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  1. Glenn T

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Cleared out the garage in anticipation for the new Y. I previously had a 3 that got eaten 😋 up by this Garage Door! Looking to replace this garage door opener with something more Tesla friendly. I live in a part of California that hits triple digits during the summer. Any suggestions or...
  2. Z

    Tesla Agreement has incorrect information. No word from Advisor.

    Good morning all :) I just received my VIN yesterday, yays! However, the information listed on the Tesla agreement paperwork isn't completely correct. Little background: I live in NH and my closet pickup location is in NJ, 275 miles away, so I don't really want to make the trip for pickup to...
  3. tshields

    Vendor Champlain tower building collapse in Surfside, FL

    Dear Fam, Here at TeslaShields, we put our community and our customers above all. I am sure most of you have heard about the tragic building collapse that occurred in Surfside, Miami, Florida (a few minutes from where we are based in.) This has hit home to us, especially as a good friend of...
  4. E

    Sport rims curb rash

    I relied too heavily on the white lines in the backup camera during a parallel park and finally curb rashed my back rim 😩 Can anyone recommend a DIY fix for the 19” sport rims?
  5. M

    Dashcam icon frequently dissapearing after last update

    Model 3 SR+ w/ Samsung T5 ssd. Been working rock solid since I got it. Recently having very consistent dashcam icon dissapearing when I enter my car. Reboot usually fixes it but it's happening way too much now. Rebooting more than once a day.. Is the ssd going bad? Or is it a bug from the...
  6. M

    Sentry Cam no longer recording every event after update?

    After the most recent update for my M3 SR, 2020.48.35.5, my sentry cam no longer records all the events. Several times this week Ive got into my car to see there are multiple events, today was 8, and go to view on sentry viewer and there is only 1 video of me getting into my car. Sentry...
  7. G

    Attention Any Potential New Owners in London

    I wanted to offer my assistance to any potential new owners of Tesla's or any other EV's to help them navigate their first few steps into EV ownership. I live in SW London so happy to meet if you are local or can communicate over phone etc if you aren't. Am happy to answer any questions or...
  8. P

    Weak Seat Motors

    Howdy y'all! I recently did a test drive of a Model Y. Amazing vehicle, but I was surprised and disappointed to find out that the seat motors for both driver and passenger are too weak to adjust the seat without me lifting myself off of them. I am a large dude (350). I've never had this problem...
  9. M

    Model X Wannabe: How to convince the wife?

    Hi Folks. Great forum, and lots of good info. I've searched, and read through a lot of similar threads to my subject. Currently have family (~4 year old, and 1.5 year old), and driving a 2005 Honda Pilot with wife having a 2013 Subaru Outback. My friend just took delivery of his Y, (AS WELL AS...
  10. Z

    Tesla model 3 performance carbon spoiler damage and the bumper on the back

    Just buy a model 3 tesla 14 days ago and im all ready found a mistake, my carbon spoiler got a damage the plastic has been torn in a small place im afraid that water would penetrate in and make it worse, what to do remove the plastic or new spoiler? my back bumper has pulled away a bit, but I...
  11. F

    Driver Side Mirror Turned Out...Fix, Please

    Images are attached. My wife hit my driver mirror with her side door and turned the mirror out. I don't want to pull it back in as I feel the force I had to use seemed as though it could break an internal component. Any ideas on what to do would be appreciated. I'm also trying to avoid the...
  12. G

    Unannounced (surprise!) Tesla Delivery - Part 2: How to Deal w/ Delivery Issues?

    Hi All, I posted a thread last week about our experience moving to another state, and Tesla forcing us to accept delivery of a Model Y by dropping it off at our future house days before we had even moved into the house! (you can read more in the thread here), Update since we finally got...
  13. A

    Requesting expertise on buying from tesla.com/used vs dealership

    Hi! 1. Is it "safer" to purchase used Model S from tesla.com/used than dealerships? 2. What are some important things to look/test for if I do go with a dealership (which seems cheaper) vs from Tesla I did lots of digging on reddit but I was hoping to get some inputs from the community here on...
  14. S

    New 2019 MX Long Range

    Hi All! I have been creeping on here a while. I leased a 2017 MS and then had a GLE AMG Benz, which was great, but doesn't compare to Tesla! I luckily found a GEM of a deal in Orlando on a 2019 NEW Long Range Model X with only 200 miles. Apparently someone bought it, but returned the next day...
  15. C

    Question about 5mm spacers on my 22in Vossen rims

    Hey everyone I have a question regarding tires for my Vossen rims with 5mm spacers. Background: Currently I have Vossen VFS2 22x9 (5x120 +30) Front and 22x10.5 (5x120 +38) Rear. For about a year I have had Nexen N5000 Plus tires, which I have been happy with, but the problem is the fronts are...
  16. J

    Disinfecting wipes?

    Hi guys, Just took delivery of my new M3P yesterday. I have to give Tesla credit, we did a completely hands off delivery. Paperwork was sent digitally, and the car was dropped off by a tow truck. We have an immune-compromised child, so we are on hyper alert with everything going on. COVID-19...
  17. P

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    hi friends, yesterday i was just waiting (stopped) on the highway to exit onto a ramp, and this van hits me at i don't know... 40-60mph? you can see in the attached pic the damage the van suffered during the crash my car suffered some damage, maybe 6inches of dent in the back? (pretty big area...
  18. M

    About to join the Tesla club, help needed

    Hi everyone I’m about to join the Tesla brigade with a new P100D Model X, as ordering at the weekend. However, I’m hoping you can all help me learn a few things please? I hear that some of the Model X’s are called Ravens, is this just a USA thing? I also hear that the mobile connection isn’t...
  19. M

    First Time Model S Buyer

    Hi All, this is my first post so apologies if I mess something up. I am looking at buying my first model S but need some help. It is a 2013 Model S Signature 60 KWH (191 miles per charge). The car has 175k miles on it, has no accidents, and has a clean title. Black with black leather. Tech...
  20. J

    M3 LR + FSD vs M3P no FSD

    **You can skip this part I'm just explaining my situation** I'm going to get rid of my current car (0 debt no profit) and going to get a model 3. I'm going to finance it via lease 3rd party (cause you dont have the option to buy your lease at the end with tesla). However I believe I will be...
  21. S

    HELP! Model S Won’t Charge at Supercharger

    Hey guys, I’m in sort of a pickle here. Was driving back to Birmingham from Atlanta after a football game and planned on using the supercharger in Oxford, AL instead of using one in ATL for a few minutes after the game. Anyway, I pulled in with 10 miles range. When I plug in, it says “starting...
  22. D

    How do I sell a Model S?

    My boss has tasked me with selling his 2014 Model S 85 and I have no idea where to start! Can you all give me any advice on where to list it, Tesla-specific details to list in the ad, etc? The car is in excellent shape, I'm just not sure what sort of things are important to someone looking to...
  23. J

    Decisions, Which Car to Pick

    I have an option between 2 cars. I am a new member to the forum and have been scouring furiously and reading up but asking for advice on my on personal situation. Please assist in choice and rational. BTW I live in Texas so, no snow, but heavy rain several times in year...and btw switching from...
  24. E

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope

    I've been a lurker for that last 2 years following the Supercharger threads for Alexandria, Fargo, Grand Forks & Pembina. With the false hope of "End of 2017"/"End of 2018" and now "End of 2050" stations to be completed. You see, I've been putting off a trip. A trip to travel from Montreal...
  25. J

    Full Self Driving vs Long Range

    Hello! I'm about ready to pull the trigger and new Model 3. What's holding up my decision, is the choice between Full Self Driving vs Long Range. I live in FL and those of you know, we drive and put on some miles. Once I buy, I'm going to drive the piss out of the car. I drive 125 round...
  26. tfraley

    Wall Charger Not lighting up

    Good day guys. Was wondering if any of you have run into this. I've had my wall charger 2-3 months so far working fine. Today I went ahead and plugged in my M3 and noticed the wall charger is not lighting up Now I looked in the car (Standard Range Plus) and I'm getting 32A at 235V...
  27. O

    Body Part Shipping and Help

    My car has been at the body shop for over two and a half months after a collision. The body shop has received the front fender in damaged condition THREE times. No update for the 4th order on the same part. It is beyond frustrating to see how a company that is trying to operate leanly is unable...
  28. A

    I Need Some Advice On Buying My Tesla.

    Hi, I'm new here. If this is the wrong place to post, please let me know and I'll delete. Here's my dilemma: I've been looking at two teslas - 1: New 2019 Tesla.com ordered Performance Model 3 would be ordered with FSD & White interior at $66,900.00 2: Used Late 2016 Model S P100DL. It has...
  29. R

    Model 3 Rear Passenger Seats Rattling

    I'm currently having some intense rattling in my rear passenger seats (particularly the right one) and the seat always rattles. I've taken it to a service center (and paid them $195...) to "fix" it, but even after they told me the rattle is gone, it's still there. Was wondering if any of you...
  30. A

    Surprise Tesla experience wanted for a colleague in Czech Republic!

    Hey all, this is a long shot, but I know how passionate the Tesla community is and figured I'd give it a try... Every year in my workplace, we get a day off as a "treat" and this includes an experience of some kind which each employee would really enjoy, tailored to their tastes. It works like...
  31. aslam

    Urgent Request - Need a mobile charger in Seattle/Seatac/Tacoma area for a few days

    I'm in a bit of a bind here... and I'm hoping someone in the Seattle/Seatac/Tacoma-area can help me out. The Situation: A bit more than a week ago I parked my MS 100D at the Park N' Jet 2 long-term lot close to Seatac airport with about a 25% charge still remaining. Yesterday I checked my app...
  32. D

    LR RWD FSD 53100€ vs SR+ FSD 47900€

    Hey there, It seems that although LR is not available on my country's site, they did say I could have it off-menu. That's the model I wanted since the beginning, so I'm quite tempted but there's still 5200€ of difference. I've asked if this was some stock or production, she said production...
  33. H

    Help diagnosing a rattle sound

    Hey everyone. I have a Model 3 delivered in July 2018. 20k miles on it already and things have been great. However, ever since the beginning, we have had this rattle noise coming from the driver side dash. I would describe the sound like a faulty ball bearing that is spinning. The sound...
  34. MS85DAnthony

    Weird Rectangle like scratch

    Hi, Tesla Community So I just noticed last night a weird rectangle like scratch on my model S on the upper right portion of the screen. I have not banged anything or even hit the screen but out of nowhere this pops up. When I pass my nail over it to check to see if it’s a scratch, my nail just...
  35. O

    lied to about super charging?

    I bought my 3rd model S this December. I was told several times during delivery that it only came with 3 years of super charging not lifetime like my others and that there was nothing that they could do about it. I ask them to send a request up the chain several times. Nothing. No with the new...
  36. J3ThePainless

    Trying to by can't find financing

    Hello everyone, I have placed my order for the new stander range plus earlier today but am having issues finding a financial institution who will finance a Tesla. I am a resident of Connecticut so the nearest delivery center is in NY and Tesla does not offer to finance in this state. I have...
  37. D

    Add a wifi connection popup

    This morning I got into my Model 3 and found that I had a new pop-up message from Tesla on my screen (pic attached). I get that Tesla designed these cars to utilize WiFi and I get that 3G/4G for as many cars as they have in their fleet gets expensive quickly (hence the no-so-long-ago removed...
  38. Raindog1

    How do you answer, how much did you pay?

    I fall in line with those who have made the leap into a Model 3 from a lesser expensive car. And I'm quickly finding out that people have no hesitation about asking questions that I was always taught would be rude to ask. So, for those of us who have made the move to a more expensive car...
  39. S

    Help! Newbie WTB 2015 P85D

    Hey guys, I've been considering a Tesla for quite some time. My Lexus lease is up this month and I believe I'm about ready to pull the trigger. After searching all the available years and models, it seems to me one of the best values for the money is a 2015 P85D. I'm looking at a couple...
  40. B

    Suis-je fou de roadtrip à la France rurale ?

    Bonjour je suis en utilisant un service de traduction lanugage afin d'excuses pour les erreurs. Je suis en voyage en août pour la France (Cherves-Châtelars, 16310, France) via le tunnel. Il serait amusant à conduire dans le Tesla (au lieu de voler) mais je m'inquiète de la charge à/près de...
  41. zanary

    Improving the Tesla Model S Alarm

    Back in 2005, I installed a shock sensor to the hood latch alarm of my old Infiniti FX35AWD primarily because the alarm in my old FX (like my Model S) only activates when a door, frunk or trunk is forcibly open, not when there is substantial motion detected. With the help of a friend, we...
  42. M

    Can't Enable Autosteer

    After picking up my model 3 this weekend and driving for awhile I noticed I had driven over 50 miles so I decided to try out autopilot as I was on the freeway. However, it wasn't working, just cruise control. I noticed that the car was reading speed limit signs and recognizing all the other cars...
  43. tangerine

    2017 MX Shuts Down dangerously on Expressway–I'm losing faith in Tesla and my car

    So I was driving home today in my Model X on Lawrence Expressway in Santa Clara, CA and stopped at the red light. When the light turned green, I pushed on the gas and noticed that the car did not move and put itself into park and threw up a bunch of warnings on the dash and on the main screen...
  44. @

    Model 3 Cold Shoulder (?): Day 1 Reservation, Signature S Owner

    Bare with me on this one; I am at a loss, and would like some suggestions on where to go from here. On my way to the Sales & Service Center for my Model 3 delivery (mid Feb), I was called by my delivery rep to say that they couldn’t deliver the vehicle; the issue was apparently with a brake...
  45. N

    Model 3 Charging: Quick question about electrician installing HPWC

    Hi everyone, I apologize if this is a silly question as I'm not an electrician, but I have an electrician coming out to 'install' my HPWC into my garage on Monday. Unfortunately, my shipping got delayed on the actual HPWC and won't arrive on time/by Monday. As of now, he is still coming out...
  46. K

    Radio goes on after ending a phone call -- when it wasn't on before!

    Does anyone else have this problem? I'm in my Model X with the radio OFF. I make a phone call, hang up, and then the radio comes on automatically -- every single time. It is off before I make the call. Sometimes it's very startling because I'm driving and it's loud. The radio will also come...
  47. digitalboi

    If You Are Evacuating and Need a Charge!!!

    If you are an evacuee and traveling in your Tesla and need a charge to continue I have a charger you are welcome to use to get you through to the next stop! PM me
  48. selfbp

    Ugh.. I just dont know now.

    So I ordered a New Inventory car, a white 2017 S75 with Enhanced Autopilot and Ultrawhite seats being the options. I plan on going with lowering springs or new suspension setup. But Im also a performance kinda guy as well... and I know the S75 now has (atleast I would hope my unit does or I'll...
  49. AutobahnEV

    Cutoff Dates for GEN1 v GEN2 Cluster?

    Does anyone know when Tesla switched from the GEN1 cluster 1004788-00-C and older to the GEN2 cluster -D and newer?
  50. G

    Brakes/Suspension Noise when coming to a stop

    I want peoples opinions and thoughts on an ongoing issue I've had with my 2016 X with just 1K miles. Is your Model X completely quiet when coming to a stop?? When coming to a complete stop, as soon as the car stops it makes a weird creak noise. Think of a 18 wheeler coming to a dead stop and...

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