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heated seats

  1. nguyentoogood

    7.2 Inch Rear Display for the Model Y. Almost perfect!

    Hey TMC, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the Tesla Model Y's 7.2 rear display. Let me tell you, this thing is a game-changer. It's like having a personal movie theater and climate control system in the back seat of your car. Throw out that ipad for your kid! You don't need it. It's so...
  2. P

    Model S Seat Defects

    Interesting question, I purchased a used 2022 model S with 1200 miles. I was doing a deep clean of my white seats today so I can prepare for ceramic coating. I’ve come to realize all my seats have defects. I was wondering if this is covered still even though I have 2,300 miles, and the car was...
  3. Z

    Driver's seat heating not working

    Did anyone experience issue with driver's (passenger's) seat heating? Everything seems to work normal on a display but the seat part of driver's seat which is not heating. Interestingly, the back part of the seat works and heats correctly. Could it be a fault cable or loose connector under...
  4. laudbrian

    2018 Tesla Model 3 - LR - Red - Low mileage - Immaculate - FSD - Unlimited data connectivity

    Photos: Summary: Exact mileage 19,150 as of this post FSD purchased and enabled/Enhanced Autopilot with latest hardware 3.0 (includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Autosteer, Summon, Autopark, and Navigate on Autopilot) Premium package with premium sound Heated seats front and rear. Black...
  5. I

    App climate control bugs

    I have iOS app version 4.3.0. There are two bugs that I’ve noticed…one visual and one functional. The visual bug: when I turn on climate control manually it initially shows the vents blowing air but then after a few seconds will switch to showing front and back windows defrosting and no more...
  6. Triumphz28

    For Sale - Excellent Condition - Model X Black Leather Ventilated Front Driver and Front Passenger S

    For Sale - Excellent Condition - Model X Black Leather Ventilated Front Driver and Front Passenger Seats (Pair) Excellent Condition - Model X Black Leather Ventilated Front Driver and Front Passenger Seats (Pair) - Both Tested 100% and verified everything works as expected. All seat tracks...
  7. M

    2015 Tesla Model S 85 Auto Pilot Warranty 52,000 Miles in NJ

    2015 Tesla S 85 Dark blue Autopilot 1.0, cold weather package, panoramic roof and power lift gate. Full bumper to bumper Tesla warranty until September 2021 or 100,000 miles. Current mileage is 52,000. Title in hand. $38,900
  8. M

    SR+ Heated Rear Seats Paid Upgrade live: $300

    Screw rear heated seats, bring on the Fog Lights Upgrade please!
  9. K

    Model 3 SR+ Rear heated seat OTA update

    According to this article, the SR+ will be getting an OTA update to activate the rear heated seats... Tesla Model 3 SR+ owners to get heated rear seats through OTA update What a bonus if this does happen!
  10. surrelmar

    Model 3 krijgt verwarmde stoelen achterin met OTA update

    Hopelijk gaat dit al snel gebeuren! Is een welkome aanvulling deze maanden! "Tesla zal een over-the-air software-update uitbrengen voor eigenaren van de Model 3 Standard Range Plus-varianten, waarbij de verwarmde achterstoelen van het voertuig worden geactiveerd. Het verzoek kwam van Andrew...
  11. glusc2002

    Model 3 Passenger Heated Seat Turns Off after a few mins

    Anyone else having issues with their heated seats? After pressing the highest heat level on the passenger seat, it will turn off automatically after just a few minutes. This has happened 4 times already and I'm about to take it to service center.
  12. A

    M3 Rear Heated Seats

    After the last software update, I can't find the controls to turn on my rear heated seats? I this user error? Anyone else seeing this?
  13. D

    Climate setting from app - seat warmers

    Is there a way not to automatically turn on all the seat warmers when turning on the heat from the Tesla app? I rarely have a passenger, and almost never have anyone in the back seat. I realize that this is the most #firstworldproblem ever but I want to be as efficient with the battery as possible.
  14. A

    No heated seats in updated app model S

    Hi! I bought my model S in December and I've updated app and the squigly lines for the pre heated seats don't show up in the app. It shows the schedule service update but not the heated seats...anyone have any insight here to fix this? I took photos of the version I updated to. Moderator note...
  15. StealthP3D

    Interesting behavior of heated seats

    Conditions: 28 degrees F Car parked after 22 mile drive. No usage of heated seats. Car sits 3 hours. Open front door turn climate control on manual heat, A/C defrost on, rear window defroster on. Exit car and close door. Realize climate control turned off. Use phone app to set temperature to...
  16. W

    2016 Model S 75D For Sale

    Tesla 2016 Model S 75D For Sale I'm only selling because I'm upgrading to the P100D. Garage-kept. Frequently custom detailed. Mint interior. Features are: adaptive cruise, auto drive, factory navigation system, heated leather sport seats, heated steering wheel, full LED lighting package, Ultra...
  17. Freedom101

    Heated seats from the App?

    First cool morning since I received my X this summer. My wife asked me to heat the seats before we went for our Sunday Starbucks run and to my dismay, I can't find anything on the app? Is this not an option or am I just doing it wrong? If it's not on there, I mean common Elon! I know it's...
  18. Raindog1

    Sub Zero controls

    Does the MS or MX have the controls available to the rear passengers to control their heated seats? Or, is it up to the driver to adjust heat for the rear passengers? Just curious as I'm thinking of having this as an option. Thanks.
  19. bradwjohn

    NEW Performance all Black 2nd Row Seat Bottom

    This post is for a 2nd row (rear) seat for a Model S in Premium Black leather (heated) - brand new condition in the factory box. Retail on this part is $1,127.00 from my local Tesla dealer. I am asking $850. We have a bunch of Tesla Model S Interior parts for sale. Front seats, backseats...
  20. jsollender

    Model X Seat Warmer / Heater Meh?

    Just took a road trip up to the Colorado Rockies, 2 week old 90D with cold weather package, etc. My wife in passenger seat tried the seat warmer as it was in the 50's and rainy outside. She loves her Lexus GX seat warmer and commented that at the first setting level 3, the appropriate areas...
  21. BrandonR22

    Heated seats

    Hey guys, I didn't get the subzero weather package on the refresh '16 but do you get (at bare minimum) heated seats in the front? The option says "improve cold weather comfort" so I didn't know if they are standard in the front seats Thanks~
  22. David99

    Thermal photos of heated seats

    Inspired by Islandbaby's video, I got myself one of these thermal camera add-ons for my phone. I have a blast using it everywhere around the house and the car. I just tested out the heated seats and it's really interesting how the wires are in the seats.