I have never done this (at this level) on any other new car as I just assumed they would work/be good to go on delivery. Luckily they seem to be...
  26. J

    Painted Xenon Headlights

    Headlights from my 2015 85D. Going a different route. Completely changed the look of the front end. Lights have a Frosted DRL. Deep blue around the projector trim and everything else satin black. They're not perfect. Lenses have some minor scratches, have not attempted to buff it out but it...
  27. N

    Tesla Model S one of a kind set of headlights 2012-2016

    For sale is a set of 2012-2016 retrofitted headlights, this set is one of a kind! Goal was to come as close as possible to newer 2016 headlights as far as DRL and improve lights output - it’s all done! -new aftermarket Hella projectors -high end single strip DRL with switchback turn signals...
  28. V

    Model Y headlights

    Are the Model Y/3 headlights LED projectors or reflectors? Do they have turning functionality similar to German vehicles?
  29. C

    headlight pattern, unusual blip - is this normal?

    Hi Everyone, I picked up my first model 3 this time last week and appear to have an unusual blip on the headlight profile. Is anybody else seeing this pattern? Being new, I can’t tell if this is usual or not. I’ve done some googling but only found a couple of picks, none of them appear to show...
  30. loayhaq

    Headlights Lift

    Hello geeks, I installed 2017 headlights on my 2014 MS P85D (DIY). They look much pretty and sharp. Yet i need some help to get them function properly. Low beam (working fine once i plugged the connector) High beam (not working when pulling the stalk) DRL (not working) Turn signal...
  31. SteelSully

    Full headlight failure - corrected by 'power off'?

    Hello, I have a June 2016 MS75 and in late August 2019 I noticed that my driver's side headlight assembly wasn't turning on (this includes the LED DRL, blinker & HID). Since we were on a family roadtrip to Maine when this happened, I attempted every trick I could think of to fix it and found...
  32. R

    Car is flicking the lights on/off...

    So my car is charging in my driveway as normal. I'm using the basic 120V 15A charger that came with the car. Except tonight, for some reason, its just started flicking the headlights on/off quickly every minute or 2. I only noticed it cause I thought I heard a noise outside, and checked my...
  33. nguyentoogood

    Painted my Headlights! DIY [Video] + lots of photos

    Hey TMC! I just wanted to share my experience if anyone wanted to tackle the project! I am not a big fan of the chrome headlights. I didn't want to tint because that lowers the light output. Blacking out the chrome housing, on a projector headlight does not degrade light performance! The...
  34. GalacticHero

    Wipers stopped working, then headlights and Lane Avoidance

    I have an M3 AWD with f/w 2019.20.1. This morning the wipers wouldn't activate via the screen or the turn signal button. They also wouldn't move into the Service Mode position. When I got to work I discovered the headlights weren't coming on. I leave them in Auto and they turn on when going into...
  35. I

    2016 model S issues...any advice welcome

    Hi there, I'm new to Tesla, purchased used Tesla.com Model S 2016 2 days ago. I'm noticing a few problems, not sure if these are included in warranty, or will resolve with a new software update? The auto headlight hi-beams worked Monday, but not Tuesday. The auto side mirror folding system...
  36. N

    Roadster Halogen headlights

    I have two left and one right headlight. These are perfect, like new condition. Bought them for a project but never got around to it. I no longer have the car. I’m located in Chicago area. $200 each.
  37. Brenzo

    Headlight Fit & Finish Affects Road Noise

    I took home delivery of my Model 3 late at night, late in September, and so I didn't really get a chance to inspect the fit and finish as closely as I would have liked. The next morning I walked around the car checking for panel gaps and other issues and noticed that the driver side headlight...
  38. travwill

    Headlights always on?

    Anyone have their headlights always stay on, when in sunlight, started in bright sunlight, night, etc. since this last update I have full low beams, running, and fog lights on all the time. I manually turn them off in the daytime to compensate.
  39. T

    Headlights - Model 3 vs S and X comparison

    For those who might have multiple vehicles, I'm curious to know if the Model 3's headlights are on par or any better than the other Teslas? My Model S is okay at night, but think it could be better. If there's any pictures taken at night that one could provide of the different cars it would...
  40. H

    2013 P85+ w/CPO warranty (Dec 2013 production)

    Need to sell my prized possession due to baby arrival 2013 P85+ blk on blk with CPO warranty good through 4/2021 or 72k miles. Spent over $6000 in mods, -SoCal vehicle -Fully loaded -December 2013 production date -CPO with full warranty through 4/2021 or another 42k miles (72k total)...
  41. ucsbwsr

    New Tesla Model S Bodykit Debuted at SEMA 2017

    Hi guys, It looks like this hasn't been shared yet so I figured I will pass it along for the tuning enthusiasts. Kenny Pfitzer of Zero to 60 Designs sculpted a new body kit (front/rear bumpers + side skirts) for the Tesla Model S which debuted last week at SEMA, this particular car also...
  42. jpwe10

    Project: Glowing LED Front Air Intake for Facelifted S

    Hi All- I have my new Model S on the way, which, being my first facelifted one, gave me the idea of installing an LED light strip inside the front air intake where the Tesla "T" is on the nose. It would activate when the headlights turn on and create a really unique look for the car at night...
  43. H

    Model S OEM Headlights for Sale

    Replaced my OEM headlights with a blacked out pair from Vision Auto Lab. These OEM headlights are in excellent condition and removed from my 2013 P85+ at 22,260 miles. No broken tabs or any cracks. Includes the original XENON bulbs. SoCal car only so never seen snow and only a handful of...
  44. T

    Daytime running lights aren't on anymore

    I have a refreshed front Model S, and from day 1 I've always had daytime running lights. Beginning this morning, I don't have them anymore. Anyone else experience this?
  45. N

    Major Safety Issue - Hoping a Tesla engineer watching the forums reads this!

    Last night, while driving down the highway in pitch black lighting, my headlights suddenly shut off! This has happened before, but not during a pitch-black scenario, and I was assured that this was a firmware bug, that it was identified, and was fixed. Obviously that's not the case. I had to...
  46. travwill

    On 17.14.23 - No Daylight Running Lights (AP1 car) in Auto Mode?

    Anyone having issue with their daylight running lights, when set to Auto (the default)? If I drive in daylight/bright weather they have always been on, but now they are just off. If I toggle the mode to OFF, then they do turn on bright, PARKING they are on dimmer with fogs (if dark enough)...
  47. S

    Pre facelift headlights in new model S

    I had a 2017 March 90D for a few days but had been driving a pre face lift P90D loaner for about a month. Other than the amazing acceleration and more solid AP1, I noticed that the old headlights seems to be a lot better, specially the low beam. They through a brighter, more even beam that cuts...
  48. B

    High beam headlight problem

    My passenger side headlight seems to be defective with a high beam that is too low. I have had the car to the service center 3 times without getting it corrected. Both low beams are correctly adjusted and are aimed at the same height. The high beam on the passenger side hits the road about 40 ft...
  49. Haxster

    Any non-LED illumination?

    On current production cars with PUP, is there any non-LED illumination left? From what I can tell on my MS, anything that generates light appears to be LED now.
  50. ElektraMS60

    Parking Lights NOT turning on after unlocking the car after software update Dec 2016

    After the update on December 23, 2016. Version 8.0 (2.50.114), my parking lights (on the headlamps) will not come on after unlocking the car. Before the update they would come on. I have my settings on Auto for Parking/Headlights. I tried to reboot the car both the center console and driver...

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