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  1. N

    Ideas for concealing backboard / panel / meter / electrical boxes for parking lot EV chargers at condo.

    Hey all, I joined my condos BOD for pretty much the sole purpose of completing an EV charging project. The project was finally approved and the install started today. We pulled out a new electrical service, so needed a backboard, electrical panels, and meter. I might be overly paranoid here...
  2. lchen6

    Solar Panel Installation/ CA HOA Approval Form?

    Hey all, (new to solar here) The solar panel designed just got sent to us in Tesla.com portal and since we belong to a HOA (small informal HOA, 3 units total), I was wondering if there's an "official form" to get the HOA signed and approved for? or Tesla will send me something from their end...
  3. G

    Charging my model 3 in Hawaii with an hoa

    Hi! New memeber. Wife and I just ordered our 2021 model 3 this week. We live on maui and own a condo. I understand the under Hawaii rules for ev that an Hoa has to allow you to charge your car. I was wondering if anyone has had any dealing with this. I believe our car arrives in about 4 weeks. I...
  4. 1.21Jigawatts

    Questions about condo charging near the ocean

    Ok bear with me, looking for advice from the group. I have a M3 LR on order due to be delivered in Feb. I own a condo at the beach in NC. We rent it out all summer and use it a little in the off season. The closest superchargers are a hour away (Myrtle Beach and Wilmington). I have access...
  5. C

    Picking a fight with HOA (NC)

    PS: Shamelessly copying the template from another thread for a different state. Soliciting opinions and advice from the community. Basic situation is this -- My HOA outright rejected my application for Tesla solar install stating solar panels cannot be installed in the front area of the house...
  6. E

    Solar Roof - Texas - HOA declined

    Hi All, HOA declined our solar roof last week and I was wondering if anyone had any experience around this? Not sure if it's worth appealing or just cancelling the order. The reason given was that the roof has to be "weathered wood" asphalt even though there's a clause for solar shingles and...
  7. T

    California HOA Insurance

    Hello, My wife and I live in an apartment building and would like to get a level 2 charger installed. My HOA is asking about additional insurance for the charger as it will be installed in the common area and they want to be covered in case of any problems. This morning I got a call from my our...
  8. Spacep0d

    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    Hi Teslarati! I've resumed comms with my HOA about installing new power to my garage for a dedicated charger since traditional methods just won't work right now. I'm willing to pay for this, but I'm hoping this doesn't turn in to some protracted battle. I dislike that the fate of my charger...
  9. B

    San Diego: Recommendations for electricians to install 240V outlet in condo garage?

    In my ongoing research on dealing with the feasibility of buying a Model S, I have to deal with an HOA for my condo, and get board approval for any alterations to the common garage space to install power to my parking space. Anybody been there done that already in the San Diego area? Any...