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home charging installation

  1. A

    Is this a good solution for an outdoor condo charger installation (Boston, Massachusetts)?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I recently bought a Model Y and I live in a 3-family condo (second floor). I'm lucky to have a free charger right around the corner and I've been using it regularly with a CSS converter. While free is nice, I'd like to have my own charging solution...
  2. MontyFloyd

    Installing power line for EV wall charger is FREE? (per Inflation Reduction act).

    In the H.R.5376 - Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 I found this: (2) Guidelines.--The Secretary shall prescribe guidelines for high-efficiency electric home rebate programs, including guidelines for providing point of sale rebates in a manner consistent with the income...
  3. N

    Working with my HOA to get L2 charging installed... advice on how to make it as cost-efficient as possible?

    Hi All -- I am working closely with my condo's HOA to get two L2 charging stations installed at our property. The Board is going to be very cost-sensitive, and I really want to make sure this project can be approved. I've been looking at a few options, and so far the two that seem the best...
  4. S

    NEMA 14-50 vs 14-30?

    Hi, I recently bought a single Family Home & trying to figure out whether installing NEMA 14-50 or 14-30 or another charging source is better. It's a ranch style home & currently Garage has only 110v running. Any suggestions or recommendations??
  5. S

    Charging from Appartment parking in Düsseldorf Germany

    Hey Guys, I have underground parking in my apartment, but surprisingly until now no one has a EV or PHEV vehicle in my apartment though we have 100 parking slots. I am one step away to book a tesla model 3, but I am not sure how I can get a changing option in my parking. is there any suggestion...
  6. B

    Converting NEMA 10-50 to 14-50

    Hi All, Getting a 2021 Model Y tomorrow and my garage(new house) has a NEMA 10-50 outlet. I am trying to change the outlet to 14-50. Info: 1. The wiring is 6AWG from circuit breaker(50) to the outlet and then to a hot tub(Circuit breaker is shared) (see the picture added ) 2. The box is a...
  7. J

    Beginners Guide to Home Charging Model 3

    At a spirited 73, with a love a beautiful cars, we pushed our budget limits and bought a gorgeous like-new 2020 Model 3. WOW!- in Love!! However, I was shocked at how unhelpful the Tesla website was toward getting up and running, and now am really challenged to figure out what we need to hook...
  8. CeSinge

    Model S charging to 16 or 32 KVA in AC?

    Hello all, I'm moving to Portugal, to an appartment building that is being finalized. I'm told by the electrician of the building that they can easily provide 16KVA in my garage box there, or 32KVA if pulling a wire (current wire is 6mm2). This is single phase 240V - 3 phase is not allowed in...
  9. K

    Home EV Charger install Vancouver?

    Im waiting for the delivery of my Model 3 SR+. Im planning on upgrading to a 240V outlet in my garage to charge the car at home. Who in the Vancouver area do you guys recommend to get the job done? I got a quote from EV Tec BC Pros, it wasn't too bad, just shy of $1000. Curious to see if there's...
  10. Glan gluaisne

    Basic charge point costs

    Moderator comment - information in this post superseded by post Basic charge point costs There's been debate about the cheapest way to install a charge point, if not able to take advantage of the OLEV grant (or just if you don't want a smart charge point). I thought I'd try and cost the...
  11. F

    NEMA 14-30 Voltage

    My home has a 220v 30amp breaker, but Tesla recommends a 240v 30amp breaker for the NEMA 14-30. Does this difference in voltage matter?
  12. Blazing Whisper

    Advice needed: Future-proofing my garage for home charging before finishing basement

    Hey everyone, my electric panel is located in the basement and I'm just about to get my basement finished. I plan to purchase a Model 3 in the next 12 months so I want to make sure I'm future-proofed for when I do. When I finish the basement, it won't be easy to get my 240v wiring from my panel...
  13. B

    BC EV Charger Program

    First post - new Model 3 owner living in Vancouver, BC. For those in BC you may be aware of the recently announced government / BC hydro rebate programe for installing a L2 charger. Tesla was not an approved charging station - I followed up on this and just received the following reply: Thank...
  14. S

    Chicago Condo 240V outlet installation cost

    New Model 3 owner here. I received 2 quotes to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage here in 60610 - Old Town, Chicago. Both quotes were approximately $1,000 each. I live in a newer construction 3 unit condo building built in 2015. At first I needed to consider the use of a charge...
  15. dst87

    Andersen scraps WiFi?

    The charger we were pretty set on buying, the Andersen A2 Tethered, has suddenly become much less appealing. According to their website, as of July 2019 WiFi is no longer a supported way to connect the charger to the network - only ethernet is supported. We’ve just had our house installed by...
  16. Antares Nebula

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit?

    Any drawback to future proofing a single Tesla wall connector with 100 amp circuit? Want to install a Tesla Wall Connector for one Tesla (Model 3). May or may not buy additional Teslas in future. Since I (that is my electrician) have to do the electrical work for one connector, which only...
  17. Antares Nebula

    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug? See: New Tesla Home Charging Station Offers Faster Charging, Plus You Can Take It With You | CleanTechnica Tesla unveils first home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet – TechCrunch Tesla launches new Wall...
  18. D

    New Home Build Charging Options

    Hi All, Currently building a new home and own an M3. Likely will add MY in the future and trying to think through an EV for teens when they get a bit older. My question is should I go with a couple of wall mounted telsla chargers or am I better off having a universal charger that could charge...
  19. T

    DIY mobile charger installation - NEMA 14-50 240V 50amp

    Just wanted to share a video I made of my own DIY installation of a charging station for my new Model 3. It’s good for charging at up to 40 amps if your charger supports it. I took queues from other threads here while making material and installation decisions. NOTE: Depending on your...
  20. mrfra62

    Charging Model X

    So sorry guys. I'm new Tesla owner Model X. Maybe it has been posted before but can anyone tell me if it is possible to create home charging with the cable directly connected to high voltage power supply (in Dutch it would be "krachtstroom") 380/400 V? So it would be on one end the type 2 outlet...
  21. S

    Model X ordered any tips

    Hi folks. Nice to meet you all just placed my order for Model X 75D in red 7 Seater with Auto Pilot. In preparation for delivery july any tips or advice on Home Charging systems Optional charging leads to get Other charging networks to join Insurance companies Any other things Thanks in...
  22. Derek Kessler

    Suspended UMC setup

    My garage is in the basement and if I'm not good about cleaning up the leaves in my trenched driveway then then can clog up the storm drain if it rains hard. Once a year or so I end up with some water in my garage — never fun. After several months of charging via 120V on an extension cord, I...
  23. Haxster

    My Tesla Home Charging Setup

    The key features shown in the video are: • Quick and easy connect and disconnect • Nothing to roll up or store • No floor or overhead safety hazards • No interference with either of our two cars • Use of the standard Tesla Mobile connector • Charge and energy consumption metering
  24. Haxster

    DIY Energy Monitor

    For under $50 you can build a plug & play energy monitor for your EV that lets you check voltage, current, Watts, and kWh. Here’s what I used: Amazon.com: DROK Digital Multimeter AC Voltage Amperage Power Energy 4in1 Meter 80-260V 100A Volts Amps Testing Gauge 22kW 9999kWh Power Energy...
  25. murph335

    Arizona: Charger Installation 50A - Great Service! Top Choice Electric

    Hey TMC members when I purchased my Tesla I went to the find installer site. I called 3 companies for estimates. One came out and the pricing just didnt make sense and the owner couldnt explain his own pricing model for a 2hr job. I Finally called TOP CHOICE ELECTRIC for an estimate. They...