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high beams

  1. A

    High beams always on…

    I’ve notice recently that every Tesla I see has there high beams on. Not sure if there is a system problem or if people are just leaving them on all the time? I drive for a living and find it very dangerous on other peoples vision of the road. Not sure Tesla owners know this or care? Well this...
  2. Mr. Jetson

    2022 Model S: High Beams and Auto-Locking Questions

    1. Having difficulty manually turning on high beams and keeping them on until manually turned off. Here's what I found in the manual, but it is not working. The lights quickly revert to regular head lights. Solutions? Thanks. 2. The updated locking system setting that allows unlocking doors and...
  3. MacMcIntire

    Headlights too bright?

    Hi, forgive me if this has already been discussed. I searched the forum and could not find this topic. I was wondering if any other Model 3 owners experience other drivers flashing their high beams at you as if they are trying to get you to turn off your high beams. This happens to me every...
  4. W

    Auto high beams not working

    I'm on the latest update,but it started happening before the latest one. My auto high beams don't work like they did before. Should I contact the SC?
  5. B

    High beam headlight problem

    My passenger side headlight seems to be defective with a high beam that is too low. I have had the car to the service center 3 times without getting it corrected. Both low beams are correctly adjusted and are aimed at the same height. The high beam on the passenger side hits the road about 40 ft...
  6. Haxster

    HW2: Still no rain-sensing wipers. No Auto-high beams

    I can understand the difficulty of safely implementing AP functions, but what's the deal with sensing water on the windshield or controlling the high beams? Both of these are really mature technologies and have already been implemented in pre-HW1 Teslas. I was hoping that these two features...
  7. C

    High beams

    it seems like my high beams on my MS 85D never turn on automatically through the controls setting; how do I test it? I have gone in fairly dark places with no reflections and barely any light but it never switches automatically to high beams. If I turn it on manually by pulling the stalk...