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hill climb

  1. Zextraterrestrial

    NHA (Northwest Hillclimb Association)

    🥰 With Pike's peak going on currently I'm getting pretty excited for next weekend's hill climb! Will be my 4th hill ( I've raced just over 40 miles of hills in 3 events) Cascade lakes last weekend was canceled (low #'s), Bible creek is canceled(construction) and Hoopa is too ( CV-19? /...
  2. Zextraterrestrial

    2020 Bible Creek Hill Climb King P3-

    This happened yesterday! :p King Me! ... I want Tesla sponsorship for a cage o_O sry- loud music in car while driving! 10% range / run 2.2 miles Subaru that was saving some for Sunday blew up and I just beat his Saturday time! a few of the cars in this clip that should have beat me...
  3. fasteddie7

    2448cfc first noticable update to AP1

    Holy cow! I'm shocked at the improvements to AP1 with the 2448cfc update. I have a hour long commute one way with a ton of sharp curves and hills. Prior to the update, it would take sharp turns full speed and veer off over the crest of hills. It still does the hill thing, but it now slows...
  4. M

    Towing jet skis to North Lake Tahoe

    This week my family took a vacation to Donner Lake in the North Lake Tahoe Area. We took our Model X and towed a pair of jet skis on a double trailer. I was very nervous about the climb up the hill and can report that the X did great. We have a P90D and the available towing power is amazing...