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  1. C

    Weak heater on a 2018 model 3

    I always use AUTO but this month it doesn't seem to heat to the temperature I set. I usually like it at 70F or so, but even at 75F is still cold. I mean, not COLD cold, but definitely a few degrees below 70. Not sure for how long this has been happening because only now it's getting a bit...
  2. S

    Model X humming noise with heater

    Does Model X make a low humming sound when you turn the heat on? I am in Toronto and I am finding the noise from the car when it is put on high heat 22 / 24c. The car is a 2022 Model X.
  3. thelastdeadmouse

    2018 Model 3 Heat Broken After Installing 2022.44

    I have a 2018 Model 3 Performace I recently updated from a 2022.28 version to a 2022.44 version (I don't have wifi where I park). Shortly after (immediately?) running the update my heater stopped working. The fan blows but it blows cold. I was part of the group of people that had issues with...
  4. Y

    Backing up an On-Demand / Tankless (electric) water heater with Powerwall(s)

    Wondering if anyone has used a Tesla PV/ESS setup with on-demand / tankless (specifically electric) water heaters? TL;DR...could you split a 36kW tankless electric water heater across both your backed up load center and non-backed up (main panel) to have some hot water in the event of a power...
  5. ratsbew

    MAJOR breakthrough in HVAC control (heating with single occupant)

    Okay, so I'm an eco nerd and hate the impact that driving in the winter has. I've had my Model 3 through 4 winters now and just today (with the help of the Scan My Tesla app) did I discover that you can go manual temperature control, split the HVAC for left/right controls, set the passenger side...
  6. J

    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    As an imminent MY customer, I've been paying attention to the various threads about Heat pump problems. At the moment these are mostly stories of inoperative cabin heating/defrosting in extreme winter conditions. However, there are also older threads floating around about weak or occasionally...
  7. L

    Front window defrost switches itself off after a while

    Hi there, I have the problem that the front window defrost switches itself off after a while (on trips, while driving). This is not the case with the rear window. I noticed this when the front window started to get foggy on a regular basis on our journeys in winter and the corresponding icon...
  8. K

    Cold Air in Cabin

    Model S, Extended Range, born on 5/2020. Delivered 6/2020. My Climate Control has stopped functioning properly. In addition, COLD air comes into the passenger footwell regardless of setting. If you turn off CC, there is a cold breeze blowing in around the feet of the passenger. This is after a...
  9. Reeler

    Will the Model Y get a heat pump?

    Rumor is that the Model Y will get rid of the PTC heater in favor of a heat pump with a significantly redesigned cooling system. I have always wondered why Tesla didn't follow the other brands who offer a heat pump for us who love cold weather.
  10. David29

    Friendly tip -- Don't block the cabin air sensor!

    My spouse and I were on our way home from Cape Cod after watching my grandson play in a hockey tournament yesterday. it was quite cold, low 20s (F) and windy. On the trip down to the rink, the heater worked fine. The trip was more than 60 miles, plenty of distance for the cabin to heat up, or...
  11. cstork

    Tesla should show how much energy is going to heating

    A main reason range is significantly reduced in cold weather is heating the passenger compartment and the battery. It would be nice if Tesla would show energy usage of this heating and how much it is effecting range. This can help people appreciate the issue and perhaps get them to reduce...
  12. R

    Scan My Tesla results

    I own a 2018 M3 RWD and the following is some information I gathered using SMT. With the car not plugged and the ambient temp around 48F the car draws 3.5KW to heat the traction battery and about 7KW max to heat the cabin for a max total of 10-11KW. When the car is plugged into my 240V@24A it...
  13. B

    Cabin temp vs seat heaters with 3 passengers?

    I understand that using the seat heater instead of the cabin heating is more efficient, but if the cabin is cold I find that my hands get a bit colder than I'd like and also, the windscreen and windows start to mist up so I really need to have some cabin heating. So I'm finding that while...
  14. selfbp

    Does anybody else think the foot vent doesn’t work very well?

    I don’t know if it’s just me but the driver side foot vents on my car don’t warm my feet much at all. They DO blow air I can feel it rising past my steering wheel bottom. But the direction they point definitely doesn’t feel like the foot pedals where feet usually rest :( ..minor gripe of the...
  15. H

    Heater not maintaining settings

    I’ve been noticing every day when I get in my car, the temperature (set to HI in the winter) is still maintained, but the directional setting for air flow is changed to the lower (towards the feet) direction instead of the towards the face setting that I prefer. Also, the toggle for A/C is on...
  16. C

    Model 3 Heater Blows Cold Air

    Bought my Model 3 last June and brought it to South Korea with me and now experiencing my first Winter here. Really frustrated how the heater does not work. I’ve watched YouTube videos explaining how it needs time to heat the battery before the heater blows warm air. I’ve driven it on long trips...
  17. I

    How to tell if cabin heater is on

    Alright, probably a stupid question, but is there a way to tell that the cabin heater is being used besides feeling warm air coming out of the vents? I know it is more energy efficient to use the seat heaters, but how do I know the heat from the HVAC system is off? Thanks.
  18. B

    Heater Issues

    I took my M3 into the SC after reviewing posts about people having the same problems i had (have). The heater, on auto, on hi doesn't blow that hot. and for whatever reason only blows in the floorboards. so, i turn it on manual and turn it to hi and 10 blowing just out of the vent. it blows...
  19. D

    Servo noise when heater is on

    I have a 2015 70D, and yesterday the heater started making weird noises. Initially, on my way home, it made sort of a repeated clicking noise - kind of like a fan hitting something. I turned the heater off the rest of the way, and hoped the windows wouldn't fog up. This morning I tried the...
  20. BMW740iL

    Diesel Heater

    Hi there, any Tesla model 3 owners who have installed a diesel cabin heater? I found this user story on insideev: As demonstrated by commenter Stanislav Jaracz in New Jersey, you can install a diesel/petrol combustion heater for less than optimal plug-in driving days. All the heat you want -...
  21. C

    Centre Console heater not blowing any air to 2nd row

    Hi, just picked up a new MX last weekend (great service from Heathrow new customer collection team, btw). Having gone over the entire car very carefully I've found a few minor issues which I'm sure can be fixed in the bodyshop and will get it booked in (mostly alignment of chrome and a couple of...
  22. H

    Range drop

    Could this sudden drop be due to my using my heater today? Thanks very much.
  23. C

    Cold range numbers w/ various heat settings

    Hi folks, A quick few notes. I normally get around 135 Wh/km on highways in weather where I need no AC, heat, or open windows. Maybe windows are cracked a tiny bit, or low speed fan-only. LR AWD is rated for 150 Wh/km from what I can gather. Temperatures in degrees C. Range in km. Because...
  24. khorton

    Minimizing Cool Temperature Impact on Range?

    We will be doing our first long road trip with our Model 3 LR AWD starting on Sunday. It may be fairly cool on the morning we leave (temperature around freezing is forecast overnight), so I'm seeking advice on how to keep a warm enough temperature in the car while minimizing impact on range...
  25. S

    Weird heater problem

    so.. a friend has a weird problem with ptc heater.. maybe you guys can help out. Blows only cold air even at HI heat, then maybe after 30seconds blows really hot for a few seconds, then again cold air for next 30sec, then hot for a few seconds.. cycles like this. AC on/off has no effect.. model...
  26. F

    Wrong heater/AC vents blowing randomly

    2014 model S. The wrong heater/AC vents are blowing. Sometimes the Heater/AC will blow on my feet or the windshield even though I have selected the mid vents. Switching to the floor vent will some times get the mid vents to work but very little at the floor. Changing fan speed or recirculation...
  27. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  28. Sir Guacamolaf

    Misc. Model 3 questions

    Winter questions - 1. I remember with my Model S, the heater kinda sucked. My feet were never warm. How is it with Model 3 with an outside temp. of around 10F? 2. Model S dual motor gave you better range, better handling, better acceleration. Why is this not true for Model 3? Do you have...
  29. N

    No Heat Icon, Only Cool For Seats

    Loaded 2018 p100d X. Anyone else getting this? Heated/Ventilated seats always says "COOL" even when the heaters are on. It use to switch between the two. Scroll wheel reset didn't do anything. Running 2019.20.4.1. Search function didn't reveal a lot, either. Thanks! N8
  30. dmurphy

    Cabin Heater Temp?

    Seems odd to ask this in LATE JUNE, but here we are. It was about 65 degrees F today and raining. My wife got in the car and, because she was cold, turned the cabin heater up to HI. (Past 82F!) She was expecting melt-your-face heat, but instead only gets a very very luke warm air, if that...
  31. M

    Heater not working well

    Couldn't get much heat out of my heater today...not very cold out, but even turning it up to high on both auto and manual modes would hardly generate much heat. Finally after a long wait, got a little bit, but nothing like I'd expect for Hi and certainly not enough for wintertime. Anyone had this?
  32. surfrasch

    HVAC auto setting can a/c be off?

    is it possible to leave the temp setting on auto, but turn off the a/c? I can do this in our past Audi's and Volvo's.....have a long trip later today, was thinking I could save some energy by keeping the compressor off.
  33. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  34. SDRick

    Heater On Indicator

    Is there any way to tell if the heater (or air conditioner) is actually on and using power. Often, the ambient outside air temperature is sufficient to heat or cool the cabin with fan only without using additional battery to do so. It may be a silly question but how does one tell?
  35. A

    What do you guys leave your HVAC settings at?

    Under normal conditions, do you guys always have your fans blowing? At what temperature is it considered “heating”? I usually leave my fans on at the 1 speed just to have some fresh air. Temp is usually at 63.
  36. Z

    Turn the cabin heater on while Plugged in also warms battery?

    I have heated my cabin 15min before I left home today. The outside temperature is -15C, inside cabin was -5C. When I drove not only cabin is warm but also no cold battery sign, and my regen brake acts normal. I left my car in the garage for couple hours , again cabin temperature dropped to -5C...
  37. T

    Battery Consumption

    In my first month of a drive, I have driven 1400 miles. I drive in DC Metro traffic every day in this Nov-Dec Cold Weather. I noticed that my average power consumption has been 330 KWh/m. I drive about 22 miles one way and 50 miles round trip in a day with average time on road being about 50-65...
  38. zhu-

    200 Wh/mile to use heater?

    Since I received my Model 3 about three weeks ago, I have almost never seen anything under 300 Wh/mile. Usual range for me was easily 350-450 Wh/mile. Since it was new I didn't think much of it but eventually realized I had pretty poor range. I noticed a few guys talking about not using their...
  39. E

    Access to the heater assembly?

    How to access the heater assembly. Looking at the Parts Catalog, I'm guessing it's behind the glove box? I have to replace the PTC heater that slides in the assembly. Anyone here any experience with that? Thanks, Stu.
  40. Nocturnal

    Solution to saving energy in cold weather (no heater required)

    Get a 12v heated blanket! :p https://www.amazon.com/Car-Cozy-Patented-Trillium-Worldwide/dp/B0000DYVN9/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1543853558&sr=8-3&keywords=12v+heated+blanket
  41. Birdman325

    HVAC (Heater) Really Does Use a Lot of Energy

    Very unscientific test. - I have a LR AWD Model 3 currently running on the 18” Aero winter package. - Most mornings I do the same drive - first I drive my son to school, and then I head down to work. The drive from my son’s school to my office in downtown Toronto is apx. 17.6 km (just shy of 11...
  42. gavine

    Which Heater Setting is More Efficient?

    Let's assume it is 40F outside and cabin temp is set 70F, would it be more efficient to use recirc with AC-on or fresh air with AC-off. I realize recirc with AC off would be most efficient, but the windows get foggy so recirc basically requires AC, at least if using for any extended amount of...
  43. Minecon_CA

    No more "Auto" setting for each section of climate control in version 9?

    Is there a way to have the "Auto" setting for each section of climate control like in version 8 instead of Auto all?
  44. ConcordeSST

    Strange window fogging

    I've been noticing the strangest thing with my driver's side window ever since it's been below freezing in my area. Most often during hard acceleration, I'll notice the driver's side window fogging. But only that window. The window will be fine as I'm driving normally, and then instantly fog up...
  45. Birdman325

    Cabin Temp Setting in Cold Weather?

    Obviously this is a personal choice, and everyone may have a different view, but now that the cold weather is starting to appear, and it will only be getting colder, just wondering what people have been setting their cabin temp (with the objective of minimizing range hit)? It may change when it...
  46. E

    Heater problems

    I just got my first Tesla. It's a 2014 Model S P85+. It has the Tech package. It does not have the Winter package. I've noticed the heater isn't working. I've checked the fuses, these are good. It seems that the windscreen heater does work, but it's not strong. Thus, obviously I'm suspecting...
  47. timk225

    Lifetime average power usage starting to go up with heater use!

    I've got 14,400 miles on my 3, and the lifetime power usage meter has been slowly dropping, it was down to 225 Wh/mile recently. But now that I'm starting to use the heater, the power usage is going up, it was at 227 yesterday! And I already notice the difference, having the heat on in the car...
  48. E

    AC back vents blowing warm air

    Noticed that when AC is on "Auto" the vents on the back blow warm air (even when temp is set to 65*) Took it to Tesla Service and they told me this is "normal". When I set the AC to "Manual" the issue disappears. Anyone noticed similar behavior?
  49. D

    turn off heater?

    so is there any way to turn of the heater? i can’t find one. if the temperature selected is just a little bit warmer than the cabin, i see the red tinted air graphic, which i assume means the heater is powered up. The ac can be switched off in manual mode, but i can find no such option to...
  50. israndy

    HVAC set to VENT

    OK, again, why do we not have a section or two of this board dedicated to issues across the entire model lines? Like "Software" or "Interior" or "Repairs", when I post to the Tesla, Inc. section of the board I feel like it should be related to hiring or stocks or PR. Anyway: Every car I have...