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  1. usctrojan98

    Hot days - car trying to cool something? (Loud noise)

    I noticed this a couple weeks ago when we were seeing 110 degrees in the day. And seeing it today when it went up to 102. What I noticed was an extremely loud fan sound which seemed to be the car trying to cool down the battery or something. It shouldn’t be the cabin overheat protection...
  2. R

    Heat not working

    Heat not working ? Climate keeper unavailable issue resolved .
  3. J

    Thanks.....for the great customer service

    Drove 86 miles in 1 degree temperature as the heat element went out.....very frustrated and unhappy....from Belmont NH to Littleton MA Had 128 miles on the bar.....yet barely made it home with 3 miles left..... Called and got a message that they would call back in minutes.....after 35 minutes...
  4. C

    Model S 2013 performance heat stopped working

    Hello! I just bought a used 2013 model s performance and within 2 weeks my heat has stopped working entirely. I'm in Wisconsin where it gets to below 20 degrees F with windchill. All my car does is blow ridiculously cold air at me. Please help if you're able to, its freezing
  5. Cybr.Myk

    Heat Pump Limit?

    So I was wondering how the heat pump would perform in extreme cold and today I got to find out. I put on about 200 kms today and while I was driving around the city the heat worked as expected, it kept us toasty warm. However, this evening I went out on the highway and the combination of -35 C...
  6. T

    Model Y heating - slow

    Anyone else noticing that when the temperature is below freezing that the heater takes a lot longer to warm the car? This morning it took close to 30 minutes before the climate even approached the right level (while also still attached on the charger). Comparatively, my Model S with resistance...
  7. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Tips - 3 ways to improve your Tesla's efficiency!

    For a while, we’ve been fighting with efficiency loss on our Model 3, and one observation I made was that the rear rotors were quite hot after a drive even when only using regen. So we replaced the calipers and brake pads, and even changed a wheel bearing to attempt to identify and fix the...
  8. ElectricTundra

    Affect of heat & cold on Solar Glass ?

    A study a couple of years ago on solar production potential noted that panels in northern climates will often produce more electricity than those in southern climates because the panels are less efficient when they heat up. Any idea how Solar Glass will perform on this? Given the design I'd...
  9. Z

    How often do you get pulled over for Tint?

    Hi Folks, Never had tint installed on my car aside from a car with one installed already and had no problems with it. With that said, that car was not worth 60k and i feel like most cops just didnt even want to bother with me. While waiting for M3P to arrive almost everyone says that ceramic...
  10. Brother T

    No panic button?

    How does one invoke a panic function (honking and flashing lights) like one would by pressing the red button on the key fob of other cars? Also, it snowed and frosted today and I noticed there is no way to heat the LED headlight lens. Does Model 3 have a heat element that defrosts the headlight...
  11. J

    Defog and A/C

    In the morning lately, my windows all fog up and I need to put on the defog. Usually I put it on hot for the quick blast and defog. When I turn it off, it gets a bit cold and I noticed that the a/c is turned on with both hot and cold defog. Is there a way to default back to heat when I turn...
  12. M

    Set Points to Save Power

    I wish that we could have set points in the model 3. For example if I set the heat to 72 then it would heat the car until it reaches 72 degrees inside. Then it would shut off both the heat and fan until the internal heat reached a lower temp of 66 degrees (or something like that). At that point...
  13. SaniDel

    Noise and Heat While Charging

    Our intent is to downsize to a cottage with a one-car garage and then to purchase and to charge a Tesla Model X in the garage. What noise and heat should be expected while charging? Do we need to make a provision to dissipate the heat from the garage, e.g., a ductless air conditioner? I would...
  14. ViperDoc

    Coolant sytem issue

    I was driving to work today, and suddenly the vent started blowing hot air. Not warm, hot. The rheostat was turned all the way to the cool side (eg, the heat was not on). Pushing the AC button didn't help. Turning off the fan didn't really help, hot air was till coming up, with a bit of an...
  15. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  16. Brightonuk

    Track Days

    A few years back I was running my P85 on the track As you see in my and had the usual limp mode kick in after a few laps Now with a P100 a few questions: If I engage the launch mode will it help to keep the batteries cooler on the track = longer full power availability? There was never a...
  17. S

    Model 3 in Extreme Heat and No Charger

    Hey everyone! Im heading to vegas in late May for a festival with my LR Model 3 where temps will be around 95 degrees. I wont have access to my car or a charger for 5 days and it will be parked out in the open on asphalt. I'm worried about how much range i'm going to lose and if this is...
  18. monarck

    Should I be concerned if the 'brake' icon lights up initially then turns off after about a minute?

    Just picked up my Model 3 and have noticed this behavior a few times. Also get a "windshield wiper fluid low" message that eventually goes away as well. Could it be related to the 110 degree + heat?
  19. jpaz

    Arizona, the good and the bad

    For those of us in the Southwest, the summer heat is here. I've noticed the vehicle is a bit noisy when I first get in and drive off and presume it is the battery cooling system doing its thing. So far, ,it has been as high as 117 Fahrenheit, based on the thermometer reading on my dash panel...
  20. S

    Roof screen should be opaque.

    As we get into the hot part of the year, people are going to start seeing the effects of heat and a glass roof. I'm thinking of buying the roof screen, but it just seems so stupid that even that screen isn't totally opaque. It's semi transparent. So you're paying for an additional semi...
  21. D

    Colour and heat

    I am looking to buy and wondering about how much heat is generated with the large screen and glass roof. Ideally I would like a black one but I am concerned that my black dog will roast in the car. Any feedback?
  22. essmd

    How adequate is the A/C airflow in the MX 5-seater for 2nd row passengers?

    There are several threads about this, but now that the Model X 5-seaters are hitting the summer heat for the first time since being delivered, many are questioning the decision by Tesla to eliminate the rear HVAC fan. Tesla needs to realize if they made the proper decision to remove the 2nd fan...
  23. T

    Heater Connection?

    I recently had my car serviced and got it back and have zero heat.. I'm sure it something simple like something being unplugged and was hoping someone could send me a manual or steer me where to look to plug it back in to save me a 2hr round trip journey back to the service center. (or worse if...
  24. fasteddie7

    Charging the 60d to 100%?

    Hi all! I saw a very small number of threads on this without a definitive answer. Seems to be reminiscent of the old 60kwh pack being software limited to 40kwh, but there wasn't a definite answer then also. Since it seems to be difficult to determine a definite yes or no, is charging the 60 to...
  25. fasteddie7

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! Ordering a 60d Model S and I have some ?'s

    What are some things that all of you current owners wish you knew when ordering? I'm new to zero emission vehicles, and I live in western Pennsylvania, so my primary available charger will be the one I install at my home. Is the necessary hardware included with the S or will there be more for...
  26. gjunky

    Power Usage for charging your car in AZ

    I am starting to plan for our Model X and as part of this, we installed solar at the house. We over-sized the installation to allow for the extra draw of the Tesla. We collected about 10 month's worth of usage numbers which is giving us a better idea of the actual overage we have. (we are still...
  27. ElectricAvenue

    Must Read: The best battery management when cold.

    Now that winter is here, I am trying to figure out the best battery management during the cold winter months. My aim is to reduce the wear and tear on the battery when charing and discharging and therefore resulting in longer life all while minimizing energy use. I am not an expert in battery...