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home charger

  1. T

    Sold FS: Tesla Wall Connector 24’ NACS Cable

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS: Tesla Wall Connector 24" NACS Cable. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. T

    For sale FS: Tesla Wall Connector 24’ NACS Cable

    Brand new in box OEM Tesla Wall Charger with 24’ NACS cable. This is the one from the referrals, we had some extra points so I thought I'd help someone on here out.
  3. S

    Charging Options to use 30 amps & 240 V breaker switch ( Electric Dryer) to charge my Tesla at home

    I have a 30 amps & 240 V breaker switch ( Electric Dryer). I see this can be used if we setup a 14-30 outlet and with 14-30 Adapter from tesla using mobile connector. Wanted to know if below options are feasible or not ? Option 1: Can we setup a J1772 outlet using 30 AMPS & 240v Electric...
  4. J

    Tesla Scheduled Charging Overridden

    I think my Model 3 is getting confused as to when to charge. I’ve had a read of similar threads but can’t see my problem. Which is…I can’t seem to deselect departure time. And when I choose scheduled charging it seems to default to departure time charging. My electricity is at its cheapest...
  5. G

    Does anyone stock wall charging stations in SoCal?

    I am in need of a charging station for my house as the bmw one I used took a dump last night. Do you guys know if anyone has the tesla ones in stock? TIA
  6. J

    Wall Connector pin broke off

    I went to go supercharge the other day and noticed a piece of plastic in my charge port. I was able to just slip it out easily and once I got home, noticed that it came from my wall connector. Should I be concerned or is this piece just insignificant? Seems like it’s just to help you line...
  7. S

    Plan for Connecting Wall Charger 100+ Feet Away and Future Proofing Setup?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best plan for running power to my wall connector. I live in SoCal. My electrician is coming next week, but I want to have a jump-start and possibly start buying materials ahead of time. My box is a 100 amp panel and only has one more space for a 50 amp double...
  8. P

    Home Charger only charging at 18amps

    Hi all, I'm a personal assistant and my boss and their spouse each have Tesla's (2021 Model Y and 2021 Model 3) and had a home charger installed before I came on board. The home charger is only charging at 18amps. If you adjust the car to take a charge beyond 18 amps, it charges for 10 minutes...
  9. K

    Tesla Model X will not charge at supercharger or at home charger

    For the future when someone else also has this problem Problem: Tesla Model X will not charge at the supercharger and/or at the home charger. Sometimes works for a few seconds, up to a few minutes then disconnects. No Red error light on the charging port. Solution: Remove the key battery...
  10. Mm2021

    Home charging location of Charger

    Hi Friends, I’m in the midst of trying to figure out a location for my charger. Unfortunately my house driveway is less that ideal for locating a charger. Distance from the electric meter to the proposed locations have been too long to be covered by pod point or EO without exceptionally...
  11. C

    Tesla Wall Connector (Level 2 charger) "out of stock" [thread from 2020]

    Not off to a very good start as a new customer. I take delivery next week in Maryland of a Model 3 and the recommended Tesla Wall Connector/Level 2 charger is "out of stock" on the website and at the dealer. But there is a catch. If you use the Tesla recommended electrician, then they will...
  12. M

    Need help with homecharging options

    Hi all I'm looking into buying my first Tesla but I'm really comfused about the homecharging options I found that i can use the 230V outlets that are already installed at my house how fast is this going? should this be a special one that's alone on a circuit? install a homebox I have 3...
  13. Kelr316

    Tesla requires 60A Disconnect switch w/charger?

    I received a quote from a Tesla authorized installer today and he says Tesla requires a 60A disconnect switch within 5’ of the home charger? Is this true? The reason I ask is it added $425.00 to the quote (not including the charger) vs just going with just a 50A and a NEMA 14/50 plug.
  14. Kelr316

    Tesla requires 60A Disconnect switch w/charger?

    I received a quote from a Tesla authorized installer today and he said Tesla requires a 60A disconnect switch within 5’ of the home charger? Is this true? The reason I ask is it added $425.00 to the quote (not including the charger) vs just going with just a 50A and a NEMA 14/50 plug.
  15. R

    Need recommendation for home charger

    Hey folks - just received my new (used) Roadster and I need to buy a home charger. I would like to get something that charges the quickest. It can be hardwired or plug in (NEMA 6-50). Also wondering what is the best cleaning solution for the interior floor trim that constantly gets scuffed up...
  16. Accelev

    Using 3-phase for faster charging US import Tesla (1-phase).

    This is my approach to build a charger for those, who have Tesla US imports. First I have built that for Nissan Leaf my Wife owns. As these charge via single-phase charger, using 3-phase 16A (typical across Europe) gives no good speed (all you have is 3,3 kW, and phase is fully loaded, so...
  17. dst87

    Andersen scraps WiFi?

    The charger we were pretty set on buying, the Andersen A2 Tethered, has suddenly become much less appealing. According to their website, as of July 2019 WiFi is no longer a supported way to connect the charger to the network - only ethernet is supported. We’ve just had our house installed by...
  18. Antares Nebula

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit?

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit? Want to install a Tesla Wall Connector for one Tesla (Model 3). May or may not buy additional Teslas in future. Since I (that is my electrician) have to do the electrical work for one connector, which only...
  19. Antares Nebula

    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug? See: New Tesla Home Charging Station Offers Faster Charging, Plus You Can Take It With You | CleanTechnica Tesla unveils first home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet – TechCrunch Tesla launches new Wall...
  20. D

    New Home Build Charging Options

    Hi All, Currently building a new home and own an M3. Likely will add MY in the future and trying to think through an EV for teens when they get a bit older. My question is should I go with a couple of wall mounted telsla chargers or am I better off having a universal charger that could charge...
  21. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...
  22. 1.21GW

    60A Breaker -> 4 gage or 6 gage wire?

    I have received a few quotes to install my Tesla Wall Connector for my model 3. The biggest difference between the quotes is wire size. All electricians have their reasons, i’d like to know what you think My setup: 60A circuit breaker 48A max charging amps (wall connector setting #9) 35 ft...
  23. mrfra62

    Charging Model X

    So sorry guys. I'm new Tesla owner Model X. Maybe it has been posted before but can anyone tell me if it is possible to create home charging with the cable directly connected to high voltage power supply (in Dutch it would be "krachtstroom") 380/400 V? So it would be on one end the type 2 outlet...
  24. M

    A great looking home charger for Tesla

    There are quite a few home chargers out there, but there is one particular design which I am fond of - the Andersen A1 Home Charge Point (Premium Home Charge Points For Your Electric Car | Andersen). It fit's the premium Tesla looks and does a decent charge if you want to charge your car at home...
  25. R

    Tesla Ready homes for sale: Utah

    New Listing: just 35 minutes from Utah's Silicon Slopes, in a peaceful secluded neighborhood with a little over an acre of land for young adventurers to explore on, this house is Tesla ready, with solar panels and a 240 v outlet in the garage. 654 S 975 W Mapleton, UT 84664
  26. Haxster

    DIY Energy Monitor

    For under $50 you can build a plug & play energy monitor for your EV that lets you check voltage, current, Watts, and kWh. Here’s what I used: Amazon.com: DROK Digital Multimeter AC Voltage Amperage Power Energy 4in1 Meter 80-260V 100A Volts Amps Testing Gauge 22kW 9999kWh Power Energy...
  27. cstromme

    Tesla Wall Connector - Any way to attach this to a pole coming out of the ground?

    So we're debating wether or not if we should replace our current wall charger with a Tesla Wall Connector, but if we do I would love it if I could move it away from the house and closer to the parking space itself. But to do so I would need to put something in place that the Wall Connector could...
  28. fasteddie7

    Will this 14-50 work?

    I'm still trying to decide if I should buy a HPWC or just install a NEMA 14-50, I stopped at the local hardware store and picked up on 14-50 outlet, it is different than the others i've seen and it doesn't say NEMA anywhere on it. I attached pictures and was wondering will this work if I got...
  29. SSD420

    Tesla Wall Charger installed!

    Just had my Tesla Wall Charger installed in my garage at home. Only one step left.. Delivery of my Model X 90D, hopefully next week! I had the The Electrical Works install it for me. They did a nice clean job. They were recommended through Tesla's website. I highly recommend.
  30. O

    Solution to charge your Model 3 if you don't have any garage?

    I was walking in my neighborhood (Noe Valley, San Francisco) this morning and came across this plug coming out of the sidewalk. The plus was charging a Mercedes. I guess the owner used the underground pipe to connect the plug to his house. It's a pretty discret solution that doesn't leave a...
  31. igotzzoom

    Question about EMW JuiceBox, permit approval, Lab certification.

    Hi All. As you've seen from some of my other posts, I'm in the early stages of preparing to buy an EV. I'm considering all the factors, including permitting, running new wiring, and picking out an EVSE. I've heard a lot of good things about the EV Motorwerks JuiceBox, but one issue I've heard is...
  32. travwill

    Use HPWC with 14-50 - instructions?

    I'm thinking now I'd like to keep the free supplied adapter cable in the car with me and get the HPWC for home, even though we just installed the 14-50 plug. I don't mind using the HPWC at 40 amps still so was hoping there was a way to just wire it with a plug into the 14-50 outlet instead of...
  33. TaoJones

    Nice to see Home Depot supporting the EV game.

    Received this in the morning spam - the Home Depot "Special Buy of the Day" - a Level 2 home charger for $399. Any awareness is good awareness, one might say, from a 'more the merrier' perspective. GE EV Charger Indoor/Outdoor Level-2 DuraStation Wall Mount with 18 ft. Cord-EVDSWGH-CP01 -...