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  1. Z

    All Civil War Park Sites, 3LR

    As you may know, the National Park Service has a lot of Civil War sites. I believe I have been to all the official battle sites in my Long Range Tesla 3, and I arranged them below into a chronological narrative of the war. This is cross-posted from my ad-free Zero Carbon Travel blog, and each...
  2. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance's origins, Bulletproof Automotive, unearthed an old invoice paid via X.com.

    http://x.com! Found in an old box at the office from our Bulletproof Automotive origins. (Prior to co-founding Unplugged Performance) http://X.com’s PayPal October 2000 payment stub to our CEO Ben Schaffer. Back in year 1 of our 22 years, our clients paid us with http://X.com. The things we...
  3. D

    Mileage history graph

    My insurance renewal will be coming up shortly and, with the pandemic, I've been driving a lot less (I'm retired). I'm starting to look at pay-per-mile type policies but one thing that would help me decide is to know how many miles I drove last year. Obviously, the odometer tells me total...
  4. M

    How to see a history of vehicle usage in app or in tesla account?

    I have had my telsa m3 for a bit over 2 weeks but I think I am not able to find some features or they are mysteriously missing. I have another vehicle, plug-in kia optima and I can use the app or online to see trips that the car has made even mark them as leisure or business if I needed to for...
  5. S

    Pulling Logs

    I saw a reference on some other Tesla Model that one could "pull the logs" which seemed to refer to charging a trip log history. Is this possible in general? Is it possible for the model 3? If so, how?
  6. CoastalCruiser

    An article on the history of the EV

    For those who enjoy learning more about the electric car... EV Archeology — Unearthing Key Artifacts From The Annals Of Electric Car History (Part 1)
  7. DITB

    Tesla HK history - summary of essential events

    OK, here is a little history lesson, with certain highlights from the last years: I put my own deposit down in December 2012, but eventually had to wait 21 months for my (non-signature) Model S right hand drive delivery on September 23rd, 2014. Tesla has their own calendar which doesn't always...
  8. vfx

    Chronicling Tesla's history

    Within a year or so someone will be writing the first book about Tesla and the Roadster. A Google search finds more and more repetitive info on the subject. Tesla's own site picks and chooses what image will sell cars -nothing wrong with that and Darryl's sites are alway exciting "insiders...