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hepa filter

  1. M

    Unable to drive : Remote keyless driving says "key not present" - FIX

    I want to tell you what I did to fix the problem where my Model X would not drive. 1) key was not detected 2) Attempted to remote start car. Command was sent successfully and said keyless driving was enabled. However, when attempting to press on brake and shift into gear, a message appeared...
  2. S

    HEPA Filter Replacement

    I have searched this forum for relevant information but came up short. I have a 2017 model S with Biodefence mode and 29000 miles on the odometer. Last year I upgraded both computers at Tesla Service and asked them to replace the HEPA filter. They replaced the cabin filter but not the HEPA...
  3. Mo City

    Model Y HEPA filter and heated steering wheel?

    This 26Dec post from @greentheonly on Twitter shows the owners manual for MIC Model Y mentioning a HEPA filter and heated steering wheel. The HEPA filter is more important to me than extra range from an 82 kWh battery. Any news of these for Fremont Model Ys?
  4. A

    Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter?

    I saw the option to purchase a HEPA filter on the Tesla website for $500. Is this just for replacement? 1. Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter installed? Or do you have to buy one and install it after delivery? 2. How do I check if my car has a HEPA filter installed? Is there a...
  5. E

    Cars with HEPA filter

    Hello forum. I'm new here and looking for a used Model S 75 or higher with Dual Motors under $50k. I've noticed that some facelifted cars come with HEPA filter and wanted to know if anyone had experience with and without it. Is there is a significant value to added to a car with HEPA versus...
  6. J

    Is the Bio Defense Mide worth it?

    Saw the recent news about the $500 retrofit for Bio Defense Mode available for the newer fascia Model S and X. I've also seen some threads of folks installing their own HEPA filters. For those that have the Mode, do you think it is worth the upgrade? I know it may come down to personal...
  7. ishareit

    WTB - Tesla HEPA filter for my 2017 Model S

    Want to buy a brand new HEPA filter for my Model S. Tesla SC in Fremont will not sell it to me. Part # from the new parts catalogue is 1059333-00-E
  8. Farzinfar

    Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

    Hello everybody While I am still wondering how someone disconnected a Tesla wall connector from my car while charging (Read more here please: Tesla wall connector issue), I have one question about the upgrade I made to my car this week. Yesterday, Tesla upgraded my Model S with normal filter...
  9. V

    Non-OEM HEPA Replacement Filter For S/X

    Got it from a group buy but it was not compatible with my car. Brand new, never opened. Compatible with all facelift MS (including AP1) and all MX models. $90+shipping Comes with detailed install instructions as well.